Friday, May 8, 2009

One Sows, The Other Reaps

Two or three decades ago, the biologics operations within drug companies found the biggest hindrance to making super sales profits on vaccines included parents could easily rule most of the shots in their arsenal out based on family immunity history.

In simple, if a woman had a case of the Measles as a little girl it meant immunity for life. Not only that, if she bore children later on in her life her natural immunity to disease transfers over to protect the newborn through that telephone cord looking connection called the umbilical cord.

Doctors, as brute beasts, often cry foul when a new mommy decides to breast feed her child because they know maternal antibodies assure the initial blood transfer of immunity, which is good for the first two years of life, continues to protect the child as long as he-baby or she-baby continues to seek num-nums from the bosoms of his or her mommy. This makes vaccinating these children not only questionable, but largely unethical and immoral.

Today doctors know if they are forced to restore the infectious disease immunity history of parents to their intake questionnaires their vaccine profits bite the dust. This may or may not be true complexed by the fact that many parents today are completely unaware of their family heritage thanks to the natural remission of diseases.

Also, by methodically blowing off sick kids over the phone..."take Tylenol and call our office next week to set up an appointment" they deliberately conceal medical information which may or may not affect the future their vaccine stockpile. Parents do their job to notify doctors about vaccine adverse events, but the doctors, most all having a high level of legal training, in turn play dumb, almost always desiring to not make waves.

In a time when everybody seems to be facing financial challenges, take a look at the health care industrial complex. Iatrogenic means doctor-caused.

What is obvious is the health care industrial complex is enjoying the filthy lucre twenty years of mass vaccination policies have clearly created in most cases.

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