Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flu For Thought

1. According to CDC statistics, at this point, there are less than two hundred deaths that may or may not actually be related to what is described as a novel flu virus; part bird, part pig, and part people. Perhaps Americans and International Vaccine Rescue germ scientists should take note and see what Mexican authorities have been doing right? After all, CDC statistics state 36,000 Americans die from influenza each year!

2. The reports say that they can tell they have found a new flu bug which is part bird strain, part pig strain, and part people strain. So a health lab which daily tests samples for these so called dirty, nasty factory poultry and pig farms is asked to test samples from humans?

3. According to one flu report issued by the CDC..."She [a 9 year old child apparently under interrogation] reported that she did not see pigs at the fair and went only to the amusement section of the fair."

4. Where's the dead pigs and birds? The rules are you can eat pigs and certain birds, but if they are diseased it's a sign not to eat them. Even a caveman knows that!

5. Florida's Governor Charlie Crist openly supports banning Thimerosal-containing vaccines forever within the great state. A few days later pig flu started brewing.

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