Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wall Street Speaks

You can't make this stuff up. The Wall Street bailout is now in the hands of the Senate. That can't be good for America, can it?In a stupid attempt to gain allies, the gang at Wall Street Speaks has slipped in a toxic sugar cube.

This from the tail-end of a Yahoo

"Other provisions added by the Senate include a measure to require large companies' health plans to give equal treatment to mental health or addiction if they cover such illnesses. The House and Senate have passed similar "mental health parity" measures, but none has gone to Bush for his signature."

A few years ago, the Autism NPO sharks pushed the Combating Autistics Act through to passage. In doing so they exchanged vital Thimerosal and vaccine research for $1 billion dollar's worth of pocket money for Autism NPO sharks. Any surprise?

Wall Street Speaks apparently is now betting on the idea that sectors of this community have sold out before and they'll do it again.

What does real mercury research look like? Click this:

Even if it's just the skin of the truth, the fact that the Senate is willing to toss in mental health "mandates" relates to the concept of dumping Autistic children and other neurological disabilities into the insurance industry meat-grinder to help pay Wall Street Speaks is telling.

Similar insurance mandates, pushed by GE vice-chairman Bob Wright through his Autism Speaks chairity operation, were dropped on states earlier this year leading to ineffectual laws that do little more than cap insurance industry costs.

The specific Autism coverage
bills sanctioned by Bob Wright are age-discriminatory, provide loopholes to navigate around prevalence figures, and lay the groundwork for an experimental Autism pill in development by Autism Speaks co-factor Neuropharm.

Legislative leaders have been under inappropriate pressure from the Bush White House before and as a result have done things similar.

For example, a liability protection rider benefiting Eli Lilly was inserted into the Homeland Security Act of 2003. The rider gave the pharmaceutical giant protection against lawsuits relating to autistic-like neurological damage caused by Thimerosal.

Most all on Capitol Hill had no idea the rider was added until somebody flipped to the tail-end of the Homeland Security Act and found it.

The bill's passage was held up in the Senate as outrage over the Eli Lilly rider spread. However, thanks to a media dumb-down of the HSA, calls to remove the gift fell on deaf ears.

After Senate Majority leader Trent Lott agreed to "revisit" some provision of the HSA act in the new year, he was creamed by the media for
something he said about Strom Thurmond at a party dinner.

Though Lott profusely apologized, thanks to an effort to remove him from leadership spear-headed by Al Gore , doctor
Bill Frist
of Columbia Healthcare fortune seized control of the majority leadership.

Frist failed to defend the Lilly rider's existence as members of Congress and parents fought back against the preservative republicans.

The rider was repealed in January of 2003 ending a struggle that shocked many American families. Senator Patrick Leahy had this remark for the three republicans who were instrumental in the repeal:

“Senators Snowe, Chafee and Collins have done right by the families whose rights were taken away last fall in the homeland security bill. The Eli Lilly rider that was slipped into the bill is a travesty against these parents and their children..."

How can something like the Eli Lilly rider happen? Why not give a listen to this interview of a former Eli Lilly executive to find the answer?

Then ponder the fact that experimental drugs like the nex-gen SSRI "Autism pill" developed by Bob Wright and Neuropharm already have liability protection, but no compensation plan funding.

Not only does Wall Street Speaks speak, but they also have a pill solution for the Autism epidemic to make money on.

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