Friday, September 19, 2008

Vaccine Bullies Singing Soprano?

The vaccine bullies have made to most of America's new moms and dads an offer they can't refuse ... either keep their mouth shut, vaccinate their babies with their world record 30 something shots, or go to jail.

You don't want that to 'appen, do you?"

Lately, they've been targeting the children and families in America's un-vaccinated population. The reason for the witch hunt has nothing to do with preventing diseases. It has everything to do with people messing with their unchecked, totalitarian power.

See, parents of Autistic children are calling for a study of vaccinated versus un-vaccinated. Somebody independent of government/vaccine industry found out that there's no significant levels of Autism to speak of in the un-vaccinated population of America.

The vaccine marketplace is devoid of any side-stepping answer. They know a study of Vx. vs Un-Vx. will likely prove the multiple doses of vaccines infants and toddlers are getting are a huge risk for Autism as opposed to simply declining vaccinations.

The vaccine industrial complex is so frightened of lost profits that they've hired a B-movie sex kitten to call non-vaccinating families parasites. The hope is she has the mental powers to create public discord which will lead to public out-cry and railing against the un-vaccinated.

As the public is already starting to say, "Measles is one thing, but Autism is life-long", frankly, the results of Vx. vs. Un-Vx. could crush public acceptance of mass vaccination forever.

Should the public discover that vaccines don't actually work and can cause a greater harm than a routine childhood disease it could be lights out for vaccine stock-holders.

You might be surprised to learn that vaccines have a poor history. Often vaccines are made to capitalize on the natural decline of a particular disease. Measles had declined up 99.4% before the introduction of a Measles vaccine.
It was mentioned previously that a statistics review of the 2006 Iowa Mumps outbreak, for example, concluded that up to 83% of the victims had Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine history. That means they had the shots and the shots did nothing to prevent Mumps. The 1,400 or so Iowa college kids reportedly got over the Mumps and are alright, but the industry isn't.

In areas around the world having these Measles "outbreaks" you've been reading about, public health authorities are re-vaccinating infants and toddlers as quickly as a month after their last shot. It makes them feel needed. They did the same thing in Iowa in a futile effort to stem a real and serious episode of Mumps that ran it's course.

Vaccine failure rates as high a 80 to 90% are actually common, and, of course, the vaccines can cause outbreaks of the very disease the shot targets.

The Iowa Mumps fiasco is entirely consistent with the annual results of influenza vaccination which are typically a complete, abysmal failure, where often zero percent protection is tallied. That's if the influenza vaccine supply isn't confiscated by regulatory agencies because it's contaminated by pneumonia-causing lung bacteria like Serratia like it was in 2004.

A recent long-term clinical look at flu shot concluded that it does not save any lives. This study looked at statistics all the way back to 1968.

So why the bullying of non-vaccinating folks when it's clear the vaccine industrial complex shoots itself in the foot so often?

People across the country are beginning to push back. They're finally putting a weather eye on the vaccine industrial complex. They see that the anti-mercury moms and dads deliver kick after kick to the crouch of the vaccine marketplace and it does nothing to change things. They see the iatrogenically-harmed children and see the way these children are brutalized by the uncaring vaccine system.

What America has discovered is not only does the vaccine industry deal with an Soviet-styled iron fist, but they walk with a pair of iron nuts or some industrial-strength cup.

Having millions and millions of American tax dollars at their disposal for PR purposes...uh, public information doesn't hurt, either.

With the unusual level of liability protection the vaccine industry has accomplished for itself it's a cinch that parents can now indentify vaccination as an unfavorable risk. Parents know all about vaccine court now. Should a vaccine adverse reaction happen to their child the family will be just as screwed-over as any family with a vaccine-induced ASD kid.

How bad is it?

It's to the point now that even parading the self-inflated Paul Offit (the best industry evangelist vaccine money can buy)
down Madison Avenue ain't getting it done.


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