Friday, February 13, 2009

Help Wipe Out Offit's Disease!

Have you ever heard of Offit's Disease?

What's known about Offit's Disease?

Offit's Disease is a very serious gastroenterological condition mainly seen in infants.

Offit's Disease is similar to intussusception, but is iatrogenic in nature.

Offit's Disease can be fatal.

Offit's Disease cases not ending in the death of an infant frequently require corrective bowel surgery and present society with life-long negative impact health concerns.

Offit's Disease victims require independent clinical study far outside the partnership between government and industry.

What impact does Offit's Disease have?

Unfortunately, as with so many iatrogenic diseases, the poorly designed method of tracking Offit's Disease makes determining the national healthcare cost involved in treating it unknown.

Offit's Disease does carry a death toll, but without adequate, continuing research and awareness mortality figures remain untold.

What's the "good news" about Offit's Disease?

The good news is Offit's Disease appears to be completely avoidable and this is where awareness sponsored by The Offit's Disease Foundation can help.

Parents seeking to truly protect their newborns, infants and toddlers by avoiding Offit's Disease should decline any of the various versions of Rotavirus vaccination offered by numerous commercial healthcare outlets.

This naturally includes the typical vaccine vendors such as hospital chains, pediatric outlets, and certainly also includes the private and public clinics, etc.

How can I help if my child is unaffected by Offit's Disease?

Parents of infants and toddlers unaffected by Offit's Disease can also help by writing Congress supporting new laws which require full disclosure for any of the biologics being circulated by the large pharmaceutical manufacturers, but especially Offit's Disease.

Congress is waiting to hear from you right now. Please contact your legislators in Washington. Let's all tell Congress that we demand Offit's Disease be wiped out immediately.

Additional Information - The malady of Intussusception caused by Dr. Offit is not a laughing matter for families of affected children.

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