Sunday, March 1, 2009

Foreign Spies Now Dictate Evil

In their full splendor, complete with a mass vaccinated throng of willing counterfeit christ worshippers, spies of the modern European autocracy are now engaged in subverting the American family into forced submission.

Since accepting bribes concealed as television contracts, network after network shamelessly not concerned with the lack of ethics involved in shoving an irrigation hose up the ass of America's newborn infant population to correct rotavirus vaccination du jour bowel damage is concurrently blitzing on the heads of vaccine-induced Autistic children.

As Washington's "little" army once discovered "Sometimes another example of the same seed properly watered will bare the same corrupt fruit perchance lifting the scales off the eyes of loyalists revealing the scoffers are rotten to the root!" Which just so happens to be a major reason Devine Providence in the heart of every man so disdains the humanist and the surety of his folly.

Shall we all stand silently as Mr. Deer and Mr. Offit are relishing elbow-deep in our toddler's bowels hoping to correct, reduct, resection the latest episode in vaccine backfire?

Perhaps Campbell Brown or Amanda Peet somehow take personal delight in such undertakings as pumping newborn American children full of inflation solution to blow up infant entrails and can't wait to join them? Is that a sadistic pleasure of some kind? Do they get high abusing babies that way?

Should you conclude the essential "shot in the dark" shot being repetitively fired in the dark, RotaTeq, is terrific in detecting Intussusception you illogically have concluded that nothing else is capable of the same.

VAERS is what it is. If Intussusception is there, it's there. If it isn't there, it isn't. The amazing association leading to the logical conclusion is the disappearing act telescoping bowels play with the introduction and removal of rotavirus vaccines.

God Bless Offit's victims and families of his victims.

Offit's Disease is certainly no laughing matter and it is certainly a real problem of unfinished business ahead for the few defenders of the American brotherhood we have left in government.

It is time to rid this land of the foreign spy. It's hardly the wonder he cashed in his portion of the vaccine patent. RotaTeq is doomed, and he knew it.

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