Friday, May 1, 2009

The Mouse Roared...really

Obviously, we are in a period of history when the government of the United States of America isn't exactly functioning very well. Our self-image as a nation isn't exactly clear as it was a generation or so ago. Foreign interests these days are extremely difficult to delineate.

Foremost, we are certainly glad that at this point doomsday pandemic predictions have once again proven unfounded. It may be important to point out that no American would ever marginalize the loss of human lives during this period. We certainly care about those folks lost in Mexico to whatever illness has hit them and hope the best for their surviving family.

Fortunately, there are independent voices speaking up now concerning this well-oiled flu scare. People are fearlessly opening their eyes and reason has overtaken fearmongering profiteers.

Most folks across the country will liken this latest scare with 'Chicken Little', the little cluck who always claimed the sky is falling. But really, simplistic thinking shouldn't allow us to stop there. The reality is this is once again a true-life re-telling of 'The Mouse That Roared'.

How obvious is it? It's acid sell.

It's hard to believe that a small band of germ scientists could be responsible for what amounts to a terribly wrong publicity stunt to sell modern biological technology. Yet we see this time and time again, and nobody to date has said we need break the media addiction to drug company advertising.

As Americans become better informed by disinterested parties, the impact of the joint terror strike by media marketeers, CDC, WHO, and the vaccine industrial complex extortion plot becomes more ineffectual. But you know unless we crack down on this biological seeding, once and for all, with strong laws, ethics reform, and media prohibitions this cabal is going to scare again and again. Americans are going to wear down and wear down. That's not good.

Profits are never legitimate justification for tampering with the reality of issues which may or may not relate to public health in the future.

Americans should offer thanks to the current administration in the White House for dragging the skeleton dangling from a line through the middle of this dark horror show. It exposed this fear cycling to a lot more Americans.

Credit the Mexican authorities. Their professionalism in dealing with the media in light of the apparent flu crisis should serve as a model for U.S. health authorities and should also serve to implicate the fear sowed by WHO.

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