Monday, December 8, 2008

Only To Find They Laughed In Spite

When somebody saw something they didn't like to see, they said something. This got somebody else to say what they thought needed to be said in order to force the revisionism they desired.

As a result, in response, somebody else did what really didn't need to be done. They deliberately changed things to obfuscate the innocent truth and avoid further perception.

You want to know something? Mainline revisionism has been the most bogus part of the Thimerosal issue.

One day, a piece of information says one thing, then the next it gets changed just because somebody noticed it said what it said.

You sit there at the computer checking your facts, and watch these people alter stuff after the fact. It goes beyond taking the fifth, it goes to take the stupid.

Revisionism like this is crazy mostly because the dopes don't comprehend people have already got five inch stacks of information printed up, including the pre-revisionism versions of what was said.

If you want to be smart, the old advice is you have to stay on your toes because people like to drop the other guy's pants in public to force them to stow away the truth!

Well, when somebody said what they thought needed to be said in order to "out" the other guy, somebody else captured what needed to be captured figuring that the "outing" of what was originally said would end up in the media which would then lead to the revisionism and/or redaction.

It did lead to the revisionism, but by capturing the changes, it makes the fact that their revisions/redactions to mainline information are not going to mean much when things are reconciled later on.
The scary part is the loss of scientific reality. Just because somebody felt uncomfortable about the information as it was, they tattled and got it changed.

Rather than say something about the immature, sophomoric, "high school for money" people and their disastrous, trail of polluted methods which are almost always regressing the issue to a gunslinger publicity stunt level, think about how forcing things like this revisionism/redaction affects future lives.

How many systematic after-vaccination events will now not get reported because somebody does not have complete information?

Who knows?

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