Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's Parents Versus The Telepromters

Did you see it? Man? Could you tell there was an credible dog and cat fight with production that took place concluding with CNN agreeing to pull the plug on same old same old 'breaking news' about a guy most likely freaking out on SSRI withdrawal shooting up the place to finally present Jim and Jenny appearing on Larry King Live? Take another look, it's there. You've got to be able to see it.

The initial word to describe things? Frazzled-looking.

Your heart just drops like a rock when you find out about another shooting spree. You pray for the victims, the families of the victims are certainly at the forefront of your thoughts.

Freaking people out by telling them to snitch on anybody pissed of with the way things are going with life in America is not exactly smart advice. As Moe said, "Why I oughta...".

Really as long as the PR lobbyist minute men and minute women are flipping the phones to inform their embedded media contacts they are making an adrenalin-crazed, 'I'll hold my pee pee til I get there' dash to the studio, there will always be at least one set of insensitive production people in the network booth will to either to exploit the story for mutually observed social engineering agenda purposes, or the deliberate purpose of keeping something scheduled off the air.

Did you know the pharmaceutical drug lobby can do that? Since they own networks via ad dollars they can actually manipulate network television. If they don't get their way they cry in medical trade journals like they did with the initial episode of the now cancelled ABC TV show Eli Stone.

The attempt to invoke the wrongness doctrine as if they deserve fairness. It's sort of like the spoiled child declaring it's my tea party and I'll cry if I want to, or a perversion of Ronald Reagan declaring "I paid for this microphone..."

That's why drug companies aren't supposed to be able to advertise.

Did you happen to notice during the Jim and Jenny versus International Vaccine Rescue Autism debate on Larry King Live all of the so called experts representing the interests of the corporatistic alliance between the vaccine racketeers and government were being TelePromptered?

While body language experts will tell you eyes down and to the left means the person is lying, in this case it meant the mouthpieces assigned to confront the parents of Thimerosalistic children weren't stuffed full enough of spoon-fed bull doo to allow them on national TV without some form of cautious censorship.

In America that's not considered freedom of speech. That's considered faking it. Prompting public speakers through audio or visual aids is a sure sign of weakness, not smartness. Americans are people of conviction. They are smart enough to devalue anybody who has to rely on three brains off-stage minding the message. Does it really matter as long as it works? It certainly should because eventually you face reality.

In scientific debate there's no delay. There's no rule allowing somebody too chicken to show his or her face in public to hold up cue cards or type out instant answers off-stage? That's cheating. Like having a guy in a white shirt parked out in the center field bleachers of Wrigley Field stealing catcher signs.

Look at it this way...Have we found the "hidden horde" of adult autistics who can't speak for themselves, think for themselves and need prompting to participate in verbal interactions? In reality with such limited faculties of sight and hearing these so called experts fail to convince anybody of anything.

Jim Carrey got one thing wrong. $13 billion dollars per year in vaccine industry profits is the stripped down figure relating to just sales. Jim might not consider the hidden benefits which must be considered as though they are true profits.

1. Add the incredible amount of free money vaccine lobbyists extort from Congress for disease 'research'. How many universities are being paid in tax dollars to do the vaccine industry's job?

2. Add the thousands of hours of free legal services provided by the U.S. Department of Justice law firm at tax-payer expense to protect the legal interests of the vaccine industry.

3. Add the labor costs involved in collecting and procressing of several billion dollar's worth of excise tax revenue associated with vaccine administration plus interest banks holding this sum might be forced to pay.

4. Add the large amount of free tax payer money given as specific vaccine development funds.

5. Add the large amount of money the government sends to vaccine industry operations like the many experimental Autism drug storefronts.

6. Add the large amount of free tax payer money being given to the thousands of public health departments who inappropriately serve the industry advocates. That's got to add up to billions of dollar's worth of pharmaceutical company payroll being paid to local, state, and federal health officials.

7. Add the annual total amount of free vaccine product placement advertising on every single TV news report, every single Today Show, every single print media article.

8. Add up every single penny of cost involved in treating vaccine injured children and see the mountain of vaccine industry profits, too.

9. Add up every single penny of cost involved in special education associated with the Autism-vaccine epidemic.

10. Add up all the money not being paid out in the form of compensation.

There's a lot more to it. Every law firm in America sitting on Thimerosalistic kids in order to run out the statute of limitations for civil claims even further counts as vaccine industry profits.

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