Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don't Kid Yourself...McCain Is Our A-Man

Don't kid yourself, only one presidential candidate spoke about Autism during last night's debate. After that, the other guy listened to the voice in his ear, twitched in his right eye, then responded to the issue in terms of making a ice cold point about a stated policy which would be in conflict.

This is what was said during the third and final debate.

JOHN MCCAIN said this: "She'll be my partner. She (Palin) understands reform. And, by the way, she also understands special-needs families. She understands that autism is on the rise, that we've got to find out what's causing it, and we've got to reach out to these families, and help them, and give them the help they need as they raise these very special needs children."

BARAK OBAMA said this: "I do want to just point out that autism, for example, or other special needs will require some additional funding, if we're going to get serious in terms of research. That is something that every family that advocates on behalf of disabled children talk about."

JOHN MCCAIN then said this: "But again, I want to come back to, notice every time Senator Obama says, "We need to spend more, we need to spend more, that's the answer" -- why do we always have to spend more? Why can't we have transparency, accountability, reform of these agencies of government? Maybe that's why he's asked for 860 -- sought and proposed $860 billion worth of new spending and wants to raise people's taxes in a time of incredible challenge and difficulty and heartache for the American families.

JOHN MCCAIN continued, later saying "And I just said to you earlier, town hall meeting after town hall meeting, parents come with kids, children -- precious children who have autism. Sarah Palin knows about that better than most. And we'll find and we'll spend the money, research, to find the cause of autism. And we'll care for these young children. And all Americans will open their wallets and their hearts to do so."

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