Thursday, December 18, 2008

BOHICA All Over Again!

Gee, before you become engaged in lobbying activities don't you think it's a good idea of asking what this is all about? Or are you so self-interested and self-promoting that you really believe everything you participate in totally rocks?

Lately, it sounds like a few self-appointed Autism lobbyists aren't exactly fired up about their prospective bed-fellows. CLICK

Of course, as with the bogus Combating Autistics Act passage, by the time it becomes visible it's already too late. You can't flatten the tire on a steam-roller, can you? It hasn't got any.

The queer part of the article is the author (from Illinois) knew about this bill BEFORE the election ever took place and said nothing until now. A sure sign of someone least likely to have anything other than personal interests at heart. It's also a given that the purpose of writing the article was to exhibit some sort of twisted Marxist dialectic power attempting to belittle any parent wise enough to not go a-whoring with them.

Maybe if your kid is really recovered from ASD you should just buzz off or at least mind your own business now?

Bottom line: Any parent of an autistic kid already knows you can't legislate treatment decisions. Those decisions don't require an Act of Congress. Any parent of an autistic kid also knows what works for one child doesn't necessarily work for another.

Well, come to think about it...Well, gee....the likelihood of that is....

One strong suggestion is these self-promoters might try donning a paper bag?

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