Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Snake In The "GRAS"

Or Snake People visit The "Baghdad Bob" School of Vaccine Research

Poisoning the placebo to achieve balance in negative neurological outcomes is wrong.

Is that right? Thimerosal-containing vaccines being profiled for uptake safety against Thimerosal-containing placebos?

No way! Why would they put Thimerosal in vaccine placebos? It makes no sense unless you deliberately were doing it to make Thimerosal-containing vaccine damage go away. How do you expect to detect problems with Thimerosal if both contain the mercury? The negative neurological outcomes are a wash if both the vaccine and the placebo contain mercury.

Webster's defines placebo as "an inert or innocuous substance used especially in controlled experiments testing the efficacy of another substance". Placebo comes from Latin meaning "I shall please". Yeah, but who?

Thimerosal is not Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) or Generally Recognized As Effective (GRAE). Contrary to popular deception, mercury is still in vaccines. They're just telling you it's not. Now add Thimerosal-containing placebos to the toxic vaccine mess.

When Autism rates exploded beginning in the early 1990s, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration discovered that they had no safe exposure level for ethylmercury. They had never evaluated it at various injection concentrations. They instead switched to numbers relating to tuna mercury.

According to popular yarns, lore, Bob Bazell, myth, Nancy Synderman, mythology, tradition, Dr. Timothy Johnson, anecdote, fable, folktale, old wives' tale, Brian Williams, tale, yarn, the body of customs, beliefs, stories, and just about every vaccinologist, and preservative republican associated with the FOX NEWS channel Thimerosal was supposed to have been taken out of vaccines in 1999.

Not really. It's still in the vaccines. Read the package inserts.

And what say you about Thimerosal being prominently present in placebos used to evaluate prophylactics? Don't ask FDA to check it out. They lost the first citizen's petition calling on them to prove the safety of Thimerosal and bawked at a second, claiming that it was a complicated issue.

Sure if everything you've got as far as vaccine safety is backed up by placebos with Thimerosal in them.

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