Wednesday, January 28, 2009

High Fructose Corn

Families of vaccine-injured children know too well when the coordinated, "greater good" people drop turds like the Italian Thimerosal study down the throats of news editors.

The only greater good about out-right lying about Thimerosal is for the greater good of a vaccine guru's wallet.

Americans should not take refuge in the fact that the AAP has momentarily bench-pressed these huge rocks that keep falling down on their heads. The reality is their own devices are crushing them to death.

You can bet your bottom dollar that these finks have the tools in the media and a fist full of government currency to fight Thimerosal all the way to the verdicts for a reason. They're busted for marketing mass vaccination without any consideration for what they were doing and have been in the "no show" market for a long time.

Hopefully, as with the dubious on-going flu vaccine fleecing of America more and more families will make the conservative choice of blowing off all these vaccines being pushed on our infants and toddlers. Three words to new moms and dads caught in the middle...Don't Do It!

Naturally immunity lasts a life-time. The same can not be said about any vaccine. Even if all you seem to do is prevent your child from the "strange/rare/new" epidemic of peanut allergy, not injecting your bambino now with a toxic shot of crapola will be worth it later on.
Think of it this way...teens need peanut butter for sustenance and they also need to be confident about not giving their first date the peanut butter tasting kiss of death. Peanut allergies have been associated with vaccination for quite a number of years.

Americans really need to lift the scales from their eyes and know that, especially with the care-free placement of vaccine industrial complex propaganda, the American media is guilt here once again. It's fascinating in a sad way to see the mouthpieces uttering words about something they actually have no idea about. Either they understand nothing, or they have no business affecting the lives of countless Thimerosal victims.

News editors owe American children big time for this and all the rest of the impediments they deliberately have put down.

The chances are very low that any of these virtual scissors-operators pretending to be news editors actually read the latest of the so called Mt. Thimerosal before they gave their professional consent to it? The dead chicken is dangling from their necks. That's enough work for any parent fighting for their loved one.

The primary occupation of a chef isn't to cook. Cooks cook. Chefs taste. That's it. His job is all about tasting. You know what they say about a chef that won't taste his own food...

Now if they did it simply for the adrenal rush like a sadistic surgeon Paul Offit type that's just how sick Americans are these days. They've probably never even heard of Offit's Disease, but believe with all their hearts in Hershey Squirt vaccinations. Does that make them objective? No that makes them co-minglers.

Probably brain-washed at one of those dual purpose vaccine week-enders.

What's to say about a paper with no more wit than to cut and paste, no questions asked? Not much other than out of necessity seafood vendors need new fish wrap.

The American press isn't free, it's expensive.

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