Friday, April 24, 2009

Charlie Flu

International Vaccine Rescue's response to the revelation that Florida Governor Charlie Crist fully endorses the state bill banning Thimerosal-containing vaccines forever is, of course, to do the only thing they are trained to do...scare people.

Examine the facts...according to vaccine industry representative Maggie Fox of ReutersGlaxoSmithKline we learn:

1. "They say it is possible the children were infected by other people and not by pigs..."

2. "the CDC asked doctors... to test anyone with flu-like symptoms..."

3. "The influenza strain is an H1N1, the same family as one of the seasonal flu viruses now circulating."

4. "People were near the children were being questioned by CDC investigators and tested if they remember having been sick recently."

5. "The virus is usually fairly mild but it still kills between 250,000 and 500,000 people in an average year."

In a usual move, the current outbreak in Mexico and the 60 deaths are being unmethodically linked by the media with no intention of ever questioning their own lack of credibility. The media interest comes during the waxing period of allergy season, and many weeks after the CDC claimed this year's recently concluded flu season was mild.

Statistically, the Mexican outbreak of whatever it really is, if it has, in fact, actually caused 60 flu deaths, accounts for sixteen thousandths of one percent using a middle average of 375,000 "the virus" deaths reported, or essentially a non-story unworthy of lead status on nightly news programs especially during the allergy season, which very often features illness symptoms similar to flu.

The US Centers For Disease Control and Invention is the same crew that brought America the recently forgotten Tuberculosis Scare which featured the made for tabloid television quarantine of the corporate lawyer, not coincidentally concealing the fact he was the lawyer son in law of the guy who heads the CDC's TB department as long as possible to secure $300,000,000.00 in TB funding.

There is no evidence that the CDC actually re-examined or tested any of their fabricated annual cases of flu death, which generally consist of a few hunded legtimate deaths due to complications associated with flu padded by 35,900 or so pneumonia deaths, prior to the small outbreak reported to them.

Mexican officials fearing CDC officials might accidentially ship a deadly flu strain to world-wide labs again cautioned everybody to stay home for a while and not talk to foreign reporters. They had no comment concerning the fact that foreign film crews were donning surgical masks then parading before their own cameras pretending to be Mexican people.

Insiders have reported there was no sign of NBC reporters paddling around Mexico City streets in a canoe, nor citizens wadding through ankle-deep water past her.

One observer of the 1976 swine flu affair, Dr. Russell Alexander of the Public Health School at the University of Washington, expressed his view that the clinical side of medicine had been shortchanged in the decision making processes. He told federal investigators after the fact: “My general view is that you should be conservative about putting foreign material into the human body. That’s always true…especially when you are talking about 200 million bodies. The need should be estimated conservatively. If you don’t need to give it, don’t.”

The CDC has not determined whether or not they intend attack with influenza vaccines containing the wrong strain, or if this is a marketing stunt designed to help pre-print sales of a future book specifically being written about Mexico's factory farms.

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