Saturday, February 14, 2009

Brute Beasts: What They Know Naturally

In a word corruption. That's all they know.

If the proof contained in the Simpsonwood Transcripts doesn't convince you the increase in doses of vaccines that have Thimerosal in them left the vaccine marketeers in a bad position perhaps actually reading the Simpsonwood Transcripts will.

The U.S. government partnership with the actual vaccine industry, which by any code of ethics is supposed to oppositional and each be kept at least at arm's length from each, has become the worst case of consolidated obfuscation in our time.

Just turn on the television and hear the pro-mercury vaccine-injury scoffers essentially reading the government inductive right off their teleprompters.

"The evidence doesn't support the parent's point of view, but it might in ten years." This simply means they are guilty of ethyl-mercury poisoning American children and they will only disclose it a future time according to an established time-table that has yet to surface through Freedom of Information Act.

These hypocrites speak evil of things they simply don't understand. "It is unethical and immoral to chelate a heavy metal-poisoned child", they say. We are left to guess that they don't have a problem with chemical weapons gassing human beings, but antidotes like British Anti-Lewisite carried by the soldier in the event of such an attack are unethical and immoral?

Would they ever consider that chelation is a process that takes place all the time in the human body to move nutrients and minerals around to where they are needed, or the fact that mercury chelation is currently being used in the back room of vaccine manufacturing facilities in an attempt to remove the ethyl-mercury they are still pouring into vaccine batches?

Sound crazy? No, fighting to keep infant and toddler ethyl-mercury injections going at historic levels is crazy. Telling the country that mercury is out while you know full-well it's still in is crazy.

June 7-8, 2000 all-star members of International Vaccine Rescue met at a Methodist Church retreat called Simpsonwood, near the headquarters of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.
Yet included in the meeting was the chief medical officer of the U.S. Vaccine Court, who was more than willing to lend a hand tampering with what would eventually become the CDC's "no causation in our freaking lifetime, a-holes" attitude.
These are the same feeding themselves without fear. Creating corrupt charities in the name of the very affliction they caused.

They provoke the innocent to anger.

They redact Thimerosal warnings. They cheat common science, and thus pervert future knowledge. They cheat in the markets. They cheat in the taverns. They cheat in the temples. They cheat in their offices. They cheat in their hospitals. They cheat in their studies.

They cheat our children, our families, and our beloved nation.

They can do nothing, but further corrupt themselves. Count after count of damnation upon their wretched souls.

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