Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Something Is Causing More Infant Deaths

In 1928, 67.9 deaths of American children under the age of one occurred for every 1000 live births. Over decades the mortality rate continued to drop and drop and drop.

In 1940, the US infant mortality rate had fallen to 47 deaths before age one for every 1000 live births. In 1960 the rate was 26. In 1980 it fell to 12.5.

Low infant mortality has always been a matter of pride for most all countries on earth because it's probably the best way to measure the over-all quality of life.

Vaccine court was invented in 1986. Since then, if an American infant or toddler is vaccine injured or vaccine killed the family is sent to VICP to be compensated.

In the early 1990s, right about the time Rosie Carter and Betty Bumpers created the "Every Child By Two" vaccine cabal and Hillary Clinton coordinated the establishment of the federal vaccination gestapo, both pushing more doses of vaccines that had Thimerosal in them, Autism rates began to climb.
Perhaps it's just possible that these have had something to do with the fact that the infant mortality rate began to stop declining. After all, the United States is currently ranked 41st lowest in infant mortality rates. 40 countries have lower rates.

The Simpsonwood Transcripts relate to the 2000 secret "off government property" meeting of vaccine crisis managers. There in Simpsonwood, Georgia gathered the bunch of them to review Tom Verstraeten's Vaccine Safety Datalink study.

From the transcripts we learn very early in the meeting that most of the superstar members of the panel were crabby about a particular vaccine, the Hepatitis B.

Anway, it was supposed to be a two-phase study of adverse negative neurological outcomes and their relationship to Thimerosal vaccine exposure leading to Autism diagnosis. Phase one of the study would be VSD data that related to medical insurance company computer coding records. Phase two would be chart review of the actual medical records.

Along the way the Verstraeten people discovered a problem with including the chart review idea.

"Hepatitis B tends to be a bit low, and I think that primarily is because of capturing the birth dose. The hospital's HMO birth dose some times didn't tend to get into the data bases as well in the early years," said Frank DeStefano, M.D..

What this possibly means, of course, is the medical records were wiped clean of adverse reactions caused by the Hepatitis B vaccine, but discovering that records of Hepatitis B vaccine birth dose uptake should have been in the medical records of new born children...being smart doctors they would abidingly not do phase two of the Thimerosal study because somebody outside the secret meeting would notice.

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