Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The more things change the more they stay the same. If you are the parent of a vaccine-injured child, that is.

What is time to the truly patient?

If you voted for Obama thinking he will changes things for the vaccine-injured you are happy. Return to your homes and wait for Obama's great promise of deliverance. Don't forget to hold your breath until he comes.

If you voted for John McCain because you need to secure vaccine-injury compensation on behalf of your child to care for your vaccine-injured child it's pretty clear you get the shaft, again.

Let's get this straight. Obama doesn't care about your child's mercurial problems. John McCain and Sarah Palin said they did. Obama ignored the Thimerosal moms he encountered on the campaign trail. John McCain and Sarah Palin really couldn't. Obama has pledged to support the CDC position on Thimerosal completely. John McCain and Sarah Palin said they didn't. Obama is against vaccination choices for parents. John McCain and Sarah Palin said they weren't.

Tomorrow is the first day of your education. Obama is a liar. He and his friends fooled you. In the Senate, his staff played the same old tired trick of inserting his name on lots of non-specific junk law to fool you into believing that he's doing something to help your kid. Obama supported lots of bogus bills to trick you into believing he cares. Yet if you look at the bills, to Obama, all disability is the same.

So what's different about Obama than say George W. Bush?

The large number of silly people employed to snow-job you into believing there is a difference.

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