Thursday, December 11, 2008

Americans Aren't Suckers

There is a common thread between the pediatrician and the serial killer. Both have the ability to disassociate themselves with their victims and they can pretend to not know what they've done when the truth confronts them.

Pediatricians all know what to do when vaccines they inject kill and damage. They also know what they are supposed to do by law, but don't.

Doesn't matter how many American infants and toddlers are killed by vaccination. Doesn't matter how many American children are robbed of their mental capacity by vaccination. As long as the pediatrician keeps their mouth shut they'll never get caught.

Pediatricians must have a thing about mirrors. That's obvious since they seem to be the only ones unable to see the eternal Lady Macbeth kind of guilt written on their foreheads.

Yet, it's not like a dark cloud blew in over America and syringes of Thimerosal-containing vaccines started raining down on infants and toddlers. While it's typical that the vaccines came like rain and the Autism sprouted up sometime after, it's merely foolish to suggest pre-epidemic efforts to create liability preemption weren't premeditated for no apparent reason other than soreness or redness.

Other parts of the world were removing Thimerosal from vaccines not long before the proliferation of vaccines in America began. They knew what to expect when the vaccine industrial complex morphed into the killer disease cabalism which universally stokes public perception that we're all gonna die if we don't buy and inject some kind of biological crap.

That's why vaccine lots are busted up. That's why they created Thimerosal-containing placebos. That's why Thimerosal is still in many infant and toddler shots. That's why the vaccine industrial complex is telling America the mercury is out when it really isn't.

The bitter hatred and prejudice toward parents of vaccine-injured children has nothing to do with unfortunate, innocent circumstances. It's more like apprehension drug dealers get every time they hear a nightly news mention something like "the Taliban have crept back into Afghanistan".

"Don't mess with their jack", they say. "You have to lie and say you're pro-vaccine or they won't even listen to you."

Lying publicly to win a seat at a table is not only foolishly wrong, but it has not helped any vaccine-injured child one bit. It never will. In fact, accommodating the vaccine industrial complex with lies has hurt countless other children which is twice as bad as actually being pro-vaccine.

America is listening, but they are smart enough to see the outcrop of tares the vaccine industrial complex has sown amongst the truth.

America does not reject parents of vaccine-injured children. There's just too many kids. America is rejecting the bogus people who have witnessed their own child's regression into Autism and still claim to support mass vaccination.


jenB said...

I have heard about aluminum "placebo" used in HPV vax trials. Thimerosal "placebo" is news to me. I would like to research this further and would greatly appreciate any reference to this you might have.


Kerbob said...

I hope you're serious.

It shouldn't be news. Untold numbers of vaccine clinical trials have used a "placebo containing 0.01% thimerosal".

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Bethesda, Maryland.

Remember Dr. Polly Sager? Just before the 2004 IOM Thimerosal meeting, she had blood results from a yet to be published monkey study, but told Maggie Fox of Reuters/GSK media "it all gets pooped out"?