Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Go Ahead And Jump

The pro-vaccine information compile-ists over at International Vaccine Rescue are busy convincing parents of children with vaccine-induced autism to write letters.

With this campaign it is hoped that the ears of in-coming national executive leadership will unclog.

Leave it to International Vaccine Rescue to stampede letters when a simple spare Q-tip is more appropriate to do the job.

It's ordinary common sense that if face to face dialogue failed, and it failed miserably in previous meetings, it's essential to shake off the the dust of the city in the sandals and move on.

Appeasement is the indelible stripe that forever marks the coward yellow. Despite the best peace efforts of those living inside the green zones of America, neighbors and country club pals of the vaccine industry, the carnage remains undressed and festering for the rest of us.

Letters carried in the talons of pro-vaccine vultures?

In the fatherland from which brought forth Merck the deserving language is, "Du bist ein dummer esel." That is "you are one stupid donkey!"

Such letters are symbolic of prayers and petitions to heaven made by honest, hard-working parents. They will certainly find their way into the uncaring hands of evil-doing immune system scoffers who, without even looking, automatically deny every child under two the on-board at birth power to fight off diseases, namely the in-coming national executive leadership.

What about these letters? Do they talk about their child sacrifices to the shamgods of SIDS or the price of gold left at the symbolic foot of telescoping bowels totem poles? Do they talk about the non-benign hocus pocus involved in unnaturally seeding disease into the bodies of every child under two?

"We aren't anti-vaccine?" Well duh? Your kid is autistic.

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