Thursday, February 26, 2009

From The Kingdom of Vaccinia

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again with the anticipation that each time the results will somehow be different.

What's odd is the fact that Brian Deer claims he has no notion whatsoever that he is inappropriately pressuring due process like a crazed brute beast.

What's even odder is the fact that a couple hundred years later, Americans are witnessing the justice system paid for with drops of patriot blood being methodically de-revolutionized into freedom retracting, neo-colonialism by essentially a single jack-boot agent of the modern European autocracy. Not likely this is one involved man inappropriately influencing things.

Brian Deer made a secondary fatal mistake this time. He mentioned pathology in his belligerent blog boasting.

The average spectator can easily see Deer attacked Wakefield's very important and frankly quite routine work as something unethical and immoral, but he didn't happen to notice anything wrong when International Vaccine Rescue lawyers asked a Cedillo doctor why he didn't collect brain tissue from the child to support his findings.

Believe it or not, tax-payer sponsored U.S. Department of Justice trial lawyers actually wanted to know why brain tissue specimens hadn't been collected from live children, as if they really don't know what happened to these kids.

Now in a broader sense this variety of probing question was raised as a blind attempt to find out if any one actually holds Autistic brain tissue specimens similar to those being withheld by Autism Speaks, the parent company of International Vaccine Rescue run by GE head in hiding "Sponge" Bob Wright.

On the other hand, one toxicologist examined did claim that he had obtained research tissue, but this important fact was permitted to drift off into wonderland. It is unclear whether or not this was due to patented shock and awe fear conjured up International Vaccine Rescue's tax-payer funded defense team.

They certainly insultingly asked the doctor "why not?". One can only conclude the vaccine industrial complex expects causation to rely on drilling a hole into the skulls of living vaccine-injured children then grab brain tissue in order to produce harm's proof.

Deer, is therefore evil in that he seeks the complete destruction of children iatrogenically harmed by routine vaccination. He is, however, quite pathological in his evil, blind pillage of these human lives. Further investigation of the man will undoubtedly reveal Deer is not self-serving, but just happens to like falling on his sword of professionalism repetitively, knowing essentially no one will ever dare challenge this vile creature he's become.

What YOU do when somebody goes on a hell-bent, mincemeat campaign against a bowel disease researcher and the subjects of his work is up to you. Deer's disconcertion now spilling over to vaccine court continues to suggest some sort of media-cloaked perverse social agenda harassment, and certainly the timing of his latest violation of public trust is state-sponsored pathological also.

If one examines why International Vaccine Rescue induces mass panic about Measles or Mumps or Rubella, one finds that, in most cases, these normal childhood diseases are actually benign, making such concerted concern unfounded. This is especially true as first world mortality associated with any common childhood disease infection was in steep decline before the very introduction of a vaccine or a mass vaccination program. The line graphs never reveal much time before the vaccine is introduced.

If one examines the fact that, as traditions go, from the point of introduction forward, the vaccine injected causes more deaths than the disease itself.

This is one of the successful ways of creating the false perception a vaccine actually saves lives. The trick is to prevent the vaccine from entering the market while related mortality rates are still substantial. As the mortality drops off, the window for vaccine introduction opens. Even greater than the liability excuse, this is why the vaccine industry refuses to introduce new vaccines before their time, as Gallo Wines used to say.

If one examines the worst possible chronic outcome of Measles, Mumps, or Rubella infection comparative to the three children represented as test cases one will be forced to accept the vaccine is fully capable and does cause the same outcome.

If it is caused by a vaccine injection some require it be given another name. Some are just now beginning to understand the battle over injury claims is pure semantics.

Vaccination is not a science. While some marvel at things like gene-splicing, it is important to understand often the same individuals involved in creating undetectable agents for germ warfare experimentation switch jobs and work on the vaccine side of biologics.

Contrary to misconception, one is not injecting immunity into the human body with a vaccination. The theory consists of bits and pieces of a virus or a live virus being injected past the mostly effective external human immune system into the depths of the human body, hoping that it will create a desirable immune system response.

In other words, the real virus(es) are well-known to cause in children the same thing as vaccine exposure. These children were exposed to the live virus(es) via vaccine which then caused the same condition or a similar variant of the side effects, illness manifestations present after contagious exposure.

If one examines the fact that the real disease virus either alive in a doctor's waiting room or kept alive, but contained from spreading by being sealed in a vaccine vial is capable of producing the same interchangable viral illness(es)in children, including brain damage, one concludes rightly that adverse neurological outcomes happen.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Brute Beasts: What They Know Naturally

In a word corruption. That's all they know.

If the proof contained in the Simpsonwood Transcripts doesn't convince you the increase in doses of vaccines that have Thimerosal in them left the vaccine marketeers in a bad position perhaps actually reading the Simpsonwood Transcripts will.

The U.S. government partnership with the actual vaccine industry, which by any code of ethics is supposed to oppositional and each be kept at least at arm's length from each, has become the worst case of consolidated obfuscation in our time.

Just turn on the television and hear the pro-mercury vaccine-injury scoffers essentially reading the government inductive right off their teleprompters.

"The evidence doesn't support the parent's point of view, but it might in ten years." This simply means they are guilty of ethyl-mercury poisoning American children and they will only disclose it a future time according to an established time-table that has yet to surface through Freedom of Information Act.

These hypocrites speak evil of things they simply don't understand. "It is unethical and immoral to chelate a heavy metal-poisoned child", they say. We are left to guess that they don't have a problem with chemical weapons gassing human beings, but antidotes like British Anti-Lewisite carried by the soldier in the event of such an attack are unethical and immoral?

Would they ever consider that chelation is a process that takes place all the time in the human body to move nutrients and minerals around to where they are needed, or the fact that mercury chelation is currently being used in the back room of vaccine manufacturing facilities in an attempt to remove the ethyl-mercury they are still pouring into vaccine batches?

Sound crazy? No, fighting to keep infant and toddler ethyl-mercury injections going at historic levels is crazy. Telling the country that mercury is out while you know full-well it's still in is crazy.

June 7-8, 2000 all-star members of International Vaccine Rescue met at a Methodist Church retreat called Simpsonwood, near the headquarters of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.
Yet included in the meeting was the chief medical officer of the U.S. Vaccine Court, who was more than willing to lend a hand tampering with what would eventually become the CDC's "no causation in our freaking lifetime, a-holes" attitude.
These are the same feeding themselves without fear. Creating corrupt charities in the name of the very affliction they caused.

They provoke the innocent to anger.

They redact Thimerosal warnings. They cheat common science, and thus pervert future knowledge. They cheat in the markets. They cheat in the taverns. They cheat in the temples. They cheat in their offices. They cheat in their hospitals. They cheat in their studies.

They cheat our children, our families, and our beloved nation.

They can do nothing, but further corrupt themselves. Count after count of damnation upon their wretched souls.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Help Wipe Out Offit's Disease!

Have you ever heard of Offit's Disease?

What's known about Offit's Disease?

Offit's Disease is a very serious gastroenterological condition mainly seen in infants.

Offit's Disease is similar to intussusception, but is iatrogenic in nature.

Offit's Disease can be fatal.

Offit's Disease cases not ending in the death of an infant frequently require corrective bowel surgery and present society with life-long negative impact health concerns.

Offit's Disease victims require independent clinical study far outside the partnership between government and industry.

What impact does Offit's Disease have?

Unfortunately, as with so many iatrogenic diseases, the poorly designed method of tracking Offit's Disease makes determining the national healthcare cost involved in treating it unknown.

Offit's Disease does carry a death toll, but without adequate, continuing research and awareness mortality figures remain untold.

What's the "good news" about Offit's Disease?

The good news is Offit's Disease appears to be completely avoidable and this is where awareness sponsored by The Offit's Disease Foundation can help.

Parents seeking to truly protect their newborns, infants and toddlers by avoiding Offit's Disease should decline any of the various versions of Rotavirus vaccination offered by numerous commercial healthcare outlets.

This naturally includes the typical vaccine vendors such as hospital chains, pediatric outlets, and certainly also includes the private and public clinics, etc.

How can I help if my child is unaffected by Offit's Disease?

Parents of infants and toddlers unaffected by Offit's Disease can also help by writing Congress supporting new laws which require full disclosure for any of the biologics being circulated by the large pharmaceutical manufacturers, but especially Offit's Disease.

Congress is waiting to hear from you right now. Please contact your legislators in Washington. Let's all tell Congress that we demand Offit's Disease be wiped out immediately.

Additional Information - The malady of Intussusception caused by Dr. Offit is not a laughing matter for families of affected children.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Unwillingness To Look Doesn't Equal No Evidence

It's simple. Stop injecting American infants and toddlers with ethyl-mercury loaded vaccines and at some point, when the existing back-stock supply runs out, the rates of ASD go down. That's it.

That's exactly why the germ freak o' nerds over at International Vaccine Rescue reversed the initial decision to remove Thimerosal-containing vaccines from the American infant and toddler list and put Thimerosal-containing vaccines back on their useless list of infectious disease injections.

You probably don't know it, but waaaaaaaay back in the early 2000s while the public relations whizzers in the mediola were peeing all over the heads of average Americans that "the mercury is all out of childhood vaccines" the state-sponsored terrorists at the U.S. vaccine industrial complex were maniacally manipulating the government half-truth process by virtually halting any half-good done by the so called half-hearted mercury injection phase-out which we all now know really wasn't taking place any-hoo.

In late 2003, the vaccine gurus decided to reload the infant schedule with neuro-toxic ethyl-mercury requiring not one, but two heavy metal-laced flu shots for each American infant and toddler.

Initially, this evil hatch of re-instituting mercury-loaded vaccines in the form of flu shots blew up in their faces when the entire U.S. flu shot shipment from Liverpool was confiscated by UK authorities on grounds it was contaminated by a pneumonia-causing lung bacteria named Serratia.

Ya know, it's really crazy. The germwerks worry about the wrong thing. They grease palms to get the mass media to blame honest parents trying to spread the word about Autism for ruining vaccine sales, but each and every time the vaccine marketplace shoots itself in the foot.

Lung bacteria contamination of vaccines. Cancer cells floating in the vaccines. AIDS virus transfering from vaccine culture African green monkeys to humans via vaccines (it had nothing to do with a male airline steward having sex with a monkey). 87% MMR vaccine failure rates. You get the idea that they really believe they're invisible men or something like the general public is a bunch of morons? This stuff keeps happening in public and they react like that vaccines aren't deadly weapons. "...but vaccines save lives..." "...that was then. We know so much more now..." "...we have to focus on the greater good..."

And oh yeah, one can't omit the annual big whiff as vaccine false prophets never seem to inject the "right strain" of flu virus into American bodies. Let's not forget the state-sanctioned terrorist plot to scare everybody with Ebola, West Nile, and bird flu as some kind of real, credible threat to the American way of life. Where's is Homeland Security and the War on Terror on that one? There ought to be a Jihad of some kind for freaking Americans out. "Millions of Americans will be dead in the streets...mass funeral fires will light up the night skies due to bird flu..."

And, oh yeah, to add insult to our vaccine injuries let's not forget the idiotic MMRV vaccine which contained 10 times as much Chicken Pox as Varicella shots before.

The vaccine gurus did that and not only did the rates of Chicken Pox shoot right up to the sky, but the vaccine caused thousands and thousands of America's babies and young children to experience life-endangering seizures. Who knows the actual MMRV death toll when the vaccine industrial complex enjoys Soviet-styled state-sponsored publicity.

It's simple. Stop injecting mercury into babies and the rates of Autism will eventually go down. That's why schools across the country are now seeing reductions in Autism rates and according to unnamed sources at high levels in the educational apparatus among those children entering the special ed systems most can be described as high-functioning "Autism Lite" kids. Teachers agree that it was the Thimerosal-containing vaccines that caused the American epidemic.

Which is exactly why the completely meat-headed U.S. Senate told the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to stop counting Autism right in the middle of the American Autism epidemic back in 2005-6.

What we are now seeing is what the CDC knew three years ago and privately reported to political authorities. Having done everything possible to prop up ASD diagnosis rates the vaccine industrial complex now relies on propaganda techniques and stale, out-of-date ASD figures from five years ago.