Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How Do You Boycott Denis Leary?

Our Autism house is still swirling in confusion after the sui generis comments of Denis Leary.

People say things that need to be said. People say important things that need to be said over and over.

As the father of an Autistic child, I can say that what was said by Denis Leary about Autism is a big mess. It's Denis Leary's big mess. He said what he thought needed to be said, and he said it. It's a big mess.

Does what Denis Leary has said about Autism bother me? Not really. It's a free country, at least some parts of it are still free, so he can say what he wants. We can say is what he said is something he said.

My opinion of his remarks is this: Denis, you make absolutely no sense at all. If your intentions were to stir up a fight, don't worry there's nothing in there about Autism in what you said worthy of a boycott.

What remains to be said is sometimes the media really needs to show some self-respect. That means to qualify the value of what people say and not be afraid to leave something out when what was said makes absolutely no sense at all.

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