Friday, September 26, 2008

To Fleece Is Not Enough

Those limelighting pro-vaccine puppet pals of Autism Speaks are at it again. You know the same ringleaders who boondoggled us with the Combating Autistics Act?

With a billion dollar's worth of blood money to divide up, it now appears that the fleecing of families with vaccine-injured children is not enough.

After feeling smart about cleverly adding a research proposal or two involving mercury and vaccines to lots of genetics crap on their no-show agenda, they confidently sent an International Vaccine Rescue jump team to the Capitol to follow up on lobbying ground-work and things were said.

The soft-soap reports trickled out. Most lauding what was said was something that needed to be said, and how lucky what they said was said. The same soft-soap reports from the unity front said that things were said.

From insider scoop after scoop, we learned they felt the room. They felt the room and it felt different. They looked at staffers and felt they were interested. They made power-point slides earlier and showed them to staffers then felt it was impressive.

Unlike lately, before, what feelings were before lately, they felt good about America now. They felt good about themselves. They felt good about democracy inviting them and listening to what they said.

They felt un-used by Autism Speaks. They felt not particularly guilty for back-stabbing the child victims of vaccine injury. They felt no feelings that drug company lobbyists were using them as set-up stooges again.

They felt Julie Gerberding's pain. They felt her anguish as she was crying out in coded messages. They felt the pain of others for feeling their feelings. They felt as if feeling staffer's feelings was ingratiating the feelings of the actual members of Congress not actually feeling any sense of being on hand.

Others felt, too. They said things. They said important things about what they felt others had felt about their feelings.

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