Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Simpsonwood Minute

The Simpsonwood transcripts tell the story health officials will never tell publicly. The excerpts speak of collusion, obfuscation, and deceit between government agencies and vaccine industry officials. The translation is provided to the reader in order to make the high-brow discourse more intelligible, more human.

Dr. Vito Caserta - Chief Medical Officer for theVaccine Injury Compensation Program "I have a question for Bob. When you did the chart review, Bob, did you look at the zero group to see if there was any obvious difference with that group as opposed to the rest of the cohort, or was that not done? Can you describe the zero group in any other way other than saying that there is a zero group and that's all I know about them, and that they had two polios?"

ONE TRANSLATION: You can not be serious! Are you nuts? Tell me that you didn't actually look to see if the charts reflect zero Thimerosal exposure equals no Autism. None of us care that zero Thimerosal exposure means a no Autism outcome. The only thing we care about is that zero Thimerosal exposure means no vaccinations. It really doesn't matter if we say they had two polio vaccines. Polio vaccine has been around long enough for the public to know it doesn't cause Autism.

Dr. Bob Davis - Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Epidemiology at the University of Washington.
"No, we did the chart review completely separate from exposure. We literally had no idea what the exposure was on purpose and I provided the chart review. Your point is well taken."

ONE TRANSLATION: Dude, relax. We didn't even evaluate Thimerosal exposure when we pulled individual charts. We have no idea it was the Thimerosal on purpose. Do you think I'm gonna actually look at charts to implicate vaccines cause Autism? I don't see it if I don't look, right?

Dr. Tom Clarkson - from an area of frozen tundra in Rochester, New York. "Mr. Chairman, when I look at the paper here, the graphs don't always say zero. The reference. They say less than 37.5, then say less than 25, so are they all referred to zero or not?"

ONE TRANSLATION: I don't like these guys so I'm telling. Mr. Chairman something is screwy with their numbers. They've got the zero exposures thrown in with "less than 37.5" then here with "less than 25". Am I supposed to believe this? Zero Thimerosal exposure is separate, right?

Dr. M. Miles Braun - Director of the Divison of Epidemiology, Office of Biostatistics and Epidemiology , Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, US FDA "No, but even in those less than 35, they are part of the less than 35 group. I mean they could be excluded from that."

ONE TRANSLATION: No, but don't get upset and throw up about it. Look, just because you noticed that they threw in a bunch of zero exposures to dilute data doesn't mean anybody else will. Try to see the bright side of deception, zero is technically less than 35. Remember the zero group is a bunch of normal kids. Sure, we can take them out of the less than 35, but we're screwed if we do. And you don't want that, do you?

Dr. Bob Chen - Chief of Vaccine Safety and Development at the National Immunization Program at CDC "I think the bottom line is that while the zero group is different, and I think all of us would agree with that, the issue is that it is impossible, unethical to leave kids unimmunized, so you will never, ever resolve that issue...If we can never, ever leave kids unimmunized through these age groups in order to study them ideally as we would like, then of the kids who did become or are left unimmunized for whatever reason, be it that their parents are socially responsible or be it that they have some other pre-existing condition medically, we just have to work with that. If these kids are otherwise normal and they really are just not being immunized because of social circumstances probably, we need to make some judgment as to are they otherwise at risk for the outcomes that we are looking at."

ONE TRANSLATION: So you busted us? Big deal? We all know ethylmercury is a neurotoxin. Who cares if what we've done here is crooked? We're vaccinologists, damn it. We lie for a living. So start lying! So, the unvaccinated don't have detectable levels of Autism. Sure. We've got a few things working in our favor. Look at the positives. The public is brain-washed into accepting mass vaccination. Today we are powerful enough to throw parents in jail for not vaccinating. They'll never go along with the idea of people not vaccinating their children because we've got them living in constant fear. If people with vaccine-induced autistic children fight us, we can blame them for the lack of vaccine protection. We can work with the idea that their children are screwing up everything for everybody else. We can say anything we want and the public will believe us. Look at our titles. We'll have no trouble coming up with a way to spin this.

Dr. Vito Caserta - Chief Medical Officer for theVaccine Injury Compensation Program

"But Bob, a study could be done. You could use the acellular pertussis that doesn't have Thimerosal in ComVax, and have children be immunized, but not have any Thimerosal."

ONE TRANSLATION: I'm the chief medical officer for vaccine court and I'm sitting here telling you how to rig a study designed to exonerate vaccines from causing Autism. I totally ignore what's happened to these children and intend to help you cover it up. People won't know the version in the study isn't a Thimerosal-containing vaccine. They'll just read Hep B vaccine and think it's the Thimerosal-loaded one. Heck, that will save the entire vaccine program!

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