Friday, November 7, 2008

Of Steak Knives and Royally Stupid Choices

Be very careful of Obama. We all know his campaign rhetoric did not include the promise of reaching out a hand to the parents of vaccine-injured children in America.

Since naming Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff, any promise of a helping hand now might translate to a mean-spirited guy attacking our children with a steak knife in that hand.

Don't call the messenger crazy because the messenger lives over in England. I just read in the UK Telegraph that Mr. Rahm Emanuel has a thing for sharp objects.

"One story, more than any other, sums up the intensity, loyalty and, at times, downright nastiness upon which Mr Emanuel's reputation is built.

At a dinner to celebrate President Clinton's first election victory, Mr Emanuel began to name those who he believed had earned his enmity. As he listed the names of those he saw as traitors, he grabbed a steak knife, stood up and began plunging the knife into the table and shouting "Dead! Dead! Dead!" after each name.

"When he was done, the table looked like a lunar landscape," one witness recalled."

Frankly, Mr. Rahm Emanuel does sound as demented as he frequently looks. If you aren't sure, sitting at the supper table at the White House stabbing things with a steak knife is not appropriate. It's very demented. It might be a problem for the president-elect because Mr. Obama really doesn't have the laying on of hands power to cast out demons. He just pretends to.

In 1993 it was Rahm Emanuel who engineered Hillarycare. His father was a pediatrician and his mom had been in nursing making him the most likely person to help Hillary Clinton push for more vaccines and that meant more doses of vaccines that had Thimerosal in them.

It was young Rahm Emanuel that sliced his finger in the fast food joint, and, instead of getting it stitched up, went swimming in Lake Michigan. His finger was most likely infected so badly with Tetanus that he almost died. This would certainly add to his pro feelings toward vaccinations.

As you know the only part of Hillarycare that made it through Congress was the part that began to inject increasing amounts of neurotoxic ethylmercury into the bodies of America's infants and toddlers. Unofficially kept statistics indicate Autism climbed 6000% since Hillary Clinton nationalized her first lady of Arkansas program of vaccinating every child by two.

Thimerosal is still in the shots. They're just telling America it's not. Vaccine makers don't have to tell us how much mercury is in the shots and the FDA has a don't ask and don't test ethylmercury policy. The CDC, IOM, AAP, etc. have a long-standing no-show policy which thanks to Autism Speaks legislation prohibits federal dollars for Thimerosal and vaccine research.

Incredibly, the federal government is still substituting tuna mercury numbers for their lack of a Thimerosal safe exposure one. They have done nothing in the nine years since they first discovered that there was no such thing as a safe exposure to Thimerosal. This will not change in the next four years.

I have little doubt that Mr. Rahm Emanuel (evidently not related to God With Us) is pre-disposed to inappropriately influence the new White House concerning the still currently pending Thimerosal issue. Adding weight to concern is the fact that our children and families have so precious few allies.

In naming a man among the America's most wanted Thimerosal thugs, Obama clearly is going to continue the U.S. government policy of mercury obfuscation.

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