Sunday, November 2, 2008

Friends of ASD Kids Please Vote McCain

ASD parents should be wise enough by now to understand that as a U.S. senator John McCain has fought for our children. The McCain-Palin ticket is the way to go this election. Click Here

Senator Barack Obama has pledged to support the CDC position concerning the Thimerosal issue. If you vote for him you will get four more years of Thimerosal obfuscation. Mr. Obama has officially stated he is totally against parents making vaccine choices for their children. He believes in mass vaccination policies which have clearly led to prolific increases of Autism and related neurological disorders. He is opposed to parental choice.

At this hour we've learned that he intends to appoint former Hillarycare cabalist Rep. Rahm Emanuel to his inner circle of advisors should Obama be elected to the White House. This is most likely a major reason to reject Obama completely.

For beginning in 1993 Emanuel, the son of a pediatrician, was a player in the Hillarycare cabal which led to the proliferation of Thimerosal-containing vaccines which in turn led to the proliferation of Autism spectrum disorders in America.

For more on Emanuel, you can also try to view
Hillarycare records at the Clinton Library, but as the NBC TODAY SHOW reported most everything concerning healthcare has been redacted.

Talking about Thimerosal was the big reason Don Imus was kicked off the airwaves.
Click Here for The Imus Incident.

Enough about our children's enemies. Let all of us focus on making sure that the Thimerosal issue becomes the key issue determining the next president.

John McCain has been as candid as he possibly can concerning the Thimerosal issue. He will see to it that our government comes clean, and our children's needs are raised to the level of importance they deserve. Sarah Palin is not unfamiliar with ASD. Her sister has a child with Autism.

Let's not forget that disgusting "midnight rider" the preservative republicans slapped onto the tail-end of the Homeland Security bill in 2002. You know, the Eli Lilly rider designed to provide liability protection to Eli Lilly against Thimerosal-induced Autism that came over from the White House at 10:10 PM and was inserted into the Homeland Security Act?

From the New York Times article "Whose Hands Are Dirty?" November 25, 2002

"Senator John McCain of Arizona characterized the provision as ''among the most inappropriate'' in the homeland security legislation. He said: ''This language will primarily benefit large brand-name pharmaceutical companies which produce additives to children's vaccines -- with substantial benefit to one company in particular. It has no bearing whatsoever on domestic security.''

John McCain gave his word that he would fight to remove the rider, and guess what? It was removed.

He has given us his word that as president of the United States he will listen to us parents and will fight for our children against the government agencies obfuscating mercury's menance.

John McCain continued to fight against Thimerosal liability protection efforts. He and few others banded together to to form the gang of fourteen.

They fought over and over against as Bill Frist and Hillary Clinton tried repetitively to slip Thimerosal language into countless bills. And when it became clear that Hillary Clinton and Bill Frist were blocking Thimerosal and vaccine research, together John McCain and fellow Autism ally Joe Lieberman composed a letter to the U.S. Senate H.E.L.P committee calling out the lack of Thimerosal and vaccine research and calling FOR Senate hearings concerning the Combating Autism Act fiasco.

Sometimes the answer is easy. Not an easy answer. We will never give up.
Please encourage all of your family members and family friends to vote for the best advocate for your ASD child, John McCain and Sarah Palin.

If the breeze has just blown you and you are reading this please help us rally by spreading the word to your friends. Our children are mercury poisoned and we need all Americans to stand with us. Not only in defense of our children, but future children as well.

Please vote for John McCain this Tuesday and tell others to do the same.

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