Monday, March 16, 2009

Wankers and Sour Krauts

The appropriate approach seems to strongly suggest the advent of Autism forensics. The quicker, the better.

It's no secret that pharmaceutical companies OWN most all pediatricians. The cocaine addiction to vaccinations is too strong. Pediatricians simply don't inject then tell. As long as Congress and the CDC are there to run medical malpractice interference, and promises their jack will continue to flow, the peds have no problem creating more cases of Autism just like the doctor ordered.

Raise your hand if your vaccine-injured child's MEDICAL case has been independently examined by the local tax-payer supported medical examiner. His pathology certainly gives the appropriate meaning to the word than say...Brian Deer?

The suggestion of developing a living pathology for our vaccine-injured children came years ago, and nobody in any social position to advocate has listened.

Instead we get this unrealistic emotionality about how important the ritualistic germ injection sport is to medical science, these genetics ASD-holes stabbing our sick children right in front of our faces, the real yet unspoken threat that if vaccine profits drop somebody is going to start seeding innocent people with germ warfare biology, and two completely irrelevant vaccine industry mouthpiece stooges controlling the entire apparent causation issue.

Un-Vax v. Vax is important. But in reality this is only designed to raise the political aspects of what has been an epidemic. The iatrogenic nature of vaccine injury forces the established medical profession to rat on each other.

Which is why forensic science is what's really needed.

Sure it might mean real court with a real judge and jury. Good.

Vaccine court is like being challenged to a single-pistol duel in the Emerald City. The unabashed and extremely emotional affection for federal mass vaccination policies assure the needle is mightier than it's victim.

No one in America should be forced to go through the American Revolution in reverse legal system over at 'the house that Merck built'. America left the colonial jack-boot system behind two hundred odd years ago.

States need strong protection against the vaccine industry.

Once states are up and running what should follow is sustained adverse events over-lording of industry. If the wrong side doesn't submit to a higher authority, you pull their vaccines off the market until they comply. Zero tolerance is the exacting concept to make the vaccine industrial complex learn to stop this vaccine abuse which is causing all this carnage.

Americans have got to learn to shove back with fierce determination against the beast. Too many sheeples means nothing is going to change.

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