Monday, September 22, 2008

Give Me MMR Or Give Me Death?

What if what happened in Prince George County, Maryland had happened a couple hundred years ago?

As you may recall, recently the vaccine industry, wary of the growing number of vaccine rejectionists, decided to reveal just a hint of how much anti-liberty they have. They bullied some 2,300 kids into getting what's certainly a round of unnecessary and unwarranted vaccines.

Honest, hard-working parents were ordered to a courthouse with a threatening letter then dragged out in public to be humiliated.

They were threatened with jail time if they did not provide their consent. Vaccines were on the scene to inject giving them no choice, but to accept a risk they know little or nothing about.

They also quietly hit the polygamist sect. After creating the false perception that some sort of genetic perniciousness was going on, and while in public uproar, they ripped children away from their weeping mothers and vaccinated them like they were expecting the end of the world to start tomorrow.

Parents of autistic children have told the story of how they were bullied into vaccinating their children only to see their children regress into the neurological disorder thousands and thousands of times.

And what for? There is no impending doom to justify the billions of dollars spent. There is no killer Measles strain creeping in under the front door.

For two centuries Americans have had the same germs and viruses all around us. We are continually exposed to these each and every day.

As pointed out earlier in the blog, Measles deaths declined by 99.4% before the introduction of Measles vaccine, b
ut if you examine these fully-vaccinated autistic children of this day and age you'll have a better understanding of why the vaccines for some of these viruses were invented in the first place.

After effects. Adverse outcomes. You call it what you want.

What does it tell you about the confidence the pro-vaccine folks have in their product when they call vaccine rejectionists names like parasites? Isn't the vaccine industrial complex the real parasitic infection here? There's the human immune system. Like parasites they decide to capitalize on it.

As one asks, if a human body can withstand 100,000 immune system challenges at once, as the industry claims, should there be any doubt this system is robust enough to handle any real immune challenge singly?

At what point do legal authorities begin to see through the flak?

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