Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama Will NOT Benefit Vaccine-Injured Kids

The Obama campaign has already confessed that they will fully support the CDC's position of no connection between vaccines and Autism.

The Obama campaign has officially rejected vaccine choice.
The CDC, a strong partner of GE/Autism Speaks, was so secure that Jenny McCarthy, at latest a failed NBC Universal sit-com actress, would NOT talk about Thimerosal and vaccines they didn't even bother to request Oprah read their "official" vaccine disclaimer the last time "warrior one" was on her show.

So what if John McCain didn't meet with Jenny McCarthy, the out of work Indigo Mom?

Colin Powell, the man who willingly sold the notion of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction to the United Nations, did. To the left is photographic proof.

Powell has already endorsed Barack Obama.

We have to see through the smoke and turn the mirrors on these creepy people screwing around with our children's issue.

Vote For John McCain this Tuesday. It will get better for our vaccine-injured kids if we do.

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