Monday, November 3, 2008


A McCain White House pledges to benefit America's volumes of vaccine-injured children

Since he totally supports the no show Thimerosal position the bad guys in Atlanta have been maintaining, Obama will no doubt carry the CDC vote 100%. That's really queer.

Hey, you can bet Paul Offit will cast his vote for Obama, too. Offit loves Obama because he's officially against parents making choices about which vaccines their children get, if any. Offit loves Obama also because he is officially against parents opting their infants and toddlers out of the vaccine mandates.

That's an Obama position that directly supports the same mass vaccination policies which created the American Autism Epidemic.

Unfortunately, Obama and his pro-vaccine friends in the democratic party got our children into this mess, and since they have had the spotlight all to themselves, they, alone, continue to be the greatest obstacle a parent of an vaccine-injured child could imagine.

The preservative republican backed by the pharmaceutical companies are long gone.

Whatever thrills the idea of an Obama White House gives the pro-vaccine democrats is certainly centered around the fact that, if Obama gets in, they get by being able to hide the truth about what's happened to hundreds of thousands of kids for four more years.

The CDC, IOM, AAP, and others know Obama, with the help of drug company fronted charities currently impeding Thimerosal and vaccine research, will continue to fund and support their efforts to keep blocking our children's progress.

These are things parents of vaccine-injured children need to vote against. These are certainly things beyond injustice, our family dignity, and actually are extremely disgraceful and all of us can agree will inflict for more years of inhuman treatment.

Just looking at the list of do-nothing legislation Obama has supported should tell us all that Obama has nothing tangible to offer our children. A vote for Obama is to agree to four more years of unnecessary vaccinations, more Thimerosal poisonings, more disgraceful junk science, and lots of fresh victims for Obama sponsored disability programs.

'The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.' - Ronald Reagan

John McCain, together with our ally Senator Joe Lieberman, called for Congressional hearings to stop Autism research money from being flushed down the toilet. John McCain has listened to you when nobody else is. He has not dismissed your words as parents. He has pledged to fight for our children.

John McCain added Sarah Palin because she knows the Thimerosal issue. We can maintain trust in John McCain's choice. Her sister is an ASD mom.

McCain gets our vote because he has pledged to reform these obfuscating government agencies. It was John McCain who fought to remove the Eli Lilly rider from the Homeland Security Act. He stood in harm's way for our children before and stands to aid our children any way he can. Take a hard look at the gang of fourteen engineered by John McCain. It was all about stopping Thimerosal liability legislators.

John McCain has gone to bat for our children and he needs all of us as his wingmen and wingwomen. He has dared to open up the Autism issue like no other candidate has ever done. We have to cover his back.



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