Monday, September 15, 2008

Memo to Mr. Internet Inventor

Dear Tim,

As I understand it, you've thrown your support in the Autism-Vaccines debate to a bunch of vaccine manufacturers that just so happen to also be partners in your Internet consortium.

As I understand it, you envision slapping what amounts to be a 'star of David' on any web site that doesn't happen to agree with your buddies at Merck, etc.

As an American, that's a serious concern to me because Merck is a German-owned company doing business in America, and you are obviously are also a foreigner carrying some sort of royal title living in America.

Well, depending upon one's global outlook, it is unfortunate for you that there are no lords or ladies in America. There once were, but they were evicted from our nation over two hundred years ago as a result of the Revolutionary War.

We're all the same here. We make for our families and we try our hardest to make this nation a place where our babies can sleep safe through the night.

We are no one's colonial possession. It was a hard-fought war against the British crown. American patriots like George Washington, a former adjutant of the Virginia militia under British governor Robert Dinwiddie, won the war then saw to it that this new nation would become a haven for freedom.

Part of that freedom is having the ability to say what you have to say to whomever, whenever. Cussing and deliberately lying are not actually a freedom. There is responsibility tied to this inalienable right to speak and say things. This right is to be respected even if it puts a vaccine manufacturer out of business.

George Washington once was asked if it was he that chopped down a favorite cherry tree. His famous reply, "I shall not tell a lie" is part of the American heritage passed down from one generation to the next.

What you, as a foreigner, can be sure of is that we take our testimony among men seriously.

So you can be sure that the politicians, scientists, chemists, toxicologists, developmental specialists, parents, and caregivers of tens of thousands of American children with Autism are acting entirely responsible concerning their view that the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine, the plausibility for adverse reactions to MMR vaccine leading to neurological damage, and the causal role vaccines,including the MMR, play in Autism Spectrum Disorder, a neurological affliction.

As the inventor of the Internet, it should give you great pleasure to know that your hard work continues to help moms and dads make the vital and necessary connections each and every day which enable thousands of vaccine injured children to get the help they need.

Tim Berners-Lee, it's because of you so many families are able to research the cause and find the help for their babies.

Thank You

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