Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Only Muddy Water, 'Sgotta Come Clean Some Day

Oh boy! Yet another frivolous government telemarketing study cleverly designed to create the perception that cases of developmental delay aren't becoming more mild, and Autism rates aren't in decline.

And do we really believe they don't know why the children formerly known as
Autistic are no longer that way?

At least this time they forgot to add the satanic line about vaccines not causing Autism because "Thimerosal was removed in 1999".

Of course, we fully know that the media can not make that "it's all out" claim any more when cutting and pasting the pre-fab Autism story of the day.

Nope, ethyl-mercury never came out in 1999. Nor did Thimerosal come out in 2000. 2001. 2002. 2003. We all know it's still in and they're just telling America it isn't.

What we do know as well, is the sadistic pedophiles listed in the medical society as vaccinologists needed to add the completely worthless Thimerosal-containing Influenza vaccine to prop up ASD rates. So while they were telling America that Thimerosal was all out, at earliest, in fact, pregnant moms, infants and toddlers got two full doses of Thimerosal-laced vaccines beginning in late 2003 as flu shot recipients.

We know that state legislation to ban Thimerosal not only faced blood-thirsty opposition from vaccine industry dopes, but created lots of "shortages" designed for no other reason than circumventing existing "no mercury" laws. (If one ventures into actual flu shot research just a teeny bit, it becomes a particularly awful displeasure to see real, live doctor-like vaccine industry people fighting like mad dog idiots to inject any living soul with Influenza vaccine.)

Many parents scoff at the expertise still working to spread the "better diagnosis" peanut butter.

When Congress attempted to seize Autism rate data from the CDC-run Vaccine Safety Datalink for investigation, their researchers hit 3000-page obstruction after 3000-page obstruction.

The non-scientific CDC-led obfuscation began to hit the national spotlight slightly. When that happened, (the CDC was busted for not possessing a scientific spirit of cooperating with outside research attempts) the VSD data was then whisked away from the CDC to an undisclosed underground location at a cost of $300,000,000.00 to US tax payers.

The obfuscation of the VSD did make a point that CDC vaccine sales department was well aware of the bombastically climbing Autism rates perhaps a decade before a different government task required an evaluation of Thimerosal-containing people biologics, but that fact that the vaccine industry spent millions of dollars developing the Autism market in the early 1990s was lost. Just like the fact that FDA and CDC both knew Thimerosal was taken out of pet vaccines in the 1980s after negative neurological effects hit Fido and Fluffy.

In 2000-4, as tens of thousands parents of Thimerosal-affected children were popping neck veins at the stupefying indignity of the CDC neuro-diverse version of Monty Python's "Dead Parrot Sketch" they were slowly joined by tenuous allies from within the ASD spectrum campus.

It wasn't hard to convince those who work with ASD kids on a daily basis there was an epidemic of Autism going on. These assigned to intervene on the disorder made the obvious "just too many kids" observation, no VSD analysis required.

When these hands-on ASD providers held hands with parents of ASD children they presented a strong enough association to convince the CDC that they could no longer massage away the increased number of Autism cases using math. They told the CDC to change posture in order to fund their awareness programs. The CDC reversed their long-held "no Autism epidemic" position by quietly devising and circulating the infamous "Autism A.L.A.R.M" flier in early 2004, which was the essential green light for pediatricians to pad Autism rates they had previously been told didn't exist.

Soon the CDC Foundation, comprised mostly of the biggest toxic polluters in the nation, was ready to launch their fishy-stinking propaganda scow in the mainstream.

In 2005, NBC Universal, a morally bankrupt subsidiary of Autism Speaks, agreed to help increase ASD rates by buttering up "Better Diagnosis Week", which they thought would add thousands of extra cases of Autism to make up for all the cases vanishing by greater Thimerosal awareness across the country.

Battle-hardened parents still whisper to each other about the new kids added to the Autism spectrum courtesy of concerted efforts to pad Autism statistics. They gave these extremely high functioning children labels like "Autism Lite", which describes a quirky mainstream child added to the spectrum to pad class-sizes and thus pad Autism rates.

Special Ed teachers across the country willing to defy gag orders agree that now the children labeled as Autistic coming in are actually at worst quirky kids who mainstream quite easily. These children differ greatly from those severely-affected children of just a few years ago. They express sympathy and concern for the parents left in isolation tending their vaccine-injured children who will need a life-time of individual care.

It seems those who've wasted years and years denying that our children were damaged by routine mass vaccinations are now prisoners of their own lies and evil intent.

Americans are not pleased with the federal government. They know so much money that could have been distributed to families of truly vaccine-injured children has been diverted into the pockets of the vaccine marketplace to cover up what's happened.

Better diagnosis? Naw, just more diagnosis provided during a period in which many believed that rates relating to Thimerosal poisoning would drop the over-all ASD affliction line downward.

Let's remember that Thimerosal is still out there. Children will continue to become autistic-like.

As others have pointed out, we've never hit zero Thimerosal exposure for unborn children, infants, and toddlers. And we have zero proof that vaccine manufacturers ever took ethyl-mercury out of the shots. It's still used in the back room somewhere upstream in the vaccine making process.

The latest is muddy water all the way.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Autism Carpetbaggers

Perhaps the absolute worst thing to deal with as a parent of a vaccine-induced autistic-like child isn't actually the vaccine industrial complex useful idiots who turn a blind eye to vaccine damaged children, the endless string of satanic verses thrown at innocent vaccine-injured children by state-sponsored media, or even the fact that Thimerosal is still in vaccines.

What could possibly be worse? The Autism carpetbaggers.

Years ago the so called Autism superstars went a-whoring. We all know what they did for "a billion dollars" because we are all facing life with the fact they betrayed us. Yes, they betrayed all of their fellow parents working earnestly to right the unrightable wrong, an
d most importantly they stuck knives in the backs of thousands and thousands of needy vaccine-injured children for a fist or two full of tax payer blood money.

Let's just say that if you follow their money trail it will lead back to Autism Speaks, the organization that not only conned parents into believing that a 2006 Autism bill would provide Thimerosal and vaccine research then Pearl Harbored them with a last minute bill switch, but also commonly hires so called expert witnesses who are denoted by their willingness to testify against vaccine-injured children armed with bogus junk scientific-like gibberish.

Can you believe these people any more? One branch of Autism Speaks thornbush
actually paid thousands of dollars of Autism charity money to multi-millionaire vaccine kingpin Paul Offit in order to bring his bull-poop pulpit to their town just to preach vaccines are godly and parents of vaccine-injured children are whack jobs. When they were finally exposed publicly they flippantly brushed the significance of their dubious action aside and blamed someone else.

Now is the time to accept the fact that AoA is DOA. They've never been anything more than a conduit for Autism Speaks' "no show" agenda and pharmaceutical industry soft-sellers.

Folks the time has come to acknowledge that these folks are self-promoting money-grubbing finks. They have only themselves at heart. They are heaping together treasure for the last days, and have no intention of ever returning to the time when all parents of vaccine-induced autistic children had an equal, uncensored voice.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Perhaps one of the worst, bad taste post-World War II jokes to arrive back on American soil was the one about the Nazi concentration camp guard sent into the barracks to serve notice on the spindled prisoners.

"Today, I have some good news and some bad news," the guard announced confidently with a click of the heels of his jack boots.

Looking around at the distraught, disbelieving faces, he said in a more optimistic tone, "First, the good news!"

After pausing slightly to examine his weary captives for physical signs of mental acceptance he continued, "Today, you all will be getting a change of underwear!"

Several prisoners smiled in relief, but were quickly dampened.

"And now, for the bad news," said the guard. "You? Change with you!" "You? Change with you." "You? Change with you!"

The typical American is subjected to media saturation, which has been running contrary to text book science due to drug advertising income and over-bearing nyet'sters, but parents of Thimerosal-affected children know mercury is a neuro-toxic chemical and it is still being injected into America's infants and toddlers.

Families of children adversely affected by Thimerosal-containing vaccines have been monitoring this mercury-laced issue for years and years. They can tell you that so called experts and International Vaccine Rescue authorities across the country have not removed Thimerosal from America's vaccine supply. They're just telling you they have.

The latest influenza scare comes as no surprise and the timing was deliberately set to snake-bite Florida's common sense mercury ban. That's it. No pig flu. Flu season was delcared over weeks before. Allergy season provided enough sneezing and wheezing to give the appearence of flu-like symptoms. This is why drug companies are running late with their allergy drug ads this year.

Just another in a long series of political manipulation by the pharmaceutical companies and the well-heeled medical profession. If the Thimerosal was really taken out of childhood vaccines years ago would Florida be trying to ban it? Why would Governor Charlie Crist openly endorse state legislation calling for the ban?

Look at the lynch mob of angry wolves flairing their fangs, fighting against Florida's proposed Thimerosal ban. You won't see any parents crying that the state is attempting to deprive their child of a fat dose of mercury. The fangy nyet'sters are doctors and health official undoubtedly with direct financial ties to vaccine makers.

Look at it with American common sense. Can you believe that some doctors oppose taking mercury out of childrens vaccines? What are they? Complete idiots!

Friday, May 8, 2009

One Sows, The Other Reaps

Two or three decades ago, the biologics operations within drug companies found the biggest hindrance to making super sales profits on vaccines included parents could easily rule most of the shots in their arsenal out based on family immunity history.

In simple, if a woman had a case of the Measles as a little girl it meant immunity for life. Not only that, if she bore children later on in her life her natural immunity to disease transfers over to protect the newborn through that telephone cord looking connection called the umbilical cord.

Doctors, as brute beasts, often cry foul when a new mommy decides to breast feed her child because they know maternal antibodies assure the initial blood transfer of immunity, which is good for the first two years of life, continues to protect the child as long as he-baby or she-baby continues to seek num-nums from the bosoms of his or her mommy. This makes vaccinating these children not only questionable, but largely unethical and immoral.

Today doctors know if they are forced to restore the infectious disease immunity history of parents to their intake questionnaires their vaccine profits bite the dust. This may or may not be true complexed by the fact that many parents today are completely unaware of their family heritage thanks to the natural remission of diseases.

Also, by methodically blowing off sick kids over the phone..."take Tylenol and call our office next week to set up an appointment" they deliberately conceal medical information which may or may not affect the future their vaccine stockpile. Parents do their job to notify doctors about vaccine adverse events, but the doctors, most all having a high level of legal training, in turn play dumb, almost always desiring to not make waves.

In a time when everybody seems to be facing financial challenges, take a look at the health care industrial complex. Iatrogenic means doctor-caused.

What is obvious is the health care industrial complex is enjoying the filthy lucre twenty years of mass vaccination policies have clearly created in most cases.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Mouse Roared...really

Obviously, we are in a period of history when the government of the United States of America isn't exactly functioning very well. Our self-image as a nation isn't exactly clear as it was a generation or so ago. Foreign interests these days are extremely difficult to delineate.

Foremost, we are certainly glad that at this point doomsday pandemic predictions have once again proven unfounded. It may be important to point out that no American would ever marginalize the loss of human lives during this period. We certainly care about those folks lost in Mexico to whatever illness has hit them and hope the best for their surviving family.

Fortunately, there are independent voices speaking up now concerning this well-oiled flu scare. People are fearlessly opening their eyes and reason has overtaken fearmongering profiteers.

Most folks across the country will liken this latest scare with 'Chicken Little', the little cluck who always claimed the sky is falling. But really, simplistic thinking shouldn't allow us to stop there. The reality is this is once again a true-life re-telling of 'The Mouse That Roared'.

How obvious is it? It's acid sell.

It's hard to believe that a small band of germ scientists could be responsible for what amounts to a terribly wrong publicity stunt to sell modern biological technology. Yet we see this time and time again, and nobody to date has said we need break the media addiction to drug company advertising.

As Americans become better informed by disinterested parties, the impact of the joint terror strike by media marketeers, CDC, WHO, and the vaccine industrial complex extortion plot becomes more ineffectual. But you know unless we crack down on this biological seeding, once and for all, with strong laws, ethics reform, and media prohibitions this cabal is going to scare again and again. Americans are going to wear down and wear down. That's not good.

Profits are never legitimate justification for tampering with the reality of issues which may or may not relate to public health in the future.

Americans should offer thanks to the current administration in the White House for dragging the skeleton dangling from a line through the middle of this dark horror show. It exposed this fear cycling to a lot more Americans.

Credit the Mexican authorities. Their professionalism in dealing with the media in light of the apparent flu crisis should serve as a model for U.S. health authorities and should also serve to implicate the fear sowed by WHO.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flu For Thought

1. According to CDC statistics, at this point, there are less than two hundred deaths that may or may not actually be related to what is described as a novel flu virus; part bird, part pig, and part people. Perhaps Americans and International Vaccine Rescue germ scientists should take note and see what Mexican authorities have been doing right? After all, CDC statistics state 36,000 Americans die from influenza each year!

2. The reports say that they can tell they have found a new flu bug which is part bird strain, part pig strain, and part people strain. So a health lab which daily tests samples for these so called dirty, nasty factory poultry and pig farms is asked to test samples from humans?

3. According to one flu report issued by the CDC..."She [a 9 year old child apparently under interrogation] reported that she did not see pigs at the fair and went only to the amusement section of the fair."

4. Where's the dead pigs and birds? The rules are you can eat pigs and certain birds, but if they are diseased it's a sign not to eat them. Even a caveman knows that!

5. Florida's Governor Charlie Crist openly supports banning Thimerosal-containing vaccines forever within the great state. A few days later pig flu started brewing.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Charlie Flu

International Vaccine Rescue's response to the revelation that Florida Governor Charlie Crist fully endorses the state bill banning Thimerosal-containing vaccines forever is, of course, to do the only thing they are trained to do...scare people.

Examine the facts...according to vaccine industry representative Maggie Fox of ReutersGlaxoSmithKline we learn:

1. "They say it is possible the children were infected by other people and not by pigs..."

2. "the CDC asked doctors... to test anyone with flu-like symptoms..."

3. "The influenza strain is an H1N1, the same family as one of the seasonal flu viruses now circulating."

4. "People were near the children were being questioned by CDC investigators and tested if they remember having been sick recently."

5. "The virus is usually fairly mild but it still kills between 250,000 and 500,000 people in an average year."

In a usual move, the current outbreak in Mexico and the 60 deaths are being unmethodically linked by the media with no intention of ever questioning their own lack of credibility. The media interest comes during the waxing period of allergy season, and many weeks after the CDC claimed this year's recently concluded flu season was mild.

Statistically, the Mexican outbreak of whatever it really is, if it has, in fact, actually caused 60 flu deaths, accounts for sixteen thousandths of one percent using a middle average of 375,000 "the virus" deaths reported, or essentially a non-story unworthy of lead status on nightly news programs especially during the allergy season, which very often features illness symptoms similar to flu.

The US Centers For Disease Control and Invention is the same crew that brought America the recently forgotten Tuberculosis Scare which featured the made for tabloid television quarantine of the corporate lawyer, not coincidentally concealing the fact he was the lawyer son in law of the guy who heads the CDC's TB department as long as possible to secure $300,000,000.00 in TB funding.

There is no evidence that the CDC actually re-examined or tested any of their fabricated annual cases of flu death, which generally consist of a few hunded legtimate deaths due to complications associated with flu padded by 35,900 or so pneumonia deaths, prior to the small outbreak reported to them.

Mexican officials fearing CDC officials might accidentially ship a deadly flu strain to world-wide labs again cautioned everybody to stay home for a while and not talk to foreign reporters. They had no comment concerning the fact that foreign film crews were donning surgical masks then parading before their own cameras pretending to be Mexican people.

Insiders have reported there was no sign of NBC reporters paddling around Mexico City streets in a canoe, nor citizens wadding through ankle-deep water past her.

One observer of the 1976 swine flu affair, Dr. Russell Alexander of the Public Health School at the University of Washington, expressed his view that the clinical side of medicine had been shortchanged in the decision making processes. He told federal investigators after the fact: “My general view is that you should be conservative about putting foreign material into the human body. That’s always true…especially when you are talking about 200 million bodies. The need should be estimated conservatively. If you don’t need to give it, don’t.”

The CDC has not determined whether or not they intend attack with influenza vaccines containing the wrong strain, or if this is a marketing stunt designed to help pre-print sales of a future book specifically being written about Mexico's factory farms.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vax Sux Again

We shared information concerning the 2006 Iowa Mumps outbreak among highly vaccinated college kids. The 87% MMR failure which led over 1,400 cases of Mumps concluded with name-calling the worthless three live viruses in one shot the M?R.

Perhaps we have arrived at time appropriate enough for a new handle, the ??R vaccine.

Even though this case study report discovered recently covers just the isolated first M in MMR, er...??R it is important to remember all vaccines work the same way.

Now it seems a certain hospital did a two-year records audit looking for cases of Measles infection in children.

Over the two years 2006-7 the hospital saw more than 23,000 plus patients. Of that, 70 children(0.03%)were found to have been admitted most likely all suffering from Measles infection based on a maculopapular rash with cough or coryza or conjunctivitis, or clinical measles infection with presence of measles specific IgM antibodies in serum.

Most interesting was the fact that just 29% had Koplik spots, which are pathognomic of Measles.

Fever was present in 100% of the cases and rash in 86%. Coryza, or inflammation of the mucus membranes lining of the nasal cavity, was seen in 71% and conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, was seen in 67% of the children.

Measles specific IgM antibodies by ELISA was done in 42(60%)cases of which 16(23%) were positive, and there was a clustering of cases between the months of January and June.

Fifteen children (22%) were less than one year old, unavoidable cases too young to Measles vaccinate.

Twenty-four children (34%) were between one and five years old, twenty-three children (33%) were between five and ten years old, and eight children (11%) were ten years old or older.

Seventy-eight percent of all 70 children attacked by the Measles and admitted to this particular hospital during this time period were Measles vaccinated. The children were treated conservatively. Zero cases of mortality.

I do recall a certain Mr. Offit, who claims every child by two has an immune system that can handle 100,000 vaccines. It is odd that antibody testing right in the middle of an immune system challenge revealed bug busting potential in just 16 of 42 children.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's Parents Versus The Telepromters

Did you see it? Man? Could you tell there was an credible dog and cat fight with production that took place concluding with CNN agreeing to pull the plug on same old same old 'breaking news' about a guy most likely freaking out on SSRI withdrawal shooting up the place to finally present Jim and Jenny appearing on Larry King Live? Take another look, it's there. You've got to be able to see it.

The initial word to describe things? Frazzled-looking.

Your heart just drops like a rock when you find out about another shooting spree. You pray for the victims, the families of the victims are certainly at the forefront of your thoughts.

Freaking people out by telling them to snitch on anybody pissed of with the way things are going with life in America is not exactly smart advice. As Moe said, "Why I oughta...".

Really as long as the PR lobbyist minute men and minute women are flipping the phones to inform their embedded media contacts they are making an adrenalin-crazed, 'I'll hold my pee pee til I get there' dash to the studio, there will always be at least one set of insensitive production people in the network booth will to either to exploit the story for mutually observed social engineering agenda purposes, or the deliberate purpose of keeping something scheduled off the air.

Did you know the pharmaceutical drug lobby can do that? Since they own networks via ad dollars they can actually manipulate network television. If they don't get their way they cry in medical trade journals like they did with the initial episode of the now cancelled ABC TV show Eli Stone.

The attempt to invoke the wrongness doctrine as if they deserve fairness. It's sort of like the spoiled child declaring it's my tea party and I'll cry if I want to, or a perversion of Ronald Reagan declaring "I paid for this microphone..."

That's why drug companies aren't supposed to be able to advertise.

Did you happen to notice during the Jim and Jenny versus International Vaccine Rescue Autism debate on Larry King Live all of the so called experts representing the interests of the corporatistic alliance between the vaccine racketeers and government were being TelePromptered?

While body language experts will tell you eyes down and to the left means the person is lying, in this case it meant the mouthpieces assigned to confront the parents of Thimerosalistic children weren't stuffed full enough of spoon-fed bull doo to allow them on national TV without some form of cautious censorship.

In America that's not considered freedom of speech. That's considered faking it. Prompting public speakers through audio or visual aids is a sure sign of weakness, not smartness. Americans are people of conviction. They are smart enough to devalue anybody who has to rely on three brains off-stage minding the message. Does it really matter as long as it works? It certainly should because eventually you face reality.

In scientific debate there's no delay. There's no rule allowing somebody too chicken to show his or her face in public to hold up cue cards or type out instant answers off-stage? That's cheating. Like having a guy in a white shirt parked out in the center field bleachers of Wrigley Field stealing catcher signs.

Look at it this way...Have we found the "hidden horde" of adult autistics who can't speak for themselves, think for themselves and need prompting to participate in verbal interactions? In reality with such limited faculties of sight and hearing these so called experts fail to convince anybody of anything.

Jim Carrey got one thing wrong. $13 billion dollars per year in vaccine industry profits is the stripped down figure relating to just sales. Jim might not consider the hidden benefits which must be considered as though they are true profits.

1. Add the incredible amount of free money vaccine lobbyists extort from Congress for disease 'research'. How many universities are being paid in tax dollars to do the vaccine industry's job?

2. Add the thousands of hours of free legal services provided by the U.S. Department of Justice law firm at tax-payer expense to protect the legal interests of the vaccine industry.

3. Add the labor costs involved in collecting and procressing of several billion dollar's worth of excise tax revenue associated with vaccine administration plus interest banks holding this sum might be forced to pay.

4. Add the large amount of free tax payer money given as specific vaccine development funds.

5. Add the large amount of money the government sends to vaccine industry operations like the many experimental Autism drug storefronts.

6. Add the large amount of free tax payer money being given to the thousands of public health departments who inappropriately serve the industry advocates. That's got to add up to billions of dollar's worth of pharmaceutical company payroll being paid to local, state, and federal health officials.

7. Add the annual total amount of free vaccine product placement advertising on every single TV news report, every single Today Show, every single print media article.

8. Add up every single penny of cost involved in treating vaccine injured children and see the mountain of vaccine industry profits, too.

9. Add up every single penny of cost involved in special education associated with the Autism-vaccine epidemic.

10. Add up all the money not being paid out in the form of compensation.

There's a lot more to it. Every law firm in America sitting on Thimerosalistic kids in order to run out the statute of limitations for civil claims even further counts as vaccine industry profits.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Faked World Autism Day Documents?

Honestly, nobody even expected, in light of the fact that his first order of business being a feeble attempt to crush the Thimerosal Rebellion, that the Obummer White House would pay respects to the Autism unity thing going on.

Somebody had to point out that after the GE Healthcare Speaks deal, the one that quietly sent $875,000,000.00 to the Chicago political machine and a cable channel to the New York political machine in exchange for Harpo putting a cork on the celebrity Thimerosal issue, you'd think that they could at least recognise the Autism issue from their keen perspective.

At 8:01 AM on April 2nd, 2009 in one of those lists which consist of a hundred parents and a few hundred vaccine industry representatives each apparently with twelve different bogus screen names somebody asked if Obama would take the time from having tea with the queen of a foreign land and acknowledge Autism Day International.

At 10:43 AM somebody replied no, to the new White House Autism isn't even an epidemic. At 3:02 PM somebody else agreed stating the White House priority was to lubricate foreign relations.

Then suddenly (har har) at 6:32 PM somebody else lamely replied he made a statement and it was on the GE Healthcare Speaks Autism Day International web site.

Here's the deal. Don't cover for Obama because you are now ashamed that a democratic politician has reacted exactly the same way towards vaccine damaged children, no worst, than the old republican one did. Socialist presidents use vaccination programs as a form on socialistic indoctrination.

The odd thing about this statement is it looks almost as lame as the photoshop'd Hawaiian birth record. The bottom of the signature is cut off and there's a phantom black speck appearing below and to the right.

It was OK to bash the Bush White House for Autism Ignorance. Obama's lame attitude toward Thimerosalistic children deserves equal treatment. You could dish it out like crazed dogs, but you can't dish it out now. You're too chicken to break your stupid party loyalty. Like polarization isn't just a fund-raising tactic employed to sucker in suckers to paying for political campaigns.

Amazingly, the PDF file was cracked open by amateur computer experts revealing the document posted on the world autism day web site was manufactured at 10:40:53 AM on April 2nd, 2009, or around two hours AFTER the question about 'tea or autism' was raised.

It becomes quite evident that while one candidate went out of his way to talk directly to families snake-bitten by vaccine spectrum disorder the other one just doesn't care.

So, in the future skip all the stupid monkey business and just admit it. The wrong guy won the election based on his position on the single most important issue in the whole world, our future generation. And it's totally appropriate to rub your completely wrong guessing noses in it.

It won't happen if a democrat is in the White House. Is that right?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Time Magazine Sucks Dog Doo Doo

Surprise. Jenny McCarthy has written yet another book about Autism. April Fool's Day Time ran a piece. The Time magazine article actually makes Jenny McCarthy and her vaccines cause Autism position look pretty stupid.

Time's questions are in bold.

"Your book points out that autism rates between 1983 and 2008 have climbed in lockstep with vaccination rates, yet childhood obesity, diabetes and even cell-phone use have soared since then, too. Why do you find causation in one and not the others?"

The classic tail-chaser complete with three misnomeous interjections.

Obesity plays a causal role in Autism? Diabetes plays a causal role in Autism? Cell phones plays a causal role in Autism? Is that right?

Based on lots of observation obesity is comtemporary with all children, as it always has been. Autistic kids aren't out of norm with the going trends in obesity.

Diabetes may very well have a direct link to any number of drug company products marketed to children. So, that one may bite back.

Cellphones? Perhaps the interviewer forgot the talking points also suggest playing up ultrasound and now 'corn mercury'?

"Most people who blame autism on vaccines point to the mercury in the shots, yet mercury has been removed from most vaccines and autism rates continue to climb."

The classic false lead buried in the tail-end.

Time magazine knows Thimerosal is still in vaccines. Authorities are just claiming it's out. That's an old trick. The only ones focusing on autism rates are noticeably the likely ones fudging figures.

Listen, ASD children are cash cows for any particular educational adminstration's general revenue. Time magazine most likely isn't particularly concerned about the daily dollar fighting between ESE programs and the rest of the world.

Cash inducements to schools are certainly a major reason there are so many neurotypically high-functioning "autism-lite" children being assigned to ASD classes. Why do you think Paul Offit recently visited a particularly 'troubling' area to re-enforce his tyrannical brand of strong-arm bullying.

Reports from all across the country are indicating blue-chip mainstreamers now are out-numbering severely affected children, and some reports are less ASD children at entry level. Parents should be very careful about the placement of their child.

"Your collaborator recommends that parents accept only the haemophilus influenzae type B (HIB) and tetanus vaccine for newborns and then think about the rest. Not polio? What about the polio clusters in unvaccinated communities like the Amish in the U.S.? What about the 2004 outbreak that swept across Africa and Southeast Asia after a single province in northern Nigeria banned vaccines?"

Clearly the interviewer has a disinforming collaborator of his own as he refers to polio clusters which don't exist outside of vaccine-induced polio. A single Amish girl contracted polio from a recently immigrated child while she was in the hospital. According to an honest article written about the so called outbreak "the virus that all four children are carrying is derived from the oral polio vaccine."

If a single province banned polio vaccine it was directly related to the fact that the polio vaccine was spreading the disease.

"And yet in many cases, vaccines have effectively eliminated diseases. Measles is among the top five killers in the world of children under 5 years old, yet it kills virtually no one in the U.S. thanks to vaccines."

The Time parrot clearly wants a cracker from Pauly. Mortality related to Measles was down by over 90% BEFORE the introduction of Measles vaccine. Vaccines have never effectively eliminated diseases. Vaccines are so popular and dubiously being defended today mainly because the powerful global racketeers are using them as tax dodges, humanitarian profiteering, and stock investment return.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Industry Stooge Decries All Nature

1Tm 6:20 O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:

The vaccine issue is not new. Think of it as a pair of earth-launched binary spheres somewhere out there in the vacuum of space spinning around while orbiting each other at opposition. Each one held relative to the other by mutual attraction like two dizzy children holding hands while skipping around in a circular pattern.

In the case of Mr. Offit and the adversaries he arbitrarily calls false prophets, the attraction is obvious, money for food and continuum.

Under no circumstances is a potential book buyer to wrongly think that Mr. Offit has come to Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the author and finisher of faith, as his title suggests. Think of Offit's book as Bill Frist magically transformed condensed into paperback by the Autism diva.

This is a case where the vaccine industry is controlling both sides of the disagreement. It's Piltdown Man v. Nebraska Man in a cage death match. The two pro-vaccine sides of the Thimerosal issue love what mass vaccination can do for them.

Vaccines kill infants and toddlers every single day, yet try to count the number of medicine men willing to trash the product. None of them would ever pick the pocket of a fellow practitioner of liberal vaccination arts. The Autism shops can't afford to bite the hand that feeds them.

As a mercenary quack representing the vaccine industrial complex Autism's False Prophets is the perfect primal echo built on top of Mr. Offit original pig's tooth, The Cutter Incident.

It's clear that vaccines do cause Autism, or an autistic-like medical condition. Play semantics with it all you want. Americans are becoming more and more aware that Offit jumps in head-first to conceal the dirty little secret.

If you follow the trail of money it becomes crystal-clear when you hold the deed to your own crime scene you naturally can come and go as you want, take whatever you want, destroy as much evidence as you want without raising a lot of suspicion.

The plot of Offit's book isn't to assassinate those who would expose the same mass vaccination policies the book's author helped bend and shape to favor vaccine-producing pharmaceutical companies.

The intent of Offit is most likely to prejudice potential jurists. The other purpose is undoubtedly to scare the hell out of everybody else in order to convert readers into believing that if man fails to provide complete liability immunity to the vaccine industrial complex everybody on earth is going to die.

Before a single soul, perhaps seeking to slake their Thimerosal issue thirst, decides to delve into Offit's deliriously whirling cess-tank of scank bitters and cumulative aged stinkiness there are things to remember.

SARS, Ebola, Swine Flu, West Nile, and Bird Flu come to mind as really convincing cavemen crumbling to dust under examination.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wankers and Sour Krauts

The appropriate approach seems to strongly suggest the advent of Autism forensics. The quicker, the better.

It's no secret that pharmaceutical companies OWN most all pediatricians. The cocaine addiction to vaccinations is too strong. Pediatricians simply don't inject then tell. As long as Congress and the CDC are there to run medical malpractice interference, and promises their jack will continue to flow, the peds have no problem creating more cases of Autism just like the doctor ordered.

Raise your hand if your vaccine-injured child's MEDICAL case has been independently examined by the local tax-payer supported medical examiner. His pathology certainly gives the appropriate meaning to the word than say...Brian Deer?

The suggestion of developing a living pathology for our vaccine-injured children came years ago, and nobody in any social position to advocate has listened.

Instead we get this unrealistic emotionality about how important the ritualistic germ injection sport is to medical science, these genetics ASD-holes stabbing our sick children right in front of our faces, the real yet unspoken threat that if vaccine profits drop somebody is going to start seeding innocent people with germ warfare biology, and two completely irrelevant vaccine industry mouthpiece stooges controlling the entire apparent causation issue.

Un-Vax v. Vax is important. But in reality this is only designed to raise the political aspects of what has been an epidemic. The iatrogenic nature of vaccine injury forces the established medical profession to rat on each other.

Which is why forensic science is what's really needed.

Sure it might mean real court with a real judge and jury. Good.

Vaccine court is like being challenged to a single-pistol duel in the Emerald City. The unabashed and extremely emotional affection for federal mass vaccination policies assure the needle is mightier than it's victim.

No one in America should be forced to go through the American Revolution in reverse legal system over at 'the house that Merck built'. America left the colonial jack-boot system behind two hundred odd years ago.

States need strong protection against the vaccine industry.

Once states are up and running what should follow is sustained adverse events over-lording of industry. If the wrong side doesn't submit to a higher authority, you pull their vaccines off the market until they comply. Zero tolerance is the exacting concept to make the vaccine industrial complex learn to stop this vaccine abuse which is causing all this carnage.

Americans have got to learn to shove back with fierce determination against the beast. Too many sheeples means nothing is going to change.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's Wrong With These People

Adjuvant - a substance admixed with an immunogen in order to elicit a more marked immune response.

At some point in the past, mercury arrived in the Caribbean, and as a result, American doctors still believe in injecting it into humans.

One likely progression goes like this.

The Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus left Europe, found the Gulf Stream favorable, and journeyed southward.

History records he landed and claimed Hispaniola in the Caribbean for the Spanish crown on December 5th, 1492.

Over many years Spain followed the trail of precious metals from the Caribbean islands to Central and South America.

Some time in the 1550s, Bartolomé Medina, while living in Mexico, developed the patio process [mercury amalgamation] into an industrial-scale operation.

Medina's discovery made it easier for Spanish colony mines to extract silver from ore. One thing, the patio process required lots of mercury to produce silver.

Soon the plentiful quantities of mercury necessary for the patio process came from the Almaden mines, down the Gulf Stream aboard Spanish vessels, through the Caribbean, and onto South American silver mines.

One estimate, using old shipping documents, suggests the total amount of mercury sent from Spain to South America between 1570 and 1900 was 196,000 tons, or about half of all primary mercury mined during that historical period.

One day, while on the way from Spain to Mexico with a load of mercury, some sailors on a galleon caught a whiff of something tasty drifting over the briny. Through a spyglass the captain saw somebody, mostly naked, cooking on the Haiti side of Hispaniola.

They came ashore and traded with an African witch doctor, who was just over from Morocco to provide the annual check-ups for the islanders. A cask of mercury for enough barbecue sandwiches for the whole crew.

The witch doctor was immediately attracted to the silvery liquid. He screwed around with the mercury and soon began dancing around ritualistically. He was soon mad as a hatter, and another witch doctor replaced him.

Later the English colonies became neighbors of the Caribbean. The Spanish mercury merchants offered a few colonial doctors a company junket to the islands, promising them the great expedition would include lots of free barbecue for the wife and kids, and for their practices, an unforgettable demonstration of mercury medicine.

Over many years, more and more colonial doctors made the trip without the family not to see half-naked women with chicken bones protruding through their nostrils being eaten by the village, and, of course, the mercurial witch doctors do their stuff, too.

Being much smarter than their voodoo witch doctor contemporaries, the Americans soon figured out how it all worked.

Apparently, one saw a voodoo witch doctor cupping a piece of dripping goat bladder in his hand just before he pretended to reach into the stomach of a sick person to pull out the 'evil spirit' troubling their constitutional. The Haitian mercury practitioner was busted. All the way, busted.

However, the American colonial doctors were mystified by the fact that some of the witch doctor's patients actually were sick and actually got better. They concluded "it's got to be the mercury".

Soon the colonial healing artists, already experts with leeches, blistering, and blood-letting began to practice more and more with quicksilver. They began feeding mercury fearlessly, knowing nobody would ever suspect mercury could cause neurological disorder.

Perhaps it takes a voodoo witch doctor to account for the fact that after draining his body of six pints of blood, America's founding father George Washington was then fed 'heroic' doses of mercury.

Just like the voodoo witch doctor, the colonial American doctors became true voodoo believers. Mercury, they believed, was necessary for human survival in pretty much the same way the Incas concluded crushing the skulls of infant sacrifices assured that rains would come and produce a bountiful harvest.

American medicine has never been the same.

Today, just try to ban Thimerosal. The emotional charge against you is overwhelmingly telling they still don't get it about mercury...they just think they do.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Iraqi Walkabouts

One thing about the fishmongering mercury book by Dr. Jane Hightower, "Diagnosis: Mercury - Money, Politics, and Poison " it certainly once again shines light on an age-old problem, the chemical company ambulance chasers, A.K.A. the walkabouts.

During the Great War, military medical corps got their first look at a new nervous condition, shell shock. It drew it's name from the mental changes noticed in some troops typically after 'too close for comfort' shell explosion. Victims would unearth themselves and rise with hardly a scratch on them, but would regress into either uncontrollable comotional distress or an apparent mind-numb mutism. So after the shell they went into shock, an adult on-set Autism.

According to veterans of WWI, it wasn't long after the first cases of shell shock appeared and some began to ascribe this strange sickness as a form on "monoxide poisoning", queerly, private interests observers began to appear in camp.

These civilians said little or nothing. They stayed long enough to eye-witness, if possible, a nerve-stricken troop emerging from the smoke. One way or the other would soon depart. They were noted for poking around camp, but did nothing to arouse much suspicion.

It was years after the war, these "civilian observers" became the focus of discussion in the legion halls where World War I vets began to connect the dots, these poindexters with leading chemical companies.

Many WWI vets did fight to find the truth about the environmental cause of shell shock. They wrote letters of appeal to governments and even the 'merchants of death' chemical companies, asking them, begging them to provide better conditions for their fallen mates, and research concerning the effects of mercury used in munitions and to provide answers concerning the large volume of mercury used in medicinal preparations.

Some, who witnessed the sadistic surgeon treatment and poor living conditions at so called 'nerve' hospitals' pushed officials for answers on behalf of their shell-shocked comrades as part of their service in the famous 'Bonus Army'.

From the pages of Diagnosis:Mercury we learn keen interest in Iraq's mercury poisoning epidemic cranked up with a letter published in the March, 1972 British Medical Journal. In it Iraqi medical officials made an international appeal for assistance with what they called a mercury poisoning epidemic caused by Granosan-M, an ethyl-mercury fungicide.

A common myth is Iraqi health officials were clueless. Mercury poisoning was not new to the Iraqis. They never expected a third mercury fungicide poisoning event to happen.

Iraq had two previous outbreaks of mercury poisoning related to the consumption of mercury-fumigated grain, Iraqi health officials discovered that mercury-laced seeds purchased by the government for new crop planting had instead been used as food. It seems the organo-mercury compounds coating the seeds were breaking down into harmful inorganic mercury with significant lethality.

Soon after the letter calling for help treating the victims appeared in BMJ, what might have looked something similar to the Florida dispute of the 2000 U.S. Presidential election took place. Operatives from the chemical companies arrived. They took pictures of fungicide bags. They camped out at the Iraqi hospitals, hung around the health ministry, and apparently deliberately mercury poisoned Iraqi farm animals to see what would happen.

Among the ambulance chasing chem reps wandering around Iraq on a mission from big business chemical companies was University of Rochester Tom Clarkson, M.D., a man not exactly unfamiliar or un-infamous with today's Thimerosal moms and dads.

Yes, the same influential Tom Clarkson, M.D. who was caught ring-leading the top secret Simpsonwood meeting June 7-8, 2000, the same Tom Clarkson M.D. who testified against vaccine-injured American children in vaccine court from an undisclosed location, was in Iraq during the mercury crisis hoping to try out a mercury-eliminating resin he developed with Dow Chemical.

The resin sucked royally, but Clarkson and Dow remain unchallenged by UK tabloid journalist Brian Deer to this very day.

To call the the 1971-2 Iraqi mercury poisoning epidemic solely a methyl-mercury poisoning based on information provided by clearly conflicted individuals might be an obfuscation of other important facts namely the actual mercury compound that caused the poisoning.

Thanks to Dr. Hightower's Diagnosis:Mercury we know that University of Rochester researchers did not report finding the Granosan compound, but they did suggest the Iraqis may have added other mercury fungicides locally.

We know this wasn't a sole-source uniform act of charity by the United States. This was a world record size grain order placed by the Iraqi government with western business. Multiple grain vendors likely contributed seed and used a variety of mercury compounds.

We know that Dow had distinct methyl-mercury pollution liabilities in other parts of the world. Their research work done in Iraq should be questioned foremost as biased, protecting corporate interests back home.

While the scale of the two previous mercury poisoning epidemics may have been much smaller, Iraqi officials saw this as mercury poisoning based on symptoms and experience. It was their first call this was another ethyl-mercury epidemic caused by the same mistake.

It sure looks as if the inappropriately imposing figure named Clarkson may have had a hand in "redefining" what exactly happened in Iraq. The Iraqis seem to have been practicing good old fashioned reluctance to release data in order to prevent the traditional corporate obfuscation from taking place. Imagine a murderer conducting his own criminal investigation. It was western mercury. It was western grain. It was western companies beating on their door for evidence.

I don't think it is a necessity to test Clarkson for trace amounts of Dow's whiz bang "mercury-eliminating resin" at this point, but any parallel testing the conflicted Rochester school ran in relationship to Iraq 1971-2 is apart from official. Any results obtained by Rochester are effectively tainted by competing interests including the fact that Dow had multi-million dollar's worth of methyl-mercury liabilities and Clarkson was in Iraq to protect company interests.

Incredibly, the chemical company ambulance chasers wrote reports and had them published with conclusions so maudlin, that despite clear symptoms of mercury poisoning, any mercury toxicity damage under a certain level was claimed to be caused 'by something else'.

The authors of the following 1976 review do not bombastically, repetitively DOGMATICALLY refer to Iraq as solely methyl-mercury poisoning.

Again, the character in question here is the same Clarkson busted for ring-leading International Vaccine Rescue at Simpsonwood, and the same Clarkson who testified against Thimerosal-damaged children in vaccine court undoubtedly from the comfort of a government-sponsored undisclosed location.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Foreign Spies Now Dictate Evil

In their full splendor, complete with a mass vaccinated throng of willing counterfeit christ worshippers, spies of the modern European autocracy are now engaged in subverting the American family into forced submission.

Since accepting bribes concealed as television contracts, network after network shamelessly not concerned with the lack of ethics involved in shoving an irrigation hose up the ass of America's newborn infant population to correct rotavirus vaccination du jour bowel damage is concurrently blitzing on the heads of vaccine-induced Autistic children.

As Washington's "little" army once discovered "Sometimes another example of the same seed properly watered will bare the same corrupt fruit perchance lifting the scales off the eyes of loyalists revealing the scoffers are rotten to the root!" Which just so happens to be a major reason Devine Providence in the heart of every man so disdains the humanist and the surety of his folly.

Shall we all stand silently as Mr. Deer and Mr. Offit are relishing elbow-deep in our toddler's bowels hoping to correct, reduct, resection the latest episode in vaccine backfire?

Perhaps Campbell Brown or Amanda Peet somehow take personal delight in such undertakings as pumping newborn American children full of inflation solution to blow up infant entrails and can't wait to join them? Is that a sadistic pleasure of some kind? Do they get high abusing babies that way?

Should you conclude the essential "shot in the dark" shot being repetitively fired in the dark, RotaTeq, is terrific in detecting Intussusception you illogically have concluded that nothing else is capable of the same.

VAERS is what it is. If Intussusception is there, it's there. If it isn't there, it isn't. The amazing association leading to the logical conclusion is the disappearing act telescoping bowels play with the introduction and removal of rotavirus vaccines.

God Bless Offit's victims and families of his victims.

Offit's Disease is certainly no laughing matter and it is certainly a real problem of unfinished business ahead for the few defenders of the American brotherhood we have left in government.

It is time to rid this land of the foreign spy. It's hardly the wonder he cashed in his portion of the vaccine patent. RotaTeq is doomed, and he knew it.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

From The Kingdom of Vaccinia

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again with the anticipation that each time the results will somehow be different.

What's odd is the fact that Brian Deer claims he has no notion whatsoever that he is inappropriately pressuring due process like a crazed brute beast.

What's even odder is the fact that a couple hundred years later, Americans are witnessing the justice system paid for with drops of patriot blood being methodically de-revolutionized into freedom retracting, neo-colonialism by essentially a single jack-boot agent of the modern European autocracy. Not likely this is one involved man inappropriately influencing things.

Brian Deer made a secondary fatal mistake this time. He mentioned pathology in his belligerent blog boasting.

The average spectator can easily see Deer attacked Wakefield's very important and frankly quite routine work as something unethical and immoral, but he didn't happen to notice anything wrong when International Vaccine Rescue lawyers asked a Cedillo doctor why he didn't collect brain tissue from the child to support his findings.

Believe it or not, tax-payer sponsored U.S. Department of Justice trial lawyers actually wanted to know why brain tissue specimens hadn't been collected from live children, as if they really don't know what happened to these kids.

Now in a broader sense this variety of probing question was raised as a blind attempt to find out if any one actually holds Autistic brain tissue specimens similar to those being withheld by Autism Speaks, the parent company of International Vaccine Rescue run by GE head in hiding "Sponge" Bob Wright.

On the other hand, one toxicologist examined did claim that he had obtained research tissue, but this important fact was permitted to drift off into wonderland. It is unclear whether or not this was due to patented shock and awe fear conjured up International Vaccine Rescue's tax-payer funded defense team.

They certainly insultingly asked the doctor "why not?". One can only conclude the vaccine industrial complex expects causation to rely on drilling a hole into the skulls of living vaccine-injured children then grab brain tissue in order to produce harm's proof.

Deer, is therefore evil in that he seeks the complete destruction of children iatrogenically harmed by routine vaccination. He is, however, quite pathological in his evil, blind pillage of these human lives. Further investigation of the man will undoubtedly reveal Deer is not self-serving, but just happens to like falling on his sword of professionalism repetitively, knowing essentially no one will ever dare challenge this vile creature he's become.

What YOU do when somebody goes on a hell-bent, mincemeat campaign against a bowel disease researcher and the subjects of his work is up to you. Deer's disconcertion now spilling over to vaccine court continues to suggest some sort of media-cloaked perverse social agenda harassment, and certainly the timing of his latest violation of public trust is state-sponsored pathological also.

If one examines why International Vaccine Rescue induces mass panic about Measles or Mumps or Rubella, one finds that, in most cases, these normal childhood diseases are actually benign, making such concerted concern unfounded. This is especially true as first world mortality associated with any common childhood disease infection was in steep decline before the very introduction of a vaccine or a mass vaccination program. The line graphs never reveal much time before the vaccine is introduced.

If one examines the fact that, as traditions go, from the point of introduction forward, the vaccine injected causes more deaths than the disease itself.

This is one of the successful ways of creating the false perception a vaccine actually saves lives. The trick is to prevent the vaccine from entering the market while related mortality rates are still substantial. As the mortality drops off, the window for vaccine introduction opens. Even greater than the liability excuse, this is why the vaccine industry refuses to introduce new vaccines before their time, as Gallo Wines used to say.

If one examines the worst possible chronic outcome of Measles, Mumps, or Rubella infection comparative to the three children represented as test cases one will be forced to accept the vaccine is fully capable and does cause the same outcome.

If it is caused by a vaccine injection some require it be given another name. Some are just now beginning to understand the battle over injury claims is pure semantics.

Vaccination is not a science. While some marvel at things like gene-splicing, it is important to understand often the same individuals involved in creating undetectable agents for germ warfare experimentation switch jobs and work on the vaccine side of biologics.

Contrary to misconception, one is not injecting immunity into the human body with a vaccination. The theory consists of bits and pieces of a virus or a live virus being injected past the mostly effective external human immune system into the depths of the human body, hoping that it will create a desirable immune system response.

In other words, the real virus(es) are well-known to cause in children the same thing as vaccine exposure. These children were exposed to the live virus(es) via vaccine which then caused the same condition or a similar variant of the side effects, illness manifestations present after contagious exposure.

If one examines the fact that the real disease virus either alive in a doctor's waiting room or kept alive, but contained from spreading by being sealed in a vaccine vial is capable of producing the same interchangable viral illness(es)in children, including brain damage, one concludes rightly that adverse neurological outcomes happen.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Brute Beasts: What They Know Naturally

In a word corruption. That's all they know.

If the proof contained in the Simpsonwood Transcripts doesn't convince you the increase in doses of vaccines that have Thimerosal in them left the vaccine marketeers in a bad position perhaps actually reading the Simpsonwood Transcripts will.

The U.S. government partnership with the actual vaccine industry, which by any code of ethics is supposed to oppositional and each be kept at least at arm's length from each, has become the worst case of consolidated obfuscation in our time.

Just turn on the television and hear the pro-mercury vaccine-injury scoffers essentially reading the government inductive right off their teleprompters.

"The evidence doesn't support the parent's point of view, but it might in ten years." This simply means they are guilty of ethyl-mercury poisoning American children and they will only disclose it a future time according to an established time-table that has yet to surface through Freedom of Information Act.

These hypocrites speak evil of things they simply don't understand. "It is unethical and immoral to chelate a heavy metal-poisoned child", they say. We are left to guess that they don't have a problem with chemical weapons gassing human beings, but antidotes like British Anti-Lewisite carried by the soldier in the event of such an attack are unethical and immoral?

Would they ever consider that chelation is a process that takes place all the time in the human body to move nutrients and minerals around to where they are needed, or the fact that mercury chelation is currently being used in the back room of vaccine manufacturing facilities in an attempt to remove the ethyl-mercury they are still pouring into vaccine batches?

Sound crazy? No, fighting to keep infant and toddler ethyl-mercury injections going at historic levels is crazy. Telling the country that mercury is out while you know full-well it's still in is crazy.

June 7-8, 2000 all-star members of International Vaccine Rescue met at a Methodist Church retreat called Simpsonwood, near the headquarters of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.
Yet included in the meeting was the chief medical officer of the U.S. Vaccine Court, who was more than willing to lend a hand tampering with what would eventually become the CDC's "no causation in our freaking lifetime, a-holes" attitude.
These are the same feeding themselves without fear. Creating corrupt charities in the name of the very affliction they caused.

They provoke the innocent to anger.

They redact Thimerosal warnings. They cheat common science, and thus pervert future knowledge. They cheat in the markets. They cheat in the taverns. They cheat in the temples. They cheat in their offices. They cheat in their hospitals. They cheat in their studies.

They cheat our children, our families, and our beloved nation.

They can do nothing, but further corrupt themselves. Count after count of damnation upon their wretched souls.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Help Wipe Out Offit's Disease!

Have you ever heard of Offit's Disease?

What's known about Offit's Disease?

Offit's Disease is a very serious gastroenterological condition mainly seen in infants.

Offit's Disease is similar to intussusception, but is iatrogenic in nature.

Offit's Disease can be fatal.

Offit's Disease cases not ending in the death of an infant frequently require corrective bowel surgery and present society with life-long negative impact health concerns.

Offit's Disease victims require independent clinical study far outside the partnership between government and industry.

What impact does Offit's Disease have?

Unfortunately, as with so many iatrogenic diseases, the poorly designed method of tracking Offit's Disease makes determining the national healthcare cost involved in treating it unknown.

Offit's Disease does carry a death toll, but without adequate, continuing research and awareness mortality figures remain untold.

What's the "good news" about Offit's Disease?

The good news is Offit's Disease appears to be completely avoidable and this is where awareness sponsored by The Offit's Disease Foundation can help.

Parents seeking to truly protect their newborns, infants and toddlers by avoiding Offit's Disease should decline any of the various versions of Rotavirus vaccination offered by numerous commercial healthcare outlets.

This naturally includes the typical vaccine vendors such as hospital chains, pediatric outlets, and certainly also includes the private and public clinics, etc.

How can I help if my child is unaffected by Offit's Disease?

Parents of infants and toddlers unaffected by Offit's Disease can also help by writing Congress supporting new laws which require full disclosure for any of the biologics being circulated by the large pharmaceutical manufacturers, but especially Offit's Disease.

Congress is waiting to hear from you right now. Please contact your legislators in Washington. Let's all tell Congress that we demand Offit's Disease be wiped out immediately.

Additional Information - The malady of Intussusception caused by Dr. Offit is not a laughing matter for families of affected children.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Unwillingness To Look Doesn't Equal No Evidence

It's simple. Stop injecting American infants and toddlers with ethyl-mercury loaded vaccines and at some point, when the existing back-stock supply runs out, the rates of ASD go down. That's it.

That's exactly why the germ freak o' nerds over at International Vaccine Rescue reversed the initial decision to remove Thimerosal-containing vaccines from the American infant and toddler list and put Thimerosal-containing vaccines back on their useless list of infectious disease injections.

You probably don't know it, but waaaaaaaay back in the early 2000s while the public relations whizzers in the mediola were peeing all over the heads of average Americans that "the mercury is all out of childhood vaccines" the state-sponsored terrorists at the U.S. vaccine industrial complex were maniacally manipulating the government half-truth process by virtually halting any half-good done by the so called half-hearted mercury injection phase-out which we all now know really wasn't taking place any-hoo.

In late 2003, the vaccine gurus decided to reload the infant schedule with neuro-toxic ethyl-mercury requiring not one, but two heavy metal-laced flu shots for each American infant and toddler.

Initially, this evil hatch of re-instituting mercury-loaded vaccines in the form of flu shots blew up in their faces when the entire U.S. flu shot shipment from Liverpool was confiscated by UK authorities on grounds it was contaminated by a pneumonia-causing lung bacteria named Serratia.

Ya know, it's really crazy. The germwerks worry about the wrong thing. They grease palms to get the mass media to blame honest parents trying to spread the word about Autism for ruining vaccine sales, but each and every time the vaccine marketplace shoots itself in the foot.

Lung bacteria contamination of vaccines. Cancer cells floating in the vaccines. AIDS virus transfering from vaccine culture African green monkeys to humans via vaccines (it had nothing to do with a male airline steward having sex with a monkey). 87% MMR vaccine failure rates. You get the idea that they really believe they're invisible men or something like the general public is a bunch of morons? This stuff keeps happening in public and they react like that vaccines aren't deadly weapons. "...but vaccines save lives..." "...that was then. We know so much more now..." "...we have to focus on the greater good..."

And oh yeah, one can't omit the annual big whiff as vaccine false prophets never seem to inject the "right strain" of flu virus into American bodies. Let's not forget the state-sanctioned terrorist plot to scare everybody with Ebola, West Nile, and bird flu as some kind of real, credible threat to the American way of life. Where's is Homeland Security and the War on Terror on that one? There ought to be a Jihad of some kind for freaking Americans out. "Millions of Americans will be dead in the streets...mass funeral fires will light up the night skies due to bird flu..."

And, oh yeah, to add insult to our vaccine injuries let's not forget the idiotic MMRV vaccine which contained 10 times as much Chicken Pox as Varicella shots before.

The vaccine gurus did that and not only did the rates of Chicken Pox shoot right up to the sky, but the vaccine caused thousands and thousands of America's babies and young children to experience life-endangering seizures. Who knows the actual MMRV death toll when the vaccine industrial complex enjoys Soviet-styled state-sponsored publicity.

It's simple. Stop injecting mercury into babies and the rates of Autism will eventually go down. That's why schools across the country are now seeing reductions in Autism rates and according to unnamed sources at high levels in the educational apparatus among those children entering the special ed systems most can be described as high-functioning "Autism Lite" kids. Teachers agree that it was the Thimerosal-containing vaccines that caused the American epidemic.

Which is exactly why the completely meat-headed U.S. Senate told the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to stop counting Autism right in the middle of the American Autism epidemic back in 2005-6.

What we are now seeing is what the CDC knew three years ago and privately reported to political authorities. Having done everything possible to prop up ASD diagnosis rates the vaccine industrial complex now relies on propaganda techniques and stale, out-of-date ASD figures from five years ago.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

High Fructose Corn

Families of vaccine-injured children know too well when the coordinated, "greater good" people drop turds like the Italian Thimerosal study down the throats of news editors.

The only greater good about out-right lying about Thimerosal is for the greater good of a vaccine guru's wallet.

Americans should not take refuge in the fact that the AAP has momentarily bench-pressed these huge rocks that keep falling down on their heads. The reality is their own devices are crushing them to death.

You can bet your bottom dollar that these finks have the tools in the media and a fist full of government currency to fight Thimerosal all the way to the verdicts for a reason. They're busted for marketing mass vaccination without any consideration for what they were doing and have been in the "no show" market for a long time.

Hopefully, as with the dubious on-going flu vaccine fleecing of America more and more families will make the conservative choice of blowing off all these vaccines being pushed on our infants and toddlers. Three words to new moms and dads caught in the middle...Don't Do It!

Naturally immunity lasts a life-time. The same can not be said about any vaccine. Even if all you seem to do is prevent your child from the "strange/rare/new" epidemic of peanut allergy, not injecting your bambino now with a toxic shot of crapola will be worth it later on.
Think of it this way...teens need peanut butter for sustenance and they also need to be confident about not giving their first date the peanut butter tasting kiss of death. Peanut allergies have been associated with vaccination for quite a number of years.

Americans really need to lift the scales from their eyes and know that, especially with the care-free placement of vaccine industrial complex propaganda, the American media is guilt here once again. It's fascinating in a sad way to see the mouthpieces uttering words about something they actually have no idea about. Either they understand nothing, or they have no business affecting the lives of countless Thimerosal victims.

News editors owe American children big time for this and all the rest of the impediments they deliberately have put down.

The chances are very low that any of these virtual scissors-operators pretending to be news editors actually read the latest of the so called Mt. Thimerosal before they gave their professional consent to it? The dead chicken is dangling from their necks. That's enough work for any parent fighting for their loved one.

The primary occupation of a chef isn't to cook. Cooks cook. Chefs taste. That's it. His job is all about tasting. You know what they say about a chef that won't taste his own food...

Now if they did it simply for the adrenal rush like a sadistic surgeon Paul Offit type that's just how sick Americans are these days. They've probably never even heard of Offit's Disease, but believe with all their hearts in Hershey Squirt vaccinations. Does that make them objective? No that makes them co-minglers.

Probably brain-washed at one of those dual purpose vaccine week-enders.

What's to say about a paper with no more wit than to cut and paste, no questions asked? Not much other than out of necessity seafood vendors need new fish wrap.

The American press isn't free, it's expensive.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hand Across The Water

The dial-up research world of "find Thimerosal not-guilty of mercury poisoning infants and toddlers at all costs" has found yet another non-United States of America area that seemingly seems to defy the scientific realities of neuro-toxic materials, namely ethyl mercury.

The CDC is pretty good about looking for parts of the world where Autism and related neurological disorder is NOT (or has recently been) at epidemic levels.

This latest fabricated "no show" article imported from Italy relates to keen observers in sort of the same way Autism Speaks' "World Autism Day" media buy-up of CNN was a disastrous media flop.

In case you missed the cut-and-paste media outlet noise, the earth-tilting mediola scholars at CDC paid for another article of passion in their continuing last-ditched efforts to save face for shooting their way into the annuals of iatrogenic infamy with all those doses of Thimerosal-containing vaccines.

Obviously, the creeps at International Vaccine Rescue are pleased by their fellow biasses, but deep down they know they aren't right. It's just bonkers to suggest that for some strange reason neuro-toxic mercury injections are safe. And, an Italian telemarketeer survey is hardly the fruit of legitimate scientific research like accepting the fact that Thimerosal isn't GRAS or GRAE (never has been, ever).

Here's where the government-induced propaganda crap gets even more dubious.

The mercury-based preservative in question—thimerosal (pronounced thigh-MEHR-uh-sahl)—has long been thought of as the culprit behind vaccine-borne autism and used to be found in many infant innoculations within the U.S. and EU and other affluent nations as well as throughout the world. Safety regulations in place for thimerosal are approved at 187.5 micrograms for maximum exposure for infants. - Lara Endreszl - Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The truth is there is absolutely NO United States Food and Drug Adminstration safe exposure level for ethyl-mercury, the kind of organic mercurial compound in Thimerosal. Sad to say, some nine years after U.S. vaccine zealots where forced to discover it, they revealed that there is no such thing as an FDA exposure level for Thimerosal.

Never in a hurry to do the right thing, they are still "borrowing" a level established for tuna mercury and sticking it to Thimerosal.

These people writing this "no show" stuff are completely ignorant pricks.