Saturday, September 27, 2008

Now It Might Make Sense?

Oh look! Here come the lovely Kirton's...again.

Before the Ufotah family gets trashed again similar to the way the family patriarch did on Larry King Live, keep in mind the PR press release about a film crew visit to the Kirton's small world is datelined "SILVER SPRINGS, MARYLAND" , the consensus epi-center of no-show Autism Kretons and dauntless vaccine gurus.

The family name is Kirton. According to Webster's a cretin is "a stupid, vulgar, or insensitive person". Cretinism is "a usually congenital abnormal condition marked by physical stunting and mental retardation and caused by severe hypothyroidism".
Kreton does not have a definition in Webster's. That's odd considering that Gore Vidal's main character in his 1955 comedy "Visit To A Small Planet" was called Kreton.
This from Wikipedia:

"KRETON is an alien from outer space who is fascinated by human beings. He decides to come to Earth for an extended vacation and becomes friends with a suburban family.

Along the way he falls in love with their daughter. However, there is a force field around him that prevents any physical contact as his race has abolished any form of affection.

After petitioning the superiors of his planet, he is made human. At first he is happy, but he comes to realize that being human isn't always happy: it comes with other less desired emotions such as sadness and jealousy. He decides that those emotions are not worth the trouble and he returns to his own planet."

That can certainly implicate Neal Halsey as a "Kreton" if we recall his candid 2002 New York Times "Not So Crack-pot Theory" interview.

''In most vaccine containers, thimerosal is listed as a mercury derivative, a hundredth of a percent. And what I believed, and what everybody else believed, was that it was truly a trace, a biologically insignificant amount. My honest belief is that if the labels had had the mercury content in micrograms, this would have been uncovered years ago. But the fact is, no one did the calculation.''

Another "Kreton" could be neurodiverse poo-bah Michael Savage, who, trapped inside his broadcast booth, could say stuff about over-diagnosing and called ASD parents frauds. He did say generic stuff about drug companies as well, but he couldn't say anything about Thimerosal and vaccines causing Autism.
In fact, behind his "Kreton-esque" shield, Savage claims that Thimerosal was taken out years ago and therefore, doesn't have a problem with it as a cause. Michael "Kreton" Savage believes that Thimerosal is out. Really far out!

Once again the Kirtons of Ufotah?...International Vaccine Rescue team in D.C.? Hmm? The same kind of PR saturation Thimerosal families saw before the ugly Combating Autistics Act.

C'est le clan de Bob d'├ęponge encore une fois!

Friday, September 26, 2008

To Fleece Is Not Enough

Those limelighting pro-vaccine puppet pals of Autism Speaks are at it again. You know the same ringleaders who boondoggled us with the Combating Autistics Act?

With a billion dollar's worth of blood money to divide up, it now appears that the fleecing of families with vaccine-injured children is not enough.

After feeling smart about cleverly adding a research proposal or two involving mercury and vaccines to lots of genetics crap on their no-show agenda, they confidently sent an International Vaccine Rescue jump team to the Capitol to follow up on lobbying ground-work and things were said.

The soft-soap reports trickled out. Most lauding what was said was something that needed to be said, and how lucky what they said was said. The same soft-soap reports from the unity front said that things were said.

From insider scoop after scoop, we learned they felt the room. They felt the room and it felt different. They looked at staffers and felt they were interested. They made power-point slides earlier and showed them to staffers then felt it was impressive.

Unlike lately, before, what feelings were before lately, they felt good about America now. They felt good about themselves. They felt good about democracy inviting them and listening to what they said.

They felt un-used by Autism Speaks. They felt not particularly guilty for back-stabbing the child victims of vaccine injury. They felt no feelings that drug company lobbyists were using them as set-up stooges again.

They felt Julie Gerberding's pain. They felt her anguish as she was crying out in coded messages. They felt the pain of others for feeling their feelings. They felt as if feeling staffer's feelings was ingratiating the feelings of the actual members of Congress not actually feeling any sense of being on hand.

Others felt, too. They said things. They said important things about what they felt others had felt about their feelings.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NPO Shark-infested Waters

Thinking about jabber jaws and all their talk, talk, talk made me think of NPO sharks for some reason. NPO stands for non-profit organization, and a shark is, of course, a fish with incredible predatory instincts.

Many a deep-sea fisherman can tell you that the most frustrating thing is to hook a big fish, reel and reel until the arms and hands are cramping, then see half a fish floating on the surface at the end of their fishing line.

Sharks don't always attack a fish on the line, but when they do they always get the best part. It doesn't take long to figure out a shark hit their big catch somewhere down below. They leave bite marks.

When a shark does hit a line, what the fisherman is left with is unusable. Most times it's just a hook with a head and fish guts dangling. You won't see a shark stick his head out of the water apologizing for ripping off your catch like Mr. Limpet.

The NPO sharks work the same way. The families of the victims do all the reeling and they do all the feasting. Every once in a while they get caught, but not often enough.

Will Jabber Jaws Please Talk About H.R. 6391?

Well, so we want to hold a presser and get as many Senators and Reps to show up? For what? A lot of talk about how bad it is for a lot of ASD children who are actually children injured by vaccines. Right?

Talk. Talk. Talk. Jabber. Jabber. Jabber.

While most parents have no idea about vaccine injury or the vaccine injury court, U.S. Representative Dan Burton of Indiana sure does.

For the past several years he has introduced and re-introduced a bill, currently H.R. 6391 The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Improvement Act of 2008, that will fix a lot of the problems parents, lawyers and even special masters are having with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

The problem is most Autism NPO sharks and drug company lobbyists on the political scene don't want to talk about vaccines or compensation at all, making it difficult for the bill to pass. Bet half of Congress doesn't know about H.R. 6391.

Talk. Talk. Talk. Jabber. Jabber. Jabber.

Check it out, the current bill number is H.R. 6391. The bill is a vital for many ASD families fighting for vaccine injury compensation.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Give Me MMR Or Give Me Death?

What if what happened in Prince George County, Maryland had happened a couple hundred years ago?

As you may recall, recently the vaccine industry, wary of the growing number of vaccine rejectionists, decided to reveal just a hint of how much anti-liberty they have. They bullied some 2,300 kids into getting what's certainly a round of unnecessary and unwarranted vaccines.

Honest, hard-working parents were ordered to a courthouse with a threatening letter then dragged out in public to be humiliated.

They were threatened with jail time if they did not provide their consent. Vaccines were on the scene to inject giving them no choice, but to accept a risk they know little or nothing about.

They also quietly hit the polygamist sect. After creating the false perception that some sort of genetic perniciousness was going on, and while in public uproar, they ripped children away from their weeping mothers and vaccinated them like they were expecting the end of the world to start tomorrow.

Parents of autistic children have told the story of how they were bullied into vaccinating their children only to see their children regress into the neurological disorder thousands and thousands of times.

And what for? There is no impending doom to justify the billions of dollars spent. There is no killer Measles strain creeping in under the front door.

For two centuries Americans have had the same germs and viruses all around us. We are continually exposed to these each and every day.

As pointed out earlier in the blog, Measles deaths declined by 99.4% before the introduction of Measles vaccine, b
ut if you examine these fully-vaccinated autistic children of this day and age you'll have a better understanding of why the vaccines for some of these viruses were invented in the first place.

After effects. Adverse outcomes. You call it what you want.

What does it tell you about the confidence the pro-vaccine folks have in their product when they call vaccine rejectionists names like parasites? Isn't the vaccine industrial complex the real parasitic infection here? There's the human immune system. Like parasites they decide to capitalize on it.

As one asks, if a human body can withstand 100,000 immune system challenges at once, as the industry claims, should there be any doubt this system is robust enough to handle any real immune challenge singly?

At what point do legal authorities begin to see through the flak?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Vaccine Bullies Singing Soprano?

The vaccine bullies have made to most of America's new moms and dads an offer they can't refuse ... either keep their mouth shut, vaccinate their babies with their world record 30 something shots, or go to jail.

You don't want that to 'appen, do you?"

Lately, they've been targeting the children and families in America's un-vaccinated population. The reason for the witch hunt has nothing to do with preventing diseases. It has everything to do with people messing with their unchecked, totalitarian power.

See, parents of Autistic children are calling for a study of vaccinated versus un-vaccinated. Somebody independent of government/vaccine industry found out that there's no significant levels of Autism to speak of in the un-vaccinated population of America.

The vaccine marketplace is devoid of any side-stepping answer. They know a study of Vx. vs Un-Vx. will likely prove the multiple doses of vaccines infants and toddlers are getting are a huge risk for Autism as opposed to simply declining vaccinations.

The vaccine industrial complex is so frightened of lost profits that they've hired a B-movie sex kitten to call non-vaccinating families parasites. The hope is she has the mental powers to create public discord which will lead to public out-cry and railing against the un-vaccinated.

As the public is already starting to say, "Measles is one thing, but Autism is life-long", frankly, the results of Vx. vs. Un-Vx. could crush public acceptance of mass vaccination forever.

Should the public discover that vaccines don't actually work and can cause a greater harm than a routine childhood disease it could be lights out for vaccine stock-holders.

You might be surprised to learn that vaccines have a poor history. Often vaccines are made to capitalize on the natural decline of a particular disease. Measles had declined up 99.4% before the introduction of a Measles vaccine.
It was mentioned previously that a statistics review of the 2006 Iowa Mumps outbreak, for example, concluded that up to 83% of the victims had Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine history. That means they had the shots and the shots did nothing to prevent Mumps. The 1,400 or so Iowa college kids reportedly got over the Mumps and are alright, but the industry isn't.

In areas around the world having these Measles "outbreaks" you've been reading about, public health authorities are re-vaccinating infants and toddlers as quickly as a month after their last shot. It makes them feel needed. They did the same thing in Iowa in a futile effort to stem a real and serious episode of Mumps that ran it's course.

Vaccine failure rates as high a 80 to 90% are actually common, and, of course, the vaccines can cause outbreaks of the very disease the shot targets.

The Iowa Mumps fiasco is entirely consistent with the annual results of influenza vaccination which are typically a complete, abysmal failure, where often zero percent protection is tallied. That's if the influenza vaccine supply isn't confiscated by regulatory agencies because it's contaminated by pneumonia-causing lung bacteria like Serratia like it was in 2004.

A recent long-term clinical look at flu shot concluded that it does not save any lives. This study looked at statistics all the way back to 1968.

So why the bullying of non-vaccinating folks when it's clear the vaccine industrial complex shoots itself in the foot so often?

People across the country are beginning to push back. They're finally putting a weather eye on the vaccine industrial complex. They see that the anti-mercury moms and dads deliver kick after kick to the crouch of the vaccine marketplace and it does nothing to change things. They see the iatrogenically-harmed children and see the way these children are brutalized by the uncaring vaccine system.

What America has discovered is not only does the vaccine industry deal with an Soviet-styled iron fist, but they walk with a pair of iron nuts or some industrial-strength cup.

Having millions and millions of American tax dollars at their disposal for PR purposes...uh, public information doesn't hurt, either.

With the unusual level of liability protection the vaccine industry has accomplished for itself it's a cinch that parents can now indentify vaccination as an unfavorable risk. Parents know all about vaccine court now. Should a vaccine adverse reaction happen to their child the family will be just as screwed-over as any family with a vaccine-induced ASD kid.

How bad is it?

It's to the point now that even parading the self-inflated Paul Offit (the best industry evangelist vaccine money can buy)
down Madison Avenue ain't getting it done.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thimerosal's Useful Idiots

As Gomer Pyle, USMC used to say, "Surprise, surprise, surprise."

So is it really a surprise that the National Institute of Mental Health called off a mercury chelation study - or the Associated Press called chelation therapy a fringe movement ideal? Not really. (Who are they associated with, BTW?)

Said Ellen Silbergeld of Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health, "It is to be hoped that the NIMH will continue its commitment to research into preventable risks for autism spectrum disorders." Of the dropped chelation study she said, "This was a wise and careful decision."

But isn't Silbergeld really calling mercury poisoning American children with Thimerosal-laced vaccines an unpreventable risk for autism spectrum disorders? Read it again. It sure sounds like it.

Just another case of a government-linked researcher saying one thing publicly to protect the vaccine program, and doing something entirely different privately? That's a bit harder to tell.

Care to read some of
Silbergeld's own research review narrative?

"Concerns over the immunotoxic manifestations of Hg exposures have been most recently raised in connection with use of Hg in dental amalgams and the use of ethyl Hg (thimerosal) as a preservative in some is clear that both dental amalgams and thimerosal containing vaccines can result in increased levels of Hg in exposed persons."

That's interesting because the recent concerns were actually the mercury content of vaccines injected into infants and toddlers seems to have proliferated with the increased number of vaccine doses called for by public health authorities, and that jibed with the rise of a formerly 1 in 10,000-rare neurological disorder called Autism. Immunotoxic manifestations?

"...thimerosal (an organomercurial used as a preservative in pharmaceuticals) induces a range of neurotoxic sequelae, including changes in behavior, hippocampal morphology, and neurochemistry, which were not seen in other mouse strains or in this strain in the absence of Hg exposure."

Sure that's only in mice, but the evidence of Thimerosal's damage is apparent in so many children that it makes removing it more risky and
dangerous than directly injecting it into infants and toddlers?

"...the immunotoxic effects of Hg compounds have been reported for inorganic Hg as well as several organic species of Hg, including ethylmercury, which is still utilized in some vaccine preparations"

If all mercury compounds were the same, they'd all have the same. Ethylmercury is organic mercury. Once it crosses the blood-brain barrier it converts to inorganic mecurial mercury. Research has indicated that methylmercury (tuna mercury) and ethylmercury (vaccine mercury) do not react the same.

"There was a much higher proportion of inorganic Hg in the brain of thimerosal monkeys than in the brains of MeHg monkeys (up to 71% vs. 10%). Absolute inorganic Hg concentrations in the brains of the thimerosal-exposed monkeys were approximately twice that of the MeHg monkeys. Interestingly, the inorganic fraction in the kidneys of the same cohort of monkeys was also significantly higher after im thimerosal than after oral MeHg exposure (0.71 ± 0.04 vs. 0.40 ± 0.03). This suggests that the dealkylation of ethylmercury is much more extensive than that of MeHg." Thomas M. Burbacher, et al. 2005

It is not a good plan to insist that they have the same neurotoxicity.

Not only are we methodically told by Thimerosal's useful idiots there is no known cause of Autism, but some of them willingly trash the product in order to steer Autism research into their dust bowl domain of nothingness.

Silbergeld is a university professor trained in environmental health engineering, health policy and management.

I didn't know
the Cuyahoga is still burning, but I'll bet she knows a lot more about Thimerosal than she lets on, too.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Memo to Mr. Internet Inventor

Dear Tim,

As I understand it, you've thrown your support in the Autism-Vaccines debate to a bunch of vaccine manufacturers that just so happen to also be partners in your Internet consortium.

As I understand it, you envision slapping what amounts to be a 'star of David' on any web site that doesn't happen to agree with your buddies at Merck, etc.

As an American, that's a serious concern to me because Merck is a German-owned company doing business in America, and you are obviously are also a foreigner carrying some sort of royal title living in America.

Well, depending upon one's global outlook, it is unfortunate for you that there are no lords or ladies in America. There once were, but they were evicted from our nation over two hundred years ago as a result of the Revolutionary War.

We're all the same here. We make for our families and we try our hardest to make this nation a place where our babies can sleep safe through the night.

We are no one's colonial possession. It was a hard-fought war against the British crown. American patriots like George Washington, a former adjutant of the Virginia militia under British governor Robert Dinwiddie, won the war then saw to it that this new nation would become a haven for freedom.

Part of that freedom is having the ability to say what you have to say to whomever, whenever. Cussing and deliberately lying are not actually a freedom. There is responsibility tied to this inalienable right to speak and say things. This right is to be respected even if it puts a vaccine manufacturer out of business.

George Washington once was asked if it was he that chopped down a favorite cherry tree. His famous reply, "I shall not tell a lie" is part of the American heritage passed down from one generation to the next.

What you, as a foreigner, can be sure of is that we take our testimony among men seriously.

So you can be sure that the politicians, scientists, chemists, toxicologists, developmental specialists, parents, and caregivers of tens of thousands of American children with Autism are acting entirely responsible concerning their view that the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine, the plausibility for adverse reactions to MMR vaccine leading to neurological damage, and the causal role vaccines,including the MMR, play in Autism Spectrum Disorder, a neurological affliction.

As the inventor of the Internet, it should give you great pleasure to know that your hard work continues to help moms and dads make the vital and necessary connections each and every day which enable thousands of vaccine injured children to get the help they need.

Tim Berners-Lee, it's because of you so many families are able to research the cause and find the help for their babies.

Thank You

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Sinking Of The SS Proquad

"Speak not to me of blasphemy, man; I'd strike the sun if it insulted me. Look ye, Starbuck, all visible objects are but as pasteboard masks. Some inscrutable yet reasoning thing puts forth the molding of their features. The white whale tasks me; he heaps me. Yet he is but a mask." - Herman Melville (Captain Ahab, Moby Dick)

The embodiment of the vaccine industrial complex might very well be Herman Melville's whale of an epic sea tale Moby Dick.

First, you've got the implacable Captain Ahab.

Just like no particular vaccine industrial complex cabalist, Ahab's testy character is such that he is certainly not going to be appeased.

Ahab is most uncharitable to those in need or have fallen short of expectations, and certainly isn't bothered by any sort of responsibility. Ahab carries no liability in his mind or heart even though his selfishness is the cause of lots of trouble.

True, Ahab says, "That bed is a coffin, and those are winding sheets. I do not sleep, I die." But, indeed, as the story unfolds the reader learns he isn't exactly a guilt insomniac. Nope, his resolve is to remain an unmitigated jerk hoping to kill-devil the whale that bit his leg off.

What many believe might be vengeance in the heart might also be masked pleasure.

"To be enraged with a dumb brute that acted out of blind instinct is blasphemous." -Herman Melville (Starbuck, Moby Dick)

Broadening the scope, Ahab is very like the vaccine industrial complex.

Like them, Ahab will not alter his course of action in spite of reason, arguments, or persuasion.

The visionary answer to the question of too many, too soon is the completely ungodly, certainly un-canonized and heretical book of False Prophets?

Did millions of deaths caused by monkey pox carried by prairie dogs come to pass? Did millions of Americans dead from bird flu come to pass? Did SARS come to pass? Did Ebola come to pass? Did West Nile come to pass? Did Swine flu come to pass? Did any of these white whales in the imaginations of doom-dreamers come to pass?

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Jesus Christ, the Son of God - Mt 7:15

It is an evil voyage.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Measles Have Left the Building, Right?

What part of subset don't they understand?

Team MMR at the CDC really hit a homer for non-vaccinating parents with this latest vaccine exoneration study.

And to think, all they did was use their heads.

The facts surrounding Measles virus isolation are it's very problematic to do, and exposure to wild-type Measles virus is actually common.

One thing for sure, while attempting to scare the general public into believing there's this incredible all-world Measles pre-pandemic going on they admit that they found very little, if any kind of Measles virus in a bunch of children.

Wakefield's investigation, which was ripped out of Lancet, deliberately included a disproportionate number of children who regressed into Autism upon or shortly after MMR vaccination. While some narrow-minded folks thought of this as stacking the deck, the reason apparently was to draw the attention to vaccine-strain Measles lesions in these children's tummies...ummm and in their cerebrospinal fluid.

Wakefield did draw attention followed by lots and lots of what scientific people have to deal with, unfair and inappropriate pressure.

According to several members of the scientific community even the stupidest studies stay in.

But YOU still don't get it?

If you did get it, you're wise enough to understand that Wakefield's investigation did two things, not one.

I found the CDC-sanctioned Hornig MMR study and a quick search using terms like cerebral, cerebrospinal, fluid, etc. produced a big, fat zero.

What else does Measles infection do?

Although complications involving the nervous system occur in fewer than one in 1,000 cases, the long-term effects can be devastating.

Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis is known to happen with Measles infection and/or the result of a mutation in the virus itself.

Read some of the very scary SSPE symptoms trying to not forget how we all, once upon a time, read something about babies with stiff necks or back-arching when held might be autistic.

Characterized by a history of primary measles infection usually before the age of 2 years, followed by several asymptomatic years (6–15 on average), and then gradual, progressive psychoneurological deterioration, consisting of personality change, seizures, myoclonus, ataxia, photosensitivity, ocular abnormalities, spasticity, and coma.

Here's another viewpoint on SSPE:

An extremely serious complication of measles infection is swelling of the brain. Called encephalitis, this can occur up to several weeks after the basic measles symptoms have resolved. About one out of every thousand patients develops this complication, and about 10-15% of these patients die.

Symptoms include fever, headache, sleepiness, seizures, and coma. Long-term problems following recovery from measles encephalitis may include seizures and mental retardation.

A very rare complication of measles can occur up to 10 years following the initial infection. Called subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, this is a slowly progressing, smoldering swelling and destruction of the entire brain. It is most common among people who had measles infection prior to the age of two years.

Symptoms include changes in personality, decreased intelligence with accompanying school problems, decreased coordination, involuntary jerks and movements of the body.

The disease progresses so that the individual becomes increasingly dependent, ultimately becoming bedridden and unaware of his or her surroundings. Blindness may develop, and the temperature may spike (rise rapidly) and fall unpredictably as the brain structures responsible for temperature regulation are affected. Death is inevitable.

See? Hornig and company just forgot to look for the reasons the MMR vaccine is supposed to be for. If you recall why the vaccinators vaccine for Measles, Wakefield's findings make a lot of sense because the vaccine can cause all the stuff in brown lettering above.

A recipient of MMR vaccine does not necessarily develop clinical Measles. Yet, cases of vaccine-induced encephalopathy have occured, do occur, and will occur.

The problem is, as pointed out in one article, medical terms like Autism, encephalopathy and encephalitis are very often used imprecisely and even interchangeably in the literature.

As for whatever you want to call the Autistic-like neuro-sickness afflicting thousands and thousands of children, the MMR vaccine is already known to have a biological plausibility for causing all sorts of lasting autistic-like damage.

Just over the past few years, MMR vaccine has been recalled in the U.S., Canada, Italy, Jordan, and many others for some unknown reason(s).

Bad lots? Continued gene-splicing experimentation? They know, but will never tell the public. They aren't required to.

And, of course, prosecutors in Russia busted up an MMR trial racket after parents complained their children experimented on began experiencing developmental issues.
Trash it already.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our ASD Children Are Shell-Shocked


It's been nearly a hundred years since World War I and there is still no suitable answer as to what caused shell shock. It remains just as much a medical who-dun-it today as it was over the last century.

Modern advances in war technology at the turn of the twentieth century included using a volatile substance called the fulminate of mercury as an explosive initiator.

"One night on Venus leads to a life-time on mercury" - old popular saying

Though not new, as mercurial medicines can easily be traced as far back as a colonial American medical practice, WWI military service also included lots of potential mercury exposures in medicines and preparations.

The war itself was supposed to be quick.

Mechanization meant armies could cover vast amounts of territory fast. Problems with heavy metal toxicity issues like stock-piling mercury levels in and around trenches would never happen as most war planners thought the battlefields would shift swiftly across the continent. It was believed that a European war would be fought over thousands of mile's worth of landscape and be over in a matter of weeks.

And then they dug in.

While a condition called "Soldier's Heart" was observed in the late stages of the American Civil War, the condition shell shock was never medically described until the Russo-Japanese War, the first one fought with cartridge rifles and munitions.

The truth is no one on the WWI British line knew what was happening to their soldiers. An artillery shell would drop then a victim unearthed emerging from a still-smoking artillery crater unscratched, but they regressed horribly ranging from the incredibly shaking, loud, laughing crazily, nervous, commotional shaking basket of nerves to the absolutely paradoxical descriptions of still and quiet, exhibiting a startling 'a thousand yard stare'. This spectrum became known as shell shock. It would later be expanded to include somatic illness in order to dilute the initial frightening condition.

A dozen cases sent back from the front as shell-shock may prove to possess not a single feature in common - except the fact of the shell explosion. And this, as has been pointed out, may be but the "last straw." Grafton E. Smith, 1917

What scared the medical corps most was, though relatively rare among the entire army, the toughest veteran soldiers appeared just as susceptible to shell shock as the tenderfoot. "Most didn't even bare a scratch on them."

That's interesting because New Jersey Governor John Corzine once observed how Autism can be considered as an "invisible disease". Hey, shell shock was, too.

In fact, according to the evidence found in the narrative of symptoms, shell shock might be better recognized today as adult-onset Autism Spectrum Disorder, historically a very similar mysterious disease only recently associated with Thimerosal, the biocidal ethylmercury additive still currently in many childhood vaccines.

After reading observations that shell shock appeared to be a form of "monoxide poisoning", Sir Frederick Mott, a medical researcher with a knack for pathology, looked for possible environmental factors and couldn't find one.

For some reason, despite undoubtedly high levels of exposures in the battlefield trenches, his 1916 search excluded the neurotoxin mercury. There is no mention of mercury in the index of his work, but this does not remotely serve as excusing it nor does it accuse Mott from deliberately obfuscating mercury's menace. However, there was a
April 9th, 2007 news report concerning volumes of work found in a skip as part of a "reorganization".

In hindsight, years after the Great War, in legion halls across America veterans recalled periodically seeing representatives from the chemical companies brought in to observe the trench conditions.

These observers kept quiet as they made notes and observations, and then were gone. Did they make a connection between the increasing levels of mercury exposure? If they did, they never told a soul.

After a while the Freudians tromped onto the battlefield to help. While they perhaps spared some human lives being wasted by the wrong practice of cowardice executions they didn't help by assuming shell shock was an outbreak of somatic illness.

They actually did help scared troops "pull themselves together" and get back into battle, but could do nothing to help shell shocked soldiers, who were failed to recover with rest and relaxation. These incurables were shipped back home, most never resumed anything resembling a normal life. Many were treated with a level of cruelty only expected of an enemy captor.

Yes, war is scary. In their reports and literature the Freudians claimed to have mental powers to cure shell shock, and it all sounded fantastic, but they don't actually document how many cases got better after simply being removed from the source of toxic exposure.

In the war narrative is mention that many thought to have shell shock were given a break from the trenches and they got well enough to return. Did this treatment allow them to rest their nerves, talk it out in group therapy, or did it allow their bodies time enough to detox levels of heavy metals? What is know is safely behind the lines they were encouraged to gobble down plenty of rose hips, a strong for of Vitamin C anti-oxidant. Yet after recovering somewhat or completely the medical personnel simply deemed them as somatic ill.

There's really no telling how many WWI shell shock victims there were. The official number provided is not correct. Still, using even the reported 120,000 or so victims, of that number, at least 80,000 spent their post-war life quietly tucked away in "nerve" hospitals. Many more shell shock cases might have been diagnosed as DAH, or disordered action of the heart.

The official total does not include the untold number of shell shock cases killed upon return to the front, or those who simply wandered away from friendly lines in the heat of battle and were never seen again. "He just got away. We never saw him again." The latter troops would have been killed in action never to receive the shell shock diagnosis.

"You are a fucking coward and you will go to the trenches. I give fuck-all for my life and I give fuck-all for yours. And I'll get you fucking well shot!" - Regimental Sargent Major

As shell shock became more familiar with officers, the early signs of symptoms became more easily distinguished. According to eye-witnesses, shell shocked troops were often considered expendable by superiors. They were frequently sent across "No Man's Land", and this meant almost certainly being cut to pieces by enemy sniper or machine-gun fire. As cruel and sadistic as it gets, those showing symptoms were very often called "worthless" by their "hard boiled" superiors.

Most sadly, shell shock created nerveless victims. Concerned about maintaining theater fighting strength and perhaps as some suggest the post-war pension purse, officers called out those sick with shell shock as cowards or malingerers. The sickness, of course, made it impossible for all of these men to answer the charges. Unable to defend their illness in the fifteen minutes or so given at court-martial, shell shocked soldiers added to the totals of "men shot at dawn". Who knows just how many of those executed before a firing squad of their comrades were shell shock victims?

Many WWI veterans grew to resent their service. They used terms like "widow-maker" to refer to superiors while in reflection of trench life. Through the years after the war they wrote letters of advocacy for their shell shocked comrades. They talked openly that shooting victims of shell shock was wrong. "These lads were sick soldiers and couldn't help it", they said.

After the Great War many former troops educated themselves and searched for the answer to shell shock. They made appeals in any language they were gifted in for governments and the chemical companies to help. They questioned the scale usage of the fulminate of mercury and mercurials in the medicines.

Skimming versions of the British Treatises of Armaments, one notes that handling cautions for the fulminate of mercury usage shifted from its' explosiveness to its' toxicity.

By World War II a military mercury usage began to decline.

Society, as always, was under the influence of propaganda. While "letters" from shell shock victims appeared in editorials, the victims themselves were mostly hidden from the curious public eye.
Very often the 'all's well' letters to home and loved ones were penned by well-meaning nurses as the limbs of shell shocked troops were to shaky to grasp, and minds wandered aimlessly away from coherent thoughts converted to paper. Survival of the Great War became excruciating as loved ones convinced by propagandists met the returning shell shocked troops.

Families of those executed wrongly were pretty much disowned. They became pariahs in the very land their loved ones had bravely gone off to serve. There were evictions and unbearable public shame. Widows and orphans of "mentally-weak" shell shock soldiers faced disgrace and indignity beyond a generation.

Their only consolation for the sacrifices was in 2006, several hundred executed British troops were "pardoned" by their government bringing to an end nearly a hundred year private war declared by the relatives of shell shocked troops.

Shell shock was beyond scared soldiers. It looks as though the "merchants of death" got away with mercury poisoning in pretty much the same way the vaccine marketplace today is controlling Thimerosal and vaccine research connected to the Autism epidemic.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Unvaccinated Pose No Threat

According to Webster's, a parasite is a person who exploits the hospitality of the rich and earns welcome by flattery.

The pro-vaccine crowd has largely been unchallenged in their endeavors to punch holes in the thighs and arms of infants and toddlers allowing them to squirt in something that they believe in.

With so much boomerang money coming from big-time operators like drug and vaccine companies, Bill and Melinda Gates, etc., and, with so called pandemic experts shaking the federal money tree as a paranoid reaction to every sneeze or cough, a feeding frenzy was bound to happen.

It's ludicrous for authorities to threaten to jail parents for electing to not vaccinate their child. The growing
number of unvaccinated don't really stand in defiance of the law as much as they threaten the future profits of the vaccinators and the growth of the Autism industry.


An infant or toddler vaccine injects the child with immunity for life.

The answer is false. It's a vaccine marketing myth. Immunity is not injected, ever. In almost all cases a live virus or bits and pieces of a virus are injected making it entirely up to the child to develop an immune response to the violating material. You vaccinate and then hope it works right, and if it doesn't...?

Forcing the vaccine marketplace to stockpile vaccines for benign diseases like Measles, Mumps, etc. is a good, safe idea. It is not a lucrative idea which is why the pro-vaccine crowd is attempting to degrade the unvaccinated into wormdom.

Then there's the Iowa Mumps outbreak of 2006. The vaccine didn't protect anybody as it was supposed to. While the CDC was claiming to the media they knew which airliner the Mumps came into town on what they were concealing was the fact that their MMR vaccine was doing a worthless job protecting the public.

It's most likely that the MMR vaccine failure rate was much higher than 63% as some 30% of the victims were classified as "unknown" MMR history. Colleges require incoming students to provide vaccine uptake documentation.

So why pay for something that statistically fails time and time again? So why inject something faulty? Kick-backs to pediatricians is one huge reason America's children have become vaccine guru dartboards.

Another reason is certain pediatricians have discovered that vaccine-damaged children A.K.A. Autistic has spawned a generation of medical cash cows. It pays for them to be pro-vaccine.

And don't for a second forget that the parasitic NPO sharks working for drug-company funded charities like Every Child By Two are feasting on millions of dollars worth of government-funded vaccine backfire damage control money. Quite a parasitic situation, for sure.

The bottom line is...there's absolutely no proof that a vaccine has saved anybody. In many cases a given disease is already in steep decline long before a vaccine appears. Yet, like parasites the vaccine marketplace latches on to this decline then claims the vaccine has eradicated the disease.

For authorities to castigate any unvaccinated child or American families chosing to decline vaccinations is certainly abusive behavior.

The unvaccinated are not stupid. They're not worms. Their children aren't autistic, either.

Friday, September 5, 2008

McCain Wanted Lieberman

So I'm watching the Republican National Convention wondering who laid out McCain?

Everybody knew that McCain wanted Joe Lieberman. Since Limbaugh and Coulter's gal Hillary was knocked off, it couldn't have been them, right? You don't think John McCain was scared of losing just two very myopic voters do you?

John and Joe. The two guys are great friends and very experienced law makers. The gang of fourteen was certainly deeper than Lieberman's secret carrier pilot envy or McCain's crazy quest for the power of King David. Even lashed themselves to the mast just to piss Frist off for his stupid, un-American activities including Thimerosal liability protection.

The Frist family fortune includes a chain of for-profit hospitals which hit as many kids as possible with the birth dose of the Thimerosal-containing Hep B vaccine. Like a hot apple pie to go with your meal. Cha-ching for Bill. Brand new parents faced pressure to expose their bundles of joy to a vaccine designed to trick the body into believing it's under attack by a sexually transmitted disease.

The Frist family fortune also includes a great-big medical malpractice indemnity corporation. With doctors bleeding profusely from 'sky's the limit' malpractice premiums it makes sense to push medical malpractice caps through Congress. That way the doctors pay out the nostrils and your HCI company pays as little to the victims as possible.
Well, you have a blind trust to hide behind.

Perhaps the McJoe friendship first became noticeable during the Bush-Gore War? Remember when Lieberman did America a favor by bowing out of the 2000 election just when it seemed that things might turn bloody? Wasn't it McCain's visit to Lieberman that spurred Joe's concession speech?

While the entire spawn of Neo-Cons had pinned hopes of a Bush victory on, of all things, lawsuits all over the place, John McCain and his good friend agreed right then and there what was best for the country was for Joe call everything off. We might still be in chad-crazed myopia to this day if Joe hadn't accepted a defeat for Team America.

Sure McCain made nice and even smiled slightly when he announced Sarah "Wango-Tango" Palin was going to be the veep on the ticket, but in his mind he was trapped inside the Hanoi Hilton all over again.

It took less than a day for the press to catch on. Inside his RNC isolation cell, McCain tapped I-W-A-N-T-E-D-J-O-E. The message by political prisoner John McCain made all the major press runs. He thinks nobody noticed, but all those years in the Hanoi Hilton built some unusual qualities in John McCain.

Do we need to question the Neo-Cons about the hit on Lieberman? They aren't really the over-the-top types that would deny a former POW presidential candidate the freedom to choose his own wing man.

Part of McCain's imperfect service to his country must have included flunking the Navy's semaphore class. His eyes blinked during his convention speech, but they didn't say much. He mentioned Autism as if local, state, and national leaders aren't currently fighting to prevent ASD kids' civil rights. John truly does care and even feels Thimerosal is responsible for the sky-rocketing Autism rates in the 1990s and 2000s. Joe Lieberman does, too. And Imus. And Scarborough.

Families with ASD children relating to vaccines are basically screwed. They won't run the tests. They won't pay for the tests. As long as the system is in denial only very expensive developmental specialists are going to do the right things for your kid.

Parents considering vaccinations for their children might want to think twice. There's just too many kids with Autism for it to be regular. The risks are no longer risks should your infant or toddler get taken down with ASD. They are reality.

Measles and the rest are typically very survivable mild pests. The CDC and AAP will be hard-pressed to find Killer Measles outbreaks. You can get by without vaccines. Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine is a "live" virus three in one vaccine. It didn't help the college kids at Iowa back in 2006. They had mumps all over the place, but funny how the CDC couldn't blame the unvaccinated.

Are you envious of ASD children? Governmental authorities are paying disability attorney/specialists through the nostrils to deny ASD children appropriate educational services while public health authorities express no interest in determining why all these kids are suddenly autistic.

Even Governor Palin, a Neo-Con Down Syndrome mom, slashed her special education services in Alaska. She masked the cut by dumping the costs of running an $8 million dollar "boot camp" high school into special ed. They got her on the bridge issue and hiring the lobbyist for Wasilla.

Add that to firing a pilot, airplane mechanics, and a professional chef. No wonder the guy refused to fire her sister's ex. She's King's Row. She's the sadistic surgeon that sawed off Ronald Reagan's legs. She creates new jobs by firing lots of people, but she sold the plane on e-Bay. One day you're poaching salmon for the governor the next day you're shaving blubber off a sea lion carcass to make meat.

If I'm the governor of a state the size of Alaska. I doubt I can rely on good ol' Todd to give me a snowmobile hitch from Anchorage to Point Hope. In that case 'the wheels are up'.
Her Neo-Con minders are in full damage control and they walked out in the middle of a Rabbi's prayer at the RNC. I guess the good-hearted folks at the convention had their eyes closed, but did you see that at home.

The religious right left? I dunno. That's odd since the first Christians were converted Jews. Where were they in a hurry to be. The city of the state of Norm at ten at night? Maybe it was a flickering re-run of Northern Exposure on motel cablevision? Perhaps Tom Delay created another bogus Autism charity to spring for $390,000 in midnight cocktails?

Whether or not Mussolini actually said it or not fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power. Neo-feudalism is alive and well in America today. Witness Autism Speaks run by GE vice chairman Bob Wright. They just can't research Thimerosal and vaccines, but they can hire expert witnesses to testify against ASD children in vaccine court.

Ask John McCain to explain the Combating Autism Act colloquy. Then have him explain why he supported the bill which prevents the federal government from appropriating any money for Thimerosal and vaccine research.

You know what Reagan used to say? "If it moves tax it. If it continues to move regulate it. And if you regulate it you will eventually subsidize it." Today corporations get the billions in subsidies, but consumers don't get the price breaks normally associated in that theory of taxation. Reverse engineering something Reagan said is doing just the opposite of what he thought.

The "free market" that Ol' Mitt likes to talk about is anything, but free. Pharma got $43 billion dollars worth of tax dollars for nothing when the prescription drug benefit for seniors changed. They also got provisions to block the re-importation of less costly Rx from Canada, and the government is now prohibited from negotiating the lowest possible price on Rx.

The bird flu scare came about after the monkey pox carried by prairie dogs scare didn't work.

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of the media big Pharma scared the crap out of people to extort $7.1 billion dollars to "develop a bird flu vaccine". A few days after the White House signed the bird flu bill into law one drug company bought TV ads to tell America 'they already have the bird flu vaccine, but hoped that they wouldn't have to use it.'

They also got liability protection for anything experimental they want to try. It's called PREPA. Get hurt from an experimental drug or vaccine and you're SOL. When a reporter noticed that the excitement about bird flu disappeared right after the bird flu laws were enacted he asked Gerberding at CDC if bird flu was still a concern. Yeah, if you're a bird", she replied.

T. Boone Pickens knows people don't like us
That makes about as much common sense as burning all of your oil, as opposed to burning all theirs. When ours is gone, America will once again be buying oil from people who don't like us.

Difference is at tomorrow's prices and not today's.

Lieberman makes a better wing man for McCain.