Friday, April 3, 2009

Faked World Autism Day Documents?

Honestly, nobody even expected, in light of the fact that his first order of business being a feeble attempt to crush the Thimerosal Rebellion, that the Obummer White House would pay respects to the Autism unity thing going on.

Somebody had to point out that after the GE Healthcare Speaks deal, the one that quietly sent $875,000,000.00 to the Chicago political machine and a cable channel to the New York political machine in exchange for Harpo putting a cork on the celebrity Thimerosal issue, you'd think that they could at least recognise the Autism issue from their keen perspective.

At 8:01 AM on April 2nd, 2009 in one of those lists which consist of a hundred parents and a few hundred vaccine industry representatives each apparently with twelve different bogus screen names somebody asked if Obama would take the time from having tea with the queen of a foreign land and acknowledge Autism Day International.

At 10:43 AM somebody replied no, to the new White House Autism isn't even an epidemic. At 3:02 PM somebody else agreed stating the White House priority was to lubricate foreign relations.

Then suddenly (har har) at 6:32 PM somebody else lamely replied he made a statement and it was on the GE Healthcare Speaks Autism Day International web site.

Here's the deal. Don't cover for Obama because you are now ashamed that a democratic politician has reacted exactly the same way towards vaccine damaged children, no worst, than the old republican one did. Socialist presidents use vaccination programs as a form on socialistic indoctrination.

The odd thing about this statement is it looks almost as lame as the photoshop'd Hawaiian birth record. The bottom of the signature is cut off and there's a phantom black speck appearing below and to the right.

It was OK to bash the Bush White House for Autism Ignorance. Obama's lame attitude toward Thimerosalistic children deserves equal treatment. You could dish it out like crazed dogs, but you can't dish it out now. You're too chicken to break your stupid party loyalty. Like polarization isn't just a fund-raising tactic employed to sucker in suckers to paying for political campaigns.

Amazingly, the PDF file was cracked open by amateur computer experts revealing the document posted on the world autism day web site was manufactured at 10:40:53 AM on April 2nd, 2009, or around two hours AFTER the question about 'tea or autism' was raised.

It becomes quite evident that while one candidate went out of his way to talk directly to families snake-bitten by vaccine spectrum disorder the other one just doesn't care.

So, in the future skip all the stupid monkey business and just admit it. The wrong guy won the election based on his position on the single most important issue in the whole world, our future generation. And it's totally appropriate to rub your completely wrong guessing noses in it.

It won't happen if a democrat is in the White House. Is that right?

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