Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NPO Shark-infested Waters

Thinking about jabber jaws and all their talk, talk, talk made me think of NPO sharks for some reason. NPO stands for non-profit organization, and a shark is, of course, a fish with incredible predatory instincts.

Many a deep-sea fisherman can tell you that the most frustrating thing is to hook a big fish, reel and reel until the arms and hands are cramping, then see half a fish floating on the surface at the end of their fishing line.

Sharks don't always attack a fish on the line, but when they do they always get the best part. It doesn't take long to figure out a shark hit their big catch somewhere down below. They leave bite marks.

When a shark does hit a line, what the fisherman is left with is unusable. Most times it's just a hook with a head and fish guts dangling. You won't see a shark stick his head out of the water apologizing for ripping off your catch like Mr. Limpet.

The NPO sharks work the same way. The families of the victims do all the reeling and they do all the feasting. Every once in a while they get caught, but not often enough.

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