Saturday, October 11, 2008

Evil People Are Sowing Tares

Precession means step forward. The ancient Greek astronomers discovered that the exact spot where the sun crosses the equator changes by about a foot further to the west each year. This is known as the precession of the equinoxes, or just precession.

Very often a woman's preparation for bathing includes sensuously raising her hair up away from her body.

Bath or Shower hair, whatever you want to call it, is often used in print media and in active-motion media as a means to instantly create intimacy between the observer and the subject.

PR imaging tactics are employed suggestively to trigger thought precession. Thought precession relates to the art of designing mass media so that it triggers the desired thought precession in individuals. It's typically a still photo or graphic because the mind catches up quickly and then takes the next step forward.

If done right the mind will not catch the method of conceptualization, but will react favorable based on what the PR target objective is at some point in time later on.

Graphics do this, too.

The National Center for State Courts, a big business propaganda machine, uses
guided imagery to trigger thought precession of state court officials . NCSC spews toxic, un-American ideas.

Not only is the NCSC PR
message wrong, it's extremely offensive and this sort of insinuation informally presented before a court of law should be illegal. This is blatant collusion.

Most of these NCSC beams of darkness are not much more than cleverly-cloaked "greed is good" concepts designed to eliminate consumer protections thus erasing the legal responsibilities of the numerous multi-national corporations sponsoring NCSC.

For the benefit of all Americans NCSC is as bogus as their fake seal. They are attempting to modify the U.S. Constitution to reflect the views of their globalist controllers.

A little over a hundred years ago, NCSC would be recognized as a typical band of anarchists attacking the root of democracy, our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

They hate freedom and love dominion. They, as the global anarchists of a century ago attempted to do, seek to establish a centralized world power, their neo-feudal lords.

Fortunately for us living today, a generation or so ago, Theodore Roosevelt sounded the warning, "Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people."

If we recall history, just a handful of years after TR's warning about shadow government, it was anarchists who fired the first shot of the Great War. Undoubtedly Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated by globalists.

In America, the scales of justice are symbolically left empty due to the fact that we all agree to equally abide as good citizens, and the court system is impartial. Those elements attempting to destabilize "and justice for all" are un-American.

In NCSC symbolism (left) the scales are anything, but empty. In fact, they're loaded in a most peculiar way. The family is fatherless, the mother has her hands bound behind her back, and one autistic child is sitting down engaged in child's play. Somehow these three are counter-balancing the full weight of three full-grown people, a loaded briefcase, and a cell-phone.

Take a closer look. Notice the horizontal lever fulcrum is shifted to the left. The arched hands at the ends of the lever holding the chains aren't symmetric. The right one is bent under stress, and the ring link holding the bason chains, unlike the left one, looks weak or broken.

The mind might catch the missing father and attempt to compensate, but the subtle conditioning of the scales prevents it. To save justice the scale must tip in favor of "friends of the state courts". Quite a vivid example of doctoring graphic symbolism to throw the state justice system off balance.

But, let's not forget the guided image is designed to trigger thought precession. It's up to the intended observer to step things forward in their subconscious. In this case, it's state-level judges and court employees from across the nation.

Thus, NCSC presents each state the false dichotomy.

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