Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Only Muddy Water, 'Sgotta Come Clean Some Day

Oh boy! Yet another frivolous government telemarketing study cleverly designed to create the perception that cases of developmental delay aren't becoming more mild, and Autism rates aren't in decline.

And do we really believe they don't know why the children formerly known as
Autistic are no longer that way?

At least this time they forgot to add the satanic line about vaccines not causing Autism because "Thimerosal was removed in 1999".

Of course, we fully know that the media can not make that "it's all out" claim any more when cutting and pasting the pre-fab Autism story of the day.

Nope, ethyl-mercury never came out in 1999. Nor did Thimerosal come out in 2000. 2001. 2002. 2003. We all know it's still in and they're just telling America it isn't.

What we do know as well, is the sadistic pedophiles listed in the medical society as vaccinologists needed to add the completely worthless Thimerosal-containing Influenza vaccine to prop up ASD rates. So while they were telling America that Thimerosal was all out, at earliest, in fact, pregnant moms, infants and toddlers got two full doses of Thimerosal-laced vaccines beginning in late 2003 as flu shot recipients.

We know that state legislation to ban Thimerosal not only faced blood-thirsty opposition from vaccine industry dopes, but created lots of "shortages" designed for no other reason than circumventing existing "no mercury" laws. (If one ventures into actual flu shot research just a teeny bit, it becomes a particularly awful displeasure to see real, live doctor-like vaccine industry people fighting like mad dog idiots to inject any living soul with Influenza vaccine.)

Many parents scoff at the expertise still working to spread the "better diagnosis" peanut butter.

When Congress attempted to seize Autism rate data from the CDC-run Vaccine Safety Datalink for investigation, their researchers hit 3000-page obstruction after 3000-page obstruction.

The non-scientific CDC-led obfuscation began to hit the national spotlight slightly. When that happened, (the CDC was busted for not possessing a scientific spirit of cooperating with outside research attempts) the VSD data was then whisked away from the CDC to an undisclosed underground location at a cost of $300,000,000.00 to US tax payers.

The obfuscation of the VSD did make a point that CDC vaccine sales department was well aware of the bombastically climbing Autism rates perhaps a decade before a different government task required an evaluation of Thimerosal-containing people biologics, but that fact that the vaccine industry spent millions of dollars developing the Autism market in the early 1990s was lost. Just like the fact that FDA and CDC both knew Thimerosal was taken out of pet vaccines in the 1980s after negative neurological effects hit Fido and Fluffy.

In 2000-4, as tens of thousands parents of Thimerosal-affected children were popping neck veins at the stupefying indignity of the CDC neuro-diverse version of Monty Python's "Dead Parrot Sketch" they were slowly joined by tenuous allies from within the ASD spectrum campus.

It wasn't hard to convince those who work with ASD kids on a daily basis there was an epidemic of Autism going on. These assigned to intervene on the disorder made the obvious "just too many kids" observation, no VSD analysis required.

When these hands-on ASD providers held hands with parents of ASD children they presented a strong enough association to convince the CDC that they could no longer massage away the increased number of Autism cases using math. They told the CDC to change posture in order to fund their awareness programs. The CDC reversed their long-held "no Autism epidemic" position by quietly devising and circulating the infamous "Autism A.L.A.R.M" flier in early 2004, which was the essential green light for pediatricians to pad Autism rates they had previously been told didn't exist.

Soon the CDC Foundation, comprised mostly of the biggest toxic polluters in the nation, was ready to launch their fishy-stinking propaganda scow in the mainstream.

In 2005, NBC Universal, a morally bankrupt subsidiary of Autism Speaks, agreed to help increase ASD rates by buttering up "Better Diagnosis Week", which they thought would add thousands of extra cases of Autism to make up for all the cases vanishing by greater Thimerosal awareness across the country.

Battle-hardened parents still whisper to each other about the new kids added to the Autism spectrum courtesy of concerted efforts to pad Autism statistics. They gave these extremely high functioning children labels like "Autism Lite", which describes a quirky mainstream child added to the spectrum to pad class-sizes and thus pad Autism rates.

Special Ed teachers across the country willing to defy gag orders agree that now the children labeled as Autistic coming in are actually at worst quirky kids who mainstream quite easily. These children differ greatly from those severely-affected children of just a few years ago. They express sympathy and concern for the parents left in isolation tending their vaccine-injured children who will need a life-time of individual care.

It seems those who've wasted years and years denying that our children were damaged by routine mass vaccinations are now prisoners of their own lies and evil intent.

Americans are not pleased with the federal government. They know so much money that could have been distributed to families of truly vaccine-injured children has been diverted into the pockets of the vaccine marketplace to cover up what's happened.

Better diagnosis? Naw, just more diagnosis provided during a period in which many believed that rates relating to Thimerosal poisoning would drop the over-all ASD affliction line downward.

Let's remember that Thimerosal is still out there. Children will continue to become autistic-like.

As others have pointed out, we've never hit zero Thimerosal exposure for unborn children, infants, and toddlers. And we have zero proof that vaccine manufacturers ever took ethyl-mercury out of the shots. It's still used in the back room somewhere upstream in the vaccine making process.

The latest is muddy water all the way.