Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Unwillingness To Look Doesn't Equal No Evidence

It's simple. Stop injecting American infants and toddlers with ethyl-mercury loaded vaccines and at some point, when the existing back-stock supply runs out, the rates of ASD go down. That's it.

That's exactly why the germ freak o' nerds over at International Vaccine Rescue reversed the initial decision to remove Thimerosal-containing vaccines from the American infant and toddler list and put Thimerosal-containing vaccines back on their useless list of infectious disease injections.

You probably don't know it, but waaaaaaaay back in the early 2000s while the public relations whizzers in the mediola were peeing all over the heads of average Americans that "the mercury is all out of childhood vaccines" the state-sponsored terrorists at the U.S. vaccine industrial complex were maniacally manipulating the government half-truth process by virtually halting any half-good done by the so called half-hearted mercury injection phase-out which we all now know really wasn't taking place any-hoo.

In late 2003, the vaccine gurus decided to reload the infant schedule with neuro-toxic ethyl-mercury requiring not one, but two heavy metal-laced flu shots for each American infant and toddler.

Initially, this evil hatch of re-instituting mercury-loaded vaccines in the form of flu shots blew up in their faces when the entire U.S. flu shot shipment from Liverpool was confiscated by UK authorities on grounds it was contaminated by a pneumonia-causing lung bacteria named Serratia.

Ya know, it's really crazy. The germwerks worry about the wrong thing. They grease palms to get the mass media to blame honest parents trying to spread the word about Autism for ruining vaccine sales, but each and every time the vaccine marketplace shoots itself in the foot.

Lung bacteria contamination of vaccines. Cancer cells floating in the vaccines. AIDS virus transfering from vaccine culture African green monkeys to humans via vaccines (it had nothing to do with a male airline steward having sex with a monkey). 87% MMR vaccine failure rates. You get the idea that they really believe they're invisible men or something like the general public is a bunch of morons? This stuff keeps happening in public and they react like that vaccines aren't deadly weapons. "...but vaccines save lives..." "...that was then. We know so much more now..." "...we have to focus on the greater good..."

And oh yeah, one can't omit the annual big whiff as vaccine false prophets never seem to inject the "right strain" of flu virus into American bodies. Let's not forget the state-sanctioned terrorist plot to scare everybody with Ebola, West Nile, and bird flu as some kind of real, credible threat to the American way of life. Where's is Homeland Security and the War on Terror on that one? There ought to be a Jihad of some kind for freaking Americans out. "Millions of Americans will be dead in the streets...mass funeral fires will light up the night skies due to bird flu..."

And, oh yeah, to add insult to our vaccine injuries let's not forget the idiotic MMRV vaccine which contained 10 times as much Chicken Pox as Varicella shots before.

The vaccine gurus did that and not only did the rates of Chicken Pox shoot right up to the sky, but the vaccine caused thousands and thousands of America's babies and young children to experience life-endangering seizures. Who knows the actual MMRV death toll when the vaccine industrial complex enjoys Soviet-styled state-sponsored publicity.

It's simple. Stop injecting mercury into babies and the rates of Autism will eventually go down. That's why schools across the country are now seeing reductions in Autism rates and according to unnamed sources at high levels in the educational apparatus among those children entering the special ed systems most can be described as high-functioning "Autism Lite" kids. Teachers agree that it was the Thimerosal-containing vaccines that caused the American epidemic.

Which is exactly why the completely meat-headed U.S. Senate told the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to stop counting Autism right in the middle of the American Autism epidemic back in 2005-6.

What we are now seeing is what the CDC knew three years ago and privately reported to political authorities. Having done everything possible to prop up ASD diagnosis rates the vaccine industrial complex now relies on propaganda techniques and stale, out-of-date ASD figures from five years ago.

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