Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Perhaps one of the worst, bad taste post-World War II jokes to arrive back on American soil was the one about the Nazi concentration camp guard sent into the barracks to serve notice on the spindled prisoners.

"Today, I have some good news and some bad news," the guard announced confidently with a click of the heels of his jack boots.

Looking around at the distraught, disbelieving faces, he said in a more optimistic tone, "First, the good news!"

After pausing slightly to examine his weary captives for physical signs of mental acceptance he continued, "Today, you all will be getting a change of underwear!"

Several prisoners smiled in relief, but were quickly dampened.

"And now, for the bad news," said the guard. "You? Change with you!" "You? Change with you." "You? Change with you!"

The typical American is subjected to media saturation, which has been running contrary to text book science due to drug advertising income and over-bearing nyet'sters, but parents of Thimerosal-affected children know mercury is a neuro-toxic chemical and it is still being injected into America's infants and toddlers.

Families of children adversely affected by Thimerosal-containing vaccines have been monitoring this mercury-laced issue for years and years. They can tell you that so called experts and International Vaccine Rescue authorities across the country have not removed Thimerosal from America's vaccine supply. They're just telling you they have.

The latest influenza scare comes as no surprise and the timing was deliberately set to snake-bite Florida's common sense mercury ban. That's it. No pig flu. Flu season was delcared over weeks before. Allergy season provided enough sneezing and wheezing to give the appearence of flu-like symptoms. This is why drug companies are running late with their allergy drug ads this year.

Just another in a long series of political manipulation by the pharmaceutical companies and the well-heeled medical profession. If the Thimerosal was really taken out of childhood vaccines years ago would Florida be trying to ban it? Why would Governor Charlie Crist openly endorse state legislation calling for the ban?

Look at the lynch mob of angry wolves flairing their fangs, fighting against Florida's proposed Thimerosal ban. You won't see any parents crying that the state is attempting to deprive their child of a fat dose of mercury. The fangy nyet'sters are doctors and health official undoubtedly with direct financial ties to vaccine makers.

Look at it with American common sense. Can you believe that some doctors oppose taking mercury out of childrens vaccines? What are they? Complete idiots!

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