Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A More Excellent Way

Just read a study that claimed nine hundred serum samples from pregnant women were obtained for testing. It said measles and rubella immunity among the pregnant ladies were 88% and 98%, respectively, and the two immunities did not appear to interfere with each other.

So what about their babies?

If this high level of immunity is consistent among all moms-to-be why is vaccination of their newborn infants still considered to be a necessity?

The public needs to understand that these mommies with big bellies deliver babies, not storks. Immunity to disease is delivered from the mommy to the infant, too.

Mythbusters can try to prove it on their TV show, but even if storks could generate enough lift to carry a baby they wouldn't know where to go because they can't read addresses, and they can't stand while trying to turn the pages of the phone book or holding down a city map in the wind. Plus, somebody would have taken UFO video of them before.

To date, the CDC has nothing to refute that diseases stop in parts of the world before vaccination is ever employed.

While every child deserves to be scientifically screen-tested in order to indicate whether or not each child does, in fact, require something to trick their bodies into becoming sick in order to make them immune for when the real sickness tries to make them sick so they will have a full life of disease immunity, nobody actually clinically proves a vaccine is a medical necessity.

The study establishes that immunity exists in pregnant women A-OK.

This study suggested that vaccinating babies for measles is 88% unnecessary and for mumps is 98% unnecessary.

The study did not prove that pregnant women's immunity, indeed, carries over to their babies, thus protecting them long enough for their immature bodies to develop their own immune system.

The study did not prove that babies these mommies delivered had no immunity, nor did it prove these babies had no ability to fight off a vaccine-induced immune challenge.

If the study did prove these babies had no ability to fight off a vaccine-induced immune challenge such iatrogenic measures would be exposed. Undigested things are not supposed to enter the human body because of what might happen.

So despite the myths propagated by unethical CDC officials and Every Child By Two sadists, we have to believe that everything necessary to prevent most all childhood diseases from affecting infants and toddlers is pre-loaded and on-board at birth.

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