Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Don't Count On The Denialcrats

Remember when vaccine court finally started hearing Autism cases? The national spotlight was on the Cedillo family as attention came to the story of their daughter Michelle.

Then Yee Haw, KA-BLOOEY.

Somebody dropped a really stinky bomb on the attentive media at just the wrong time for all of our families. Within just a few days time the tabloid prank A.K.A. the totally maudlin Sponge Bob klan "rift" indirection swiped away the attention Michelle and her loving family deserved.

Hey, remember when somebody told us all how Autism Speaks rocks and how wonderful the Combating Autistics Act was going to be for all of our children?

Remember how it turned out? Our vaccine-injured children got stabbed in the back for "a billion dollar's worth" of whatever it was actually spent on? Remember how Texas Rep. Joe Barton was smeared by a band of creeps most likely to personally benefit financially from CAA passage?

Remember how people were always telling us how bad President George Bush was and if their friends had control good things like justice and positive changes were going to happen? That was almost two years ago, and the only friends our children have in Congress are the same ones who've been fighting the drug lobby and their partners occupying Congressional seats.

Remember during his campaign when John McCain fearlessly mentioned that he had an unfavorable opinion about Thimerosal? And who made sure that every arch-enemy of our vaccine-injured children knew exactly what Senator McCain said?

Remember when somebody attempted to smear Senator McCain because he wouldn't lend his political pulpit so this person could scream green, green, vaccine?

The Ophenomenon is certainly pulling the pants down on these people in public now. The Denialcrats rejected McCain's singly made promise to each of our families and smeared anybody unwilling to drink their "everthing is..." koolaid.

Guess what? Obama is in and his chief of staff is a guy who engineered mass Thimerosal-poisoning American infants and toddlers during his Hillarycare days.

If that wasn't enough now the Denialcrats are working hard to get pharmaceutical giant Merck lawyer Eric Holder in as Attorney General.

Yes, you haven't choked on a ham and cheese to the point you are seeing things reprobate, the bad-bad Denialcrats want a Merck attorney in at the top Department of Justice.

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