Friday, September 5, 2008

McCain Wanted Lieberman

So I'm watching the Republican National Convention wondering who laid out McCain?

Everybody knew that McCain wanted Joe Lieberman. Since Limbaugh and Coulter's gal Hillary was knocked off, it couldn't have been them, right? You don't think John McCain was scared of losing just two very myopic voters do you?

John and Joe. The two guys are great friends and very experienced law makers. The gang of fourteen was certainly deeper than Lieberman's secret carrier pilot envy or McCain's crazy quest for the power of King David. Even lashed themselves to the mast just to piss Frist off for his stupid, un-American activities including Thimerosal liability protection.

The Frist family fortune includes a chain of for-profit hospitals which hit as many kids as possible with the birth dose of the Thimerosal-containing Hep B vaccine. Like a hot apple pie to go with your meal. Cha-ching for Bill. Brand new parents faced pressure to expose their bundles of joy to a vaccine designed to trick the body into believing it's under attack by a sexually transmitted disease.

The Frist family fortune also includes a great-big medical malpractice indemnity corporation. With doctors bleeding profusely from 'sky's the limit' malpractice premiums it makes sense to push medical malpractice caps through Congress. That way the doctors pay out the nostrils and your HCI company pays as little to the victims as possible.
Well, you have a blind trust to hide behind.

Perhaps the McJoe friendship first became noticeable during the Bush-Gore War? Remember when Lieberman did America a favor by bowing out of the 2000 election just when it seemed that things might turn bloody? Wasn't it McCain's visit to Lieberman that spurred Joe's concession speech?

While the entire spawn of Neo-Cons had pinned hopes of a Bush victory on, of all things, lawsuits all over the place, John McCain and his good friend agreed right then and there what was best for the country was for Joe call everything off. We might still be in chad-crazed myopia to this day if Joe hadn't accepted a defeat for Team America.

Sure McCain made nice and even smiled slightly when he announced Sarah "Wango-Tango" Palin was going to be the veep on the ticket, but in his mind he was trapped inside the Hanoi Hilton all over again.

It took less than a day for the press to catch on. Inside his RNC isolation cell, McCain tapped I-W-A-N-T-E-D-J-O-E. The message by political prisoner John McCain made all the major press runs. He thinks nobody noticed, but all those years in the Hanoi Hilton built some unusual qualities in John McCain.

Do we need to question the Neo-Cons about the hit on Lieberman? They aren't really the over-the-top types that would deny a former POW presidential candidate the freedom to choose his own wing man.

Part of McCain's imperfect service to his country must have included flunking the Navy's semaphore class. His eyes blinked during his convention speech, but they didn't say much. He mentioned Autism as if local, state, and national leaders aren't currently fighting to prevent ASD kids' civil rights. John truly does care and even feels Thimerosal is responsible for the sky-rocketing Autism rates in the 1990s and 2000s. Joe Lieberman does, too. And Imus. And Scarborough.

Families with ASD children relating to vaccines are basically screwed. They won't run the tests. They won't pay for the tests. As long as the system is in denial only very expensive developmental specialists are going to do the right things for your kid.

Parents considering vaccinations for their children might want to think twice. There's just too many kids with Autism for it to be regular. The risks are no longer risks should your infant or toddler get taken down with ASD. They are reality.

Measles and the rest are typically very survivable mild pests. The CDC and AAP will be hard-pressed to find Killer Measles outbreaks. You can get by without vaccines. Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine is a "live" virus three in one vaccine. It didn't help the college kids at Iowa back in 2006. They had mumps all over the place, but funny how the CDC couldn't blame the unvaccinated.

Are you envious of ASD children? Governmental authorities are paying disability attorney/specialists through the nostrils to deny ASD children appropriate educational services while public health authorities express no interest in determining why all these kids are suddenly autistic.

Even Governor Palin, a Neo-Con Down Syndrome mom, slashed her special education services in Alaska. She masked the cut by dumping the costs of running an $8 million dollar "boot camp" high school into special ed. They got her on the bridge issue and hiring the lobbyist for Wasilla.

Add that to firing a pilot, airplane mechanics, and a professional chef. No wonder the guy refused to fire her sister's ex. She's King's Row. She's the sadistic surgeon that sawed off Ronald Reagan's legs. She creates new jobs by firing lots of people, but she sold the plane on e-Bay. One day you're poaching salmon for the governor the next day you're shaving blubber off a sea lion carcass to make meat.

If I'm the governor of a state the size of Alaska. I doubt I can rely on good ol' Todd to give me a snowmobile hitch from Anchorage to Point Hope. In that case 'the wheels are up'.
Her Neo-Con minders are in full damage control and they walked out in the middle of a Rabbi's prayer at the RNC. I guess the good-hearted folks at the convention had their eyes closed, but did you see that at home.

The religious right left? I dunno. That's odd since the first Christians were converted Jews. Where were they in a hurry to be. The city of the state of Norm at ten at night? Maybe it was a flickering re-run of Northern Exposure on motel cablevision? Perhaps Tom Delay created another bogus Autism charity to spring for $390,000 in midnight cocktails?

Whether or not Mussolini actually said it or not fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power. Neo-feudalism is alive and well in America today. Witness Autism Speaks run by GE vice chairman Bob Wright. They just can't research Thimerosal and vaccines, but they can hire expert witnesses to testify against ASD children in vaccine court.

Ask John McCain to explain the Combating Autism Act colloquy. Then have him explain why he supported the bill which prevents the federal government from appropriating any money for Thimerosal and vaccine research.

You know what Reagan used to say? "If it moves tax it. If it continues to move regulate it. And if you regulate it you will eventually subsidize it." Today corporations get the billions in subsidies, but consumers don't get the price breaks normally associated in that theory of taxation. Reverse engineering something Reagan said is doing just the opposite of what he thought.

The "free market" that Ol' Mitt likes to talk about is anything, but free. Pharma got $43 billion dollars worth of tax dollars for nothing when the prescription drug benefit for seniors changed. They also got provisions to block the re-importation of less costly Rx from Canada, and the government is now prohibited from negotiating the lowest possible price on Rx.

The bird flu scare came about after the monkey pox carried by prairie dogs scare didn't work.

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of the media big Pharma scared the crap out of people to extort $7.1 billion dollars to "develop a bird flu vaccine". A few days after the White House signed the bird flu bill into law one drug company bought TV ads to tell America 'they already have the bird flu vaccine, but hoped that they wouldn't have to use it.'

They also got liability protection for anything experimental they want to try. It's called PREPA. Get hurt from an experimental drug or vaccine and you're SOL. When a reporter noticed that the excitement about bird flu disappeared right after the bird flu laws were enacted he asked Gerberding at CDC if bird flu was still a concern. Yeah, if you're a bird", she replied.

T. Boone Pickens knows people don't like us
That makes about as much common sense as burning all of your oil, as opposed to burning all theirs. When ours is gone, America will once again be buying oil from people who don't like us.

Difference is at tomorrow's prices and not today's.

Lieberman makes a better wing man for McCain.



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