Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hand Across The Water

The dial-up research world of "find Thimerosal not-guilty of mercury poisoning infants and toddlers at all costs" has found yet another non-United States of America area that seemingly seems to defy the scientific realities of neuro-toxic materials, namely ethyl mercury.

The CDC is pretty good about looking for parts of the world where Autism and related neurological disorder is NOT (or has recently been) at epidemic levels.

This latest fabricated "no show" article imported from Italy relates to keen observers in sort of the same way Autism Speaks' "World Autism Day" media buy-up of CNN was a disastrous media flop.

In case you missed the cut-and-paste media outlet noise, the earth-tilting mediola scholars at CDC paid for another article of passion in their continuing last-ditched efforts to save face for shooting their way into the annuals of iatrogenic infamy with all those doses of Thimerosal-containing vaccines.

Obviously, the creeps at International Vaccine Rescue are pleased by their fellow biasses, but deep down they know they aren't right. It's just bonkers to suggest that for some strange reason neuro-toxic mercury injections are safe. And, an Italian telemarketeer survey is hardly the fruit of legitimate scientific research like accepting the fact that Thimerosal isn't GRAS or GRAE (never has been, ever).

Here's where the government-induced propaganda crap gets even more dubious.

The mercury-based preservative in question—thimerosal (pronounced thigh-MEHR-uh-sahl)—has long been thought of as the culprit behind vaccine-borne autism and used to be found in many infant innoculations within the U.S. and EU and other affluent nations as well as throughout the world. Safety regulations in place for thimerosal are approved at 187.5 micrograms for maximum exposure for infants. - Lara Endreszl - Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The truth is there is absolutely NO United States Food and Drug Adminstration safe exposure level for ethyl-mercury, the kind of organic mercurial compound in Thimerosal. Sad to say, some nine years after U.S. vaccine zealots where forced to discover it, they revealed that there is no such thing as an FDA exposure level for Thimerosal.

Never in a hurry to do the right thing, they are still "borrowing" a level established for tuna mercury and sticking it to Thimerosal.

These people writing this "no show" stuff are completely ignorant pricks.

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