Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Unvaccinated Pose No Threat

According to Webster's, a parasite is a person who exploits the hospitality of the rich and earns welcome by flattery.

The pro-vaccine crowd has largely been unchallenged in their endeavors to punch holes in the thighs and arms of infants and toddlers allowing them to squirt in something that they believe in.

With so much boomerang money coming from big-time operators like drug and vaccine companies, Bill and Melinda Gates, etc., and, with so called pandemic experts shaking the federal money tree as a paranoid reaction to every sneeze or cough, a feeding frenzy was bound to happen.

It's ludicrous for authorities to threaten to jail parents for electing to not vaccinate their child. The growing
number of unvaccinated don't really stand in defiance of the law as much as they threaten the future profits of the vaccinators and the growth of the Autism industry.


An infant or toddler vaccine injects the child with immunity for life.

The answer is false. It's a vaccine marketing myth. Immunity is not injected, ever. In almost all cases a live virus or bits and pieces of a virus are injected making it entirely up to the child to develop an immune response to the violating material. You vaccinate and then hope it works right, and if it doesn't...?

Forcing the vaccine marketplace to stockpile vaccines for benign diseases like Measles, Mumps, etc. is a good, safe idea. It is not a lucrative idea which is why the pro-vaccine crowd is attempting to degrade the unvaccinated into wormdom.

Then there's the Iowa Mumps outbreak of 2006. The vaccine didn't protect anybody as it was supposed to. While the CDC was claiming to the media they knew which airliner the Mumps came into town on what they were concealing was the fact that their MMR vaccine was doing a worthless job protecting the public.

It's most likely that the MMR vaccine failure rate was much higher than 63% as some 30% of the victims were classified as "unknown" MMR history. Colleges require incoming students to provide vaccine uptake documentation.

So why pay for something that statistically fails time and time again? So why inject something faulty? Kick-backs to pediatricians is one huge reason America's children have become vaccine guru dartboards.

Another reason is certain pediatricians have discovered that vaccine-damaged children A.K.A. Autistic has spawned a generation of medical cash cows. It pays for them to be pro-vaccine.

And don't for a second forget that the parasitic NPO sharks working for drug-company funded charities like Every Child By Two are feasting on millions of dollars worth of government-funded vaccine backfire damage control money. Quite a parasitic situation, for sure.

The bottom line is...there's absolutely no proof that a vaccine has saved anybody. In many cases a given disease is already in steep decline long before a vaccine appears. Yet, like parasites the vaccine marketplace latches on to this decline then claims the vaccine has eradicated the disease.

For authorities to castigate any unvaccinated child or American families chosing to decline vaccinations is certainly abusive behavior.

The unvaccinated are not stupid. They're not worms. Their children aren't autistic, either.

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