Sunday, March 22, 2009

Industry Stooge Decries All Nature

1Tm 6:20 O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:

The vaccine issue is not new. Think of it as a pair of earth-launched binary spheres somewhere out there in the vacuum of space spinning around while orbiting each other at opposition. Each one held relative to the other by mutual attraction like two dizzy children holding hands while skipping around in a circular pattern.

In the case of Mr. Offit and the adversaries he arbitrarily calls false prophets, the attraction is obvious, money for food and continuum.

Under no circumstances is a potential book buyer to wrongly think that Mr. Offit has come to Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the author and finisher of faith, as his title suggests. Think of Offit's book as Bill Frist magically transformed condensed into paperback by the Autism diva.

This is a case where the vaccine industry is controlling both sides of the disagreement. It's Piltdown Man v. Nebraska Man in a cage death match. The two pro-vaccine sides of the Thimerosal issue love what mass vaccination can do for them.

Vaccines kill infants and toddlers every single day, yet try to count the number of medicine men willing to trash the product. None of them would ever pick the pocket of a fellow practitioner of liberal vaccination arts. The Autism shops can't afford to bite the hand that feeds them.

As a mercenary quack representing the vaccine industrial complex Autism's False Prophets is the perfect primal echo built on top of Mr. Offit original pig's tooth, The Cutter Incident.

It's clear that vaccines do cause Autism, or an autistic-like medical condition. Play semantics with it all you want. Americans are becoming more and more aware that Offit jumps in head-first to conceal the dirty little secret.

If you follow the trail of money it becomes crystal-clear when you hold the deed to your own crime scene you naturally can come and go as you want, take whatever you want, destroy as much evidence as you want without raising a lot of suspicion.

The plot of Offit's book isn't to assassinate those who would expose the same mass vaccination policies the book's author helped bend and shape to favor vaccine-producing pharmaceutical companies.

The intent of Offit is most likely to prejudice potential jurists. The other purpose is undoubtedly to scare the hell out of everybody else in order to convert readers into believing that if man fails to provide complete liability immunity to the vaccine industrial complex everybody on earth is going to die.

Before a single soul, perhaps seeking to slake their Thimerosal issue thirst, decides to delve into Offit's deliriously whirling cess-tank of scank bitters and cumulative aged stinkiness there are things to remember.

SARS, Ebola, Swine Flu, West Nile, and Bird Flu come to mind as really convincing cavemen crumbling to dust under examination.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wankers and Sour Krauts

The appropriate approach seems to strongly suggest the advent of Autism forensics. The quicker, the better.

It's no secret that pharmaceutical companies OWN most all pediatricians. The cocaine addiction to vaccinations is too strong. Pediatricians simply don't inject then tell. As long as Congress and the CDC are there to run medical malpractice interference, and promises their jack will continue to flow, the peds have no problem creating more cases of Autism just like the doctor ordered.

Raise your hand if your vaccine-injured child's MEDICAL case has been independently examined by the local tax-payer supported medical examiner. His pathology certainly gives the appropriate meaning to the word than say...Brian Deer?

The suggestion of developing a living pathology for our vaccine-injured children came years ago, and nobody in any social position to advocate has listened.

Instead we get this unrealistic emotionality about how important the ritualistic germ injection sport is to medical science, these genetics ASD-holes stabbing our sick children right in front of our faces, the real yet unspoken threat that if vaccine profits drop somebody is going to start seeding innocent people with germ warfare biology, and two completely irrelevant vaccine industry mouthpiece stooges controlling the entire apparent causation issue.

Un-Vax v. Vax is important. But in reality this is only designed to raise the political aspects of what has been an epidemic. The iatrogenic nature of vaccine injury forces the established medical profession to rat on each other.

Which is why forensic science is what's really needed.

Sure it might mean real court with a real judge and jury. Good.

Vaccine court is like being challenged to a single-pistol duel in the Emerald City. The unabashed and extremely emotional affection for federal mass vaccination policies assure the needle is mightier than it's victim.

No one in America should be forced to go through the American Revolution in reverse legal system over at 'the house that Merck built'. America left the colonial jack-boot system behind two hundred odd years ago.

States need strong protection against the vaccine industry.

Once states are up and running what should follow is sustained adverse events over-lording of industry. If the wrong side doesn't submit to a higher authority, you pull their vaccines off the market until they comply. Zero tolerance is the exacting concept to make the vaccine industrial complex learn to stop this vaccine abuse which is causing all this carnage.

Americans have got to learn to shove back with fierce determination against the beast. Too many sheeples means nothing is going to change.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's Wrong With These People

Adjuvant - a substance admixed with an immunogen in order to elicit a more marked immune response.

At some point in the past, mercury arrived in the Caribbean, and as a result, American doctors still believe in injecting it into humans.

One likely progression goes like this.

The Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus left Europe, found the Gulf Stream favorable, and journeyed southward.

History records he landed and claimed Hispaniola in the Caribbean for the Spanish crown on December 5th, 1492.

Over many years Spain followed the trail of precious metals from the Caribbean islands to Central and South America.

Some time in the 1550s, Bartolomé Medina, while living in Mexico, developed the patio process [mercury amalgamation] into an industrial-scale operation.

Medina's discovery made it easier for Spanish colony mines to extract silver from ore. One thing, the patio process required lots of mercury to produce silver.

Soon the plentiful quantities of mercury necessary for the patio process came from the Almaden mines, down the Gulf Stream aboard Spanish vessels, through the Caribbean, and onto South American silver mines.

One estimate, using old shipping documents, suggests the total amount of mercury sent from Spain to South America between 1570 and 1900 was 196,000 tons, or about half of all primary mercury mined during that historical period.

One day, while on the way from Spain to Mexico with a load of mercury, some sailors on a galleon caught a whiff of something tasty drifting over the briny. Through a spyglass the captain saw somebody, mostly naked, cooking on the Haiti side of Hispaniola.

They came ashore and traded with an African witch doctor, who was just over from Morocco to provide the annual check-ups for the islanders. A cask of mercury for enough barbecue sandwiches for the whole crew.

The witch doctor was immediately attracted to the silvery liquid. He screwed around with the mercury and soon began dancing around ritualistically. He was soon mad as a hatter, and another witch doctor replaced him.

Later the English colonies became neighbors of the Caribbean. The Spanish mercury merchants offered a few colonial doctors a company junket to the islands, promising them the great expedition would include lots of free barbecue for the wife and kids, and for their practices, an unforgettable demonstration of mercury medicine.

Over many years, more and more colonial doctors made the trip without the family not to see half-naked women with chicken bones protruding through their nostrils being eaten by the village, and, of course, the mercurial witch doctors do their stuff, too.

Being much smarter than their voodoo witch doctor contemporaries, the Americans soon figured out how it all worked.

Apparently, one saw a voodoo witch doctor cupping a piece of dripping goat bladder in his hand just before he pretended to reach into the stomach of a sick person to pull out the 'evil spirit' troubling their constitutional. The Haitian mercury practitioner was busted. All the way, busted.

However, the American colonial doctors were mystified by the fact that some of the witch doctor's patients actually were sick and actually got better. They concluded "it's got to be the mercury".

Soon the colonial healing artists, already experts with leeches, blistering, and blood-letting began to practice more and more with quicksilver. They began feeding mercury fearlessly, knowing nobody would ever suspect mercury could cause neurological disorder.

Perhaps it takes a voodoo witch doctor to account for the fact that after draining his body of six pints of blood, America's founding father George Washington was then fed 'heroic' doses of mercury.

Just like the voodoo witch doctor, the colonial American doctors became true voodoo believers. Mercury, they believed, was necessary for human survival in pretty much the same way the Incas concluded crushing the skulls of infant sacrifices assured that rains would come and produce a bountiful harvest.

American medicine has never been the same.

Today, just try to ban Thimerosal. The emotional charge against you is overwhelmingly telling they still don't get it about mercury...they just think they do.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Iraqi Walkabouts

One thing about the fishmongering mercury book by Dr. Jane Hightower, "Diagnosis: Mercury - Money, Politics, and Poison " it certainly once again shines light on an age-old problem, the chemical company ambulance chasers, A.K.A. the walkabouts.

During the Great War, military medical corps got their first look at a new nervous condition, shell shock. It drew it's name from the mental changes noticed in some troops typically after 'too close for comfort' shell explosion. Victims would unearth themselves and rise with hardly a scratch on them, but would regress into either uncontrollable comotional distress or an apparent mind-numb mutism. So after the shell they went into shock, an adult on-set Autism.

According to veterans of WWI, it wasn't long after the first cases of shell shock appeared and some began to ascribe this strange sickness as a form on "monoxide poisoning", queerly, private interests observers began to appear in camp.

These civilians said little or nothing. They stayed long enough to eye-witness, if possible, a nerve-stricken troop emerging from the smoke. One way or the other would soon depart. They were noted for poking around camp, but did nothing to arouse much suspicion.

It was years after the war, these "civilian observers" became the focus of discussion in the legion halls where World War I vets began to connect the dots, these poindexters with leading chemical companies.

Many WWI vets did fight to find the truth about the environmental cause of shell shock. They wrote letters of appeal to governments and even the 'merchants of death' chemical companies, asking them, begging them to provide better conditions for their fallen mates, and research concerning the effects of mercury used in munitions and to provide answers concerning the large volume of mercury used in medicinal preparations.

Some, who witnessed the sadistic surgeon treatment and poor living conditions at so called 'nerve' hospitals' pushed officials for answers on behalf of their shell-shocked comrades as part of their service in the famous 'Bonus Army'.

From the pages of Diagnosis:Mercury we learn keen interest in Iraq's mercury poisoning epidemic cranked up with a letter published in the March, 1972 British Medical Journal. In it Iraqi medical officials made an international appeal for assistance with what they called a mercury poisoning epidemic caused by Granosan-M, an ethyl-mercury fungicide.

A common myth is Iraqi health officials were clueless. Mercury poisoning was not new to the Iraqis. They never expected a third mercury fungicide poisoning event to happen.

Iraq had two previous outbreaks of mercury poisoning related to the consumption of mercury-fumigated grain, Iraqi health officials discovered that mercury-laced seeds purchased by the government for new crop planting had instead been used as food. It seems the organo-mercury compounds coating the seeds were breaking down into harmful inorganic mercury with significant lethality.

Soon after the letter calling for help treating the victims appeared in BMJ, what might have looked something similar to the Florida dispute of the 2000 U.S. Presidential election took place. Operatives from the chemical companies arrived. They took pictures of fungicide bags. They camped out at the Iraqi hospitals, hung around the health ministry, and apparently deliberately mercury poisoned Iraqi farm animals to see what would happen.

Among the ambulance chasing chem reps wandering around Iraq on a mission from big business chemical companies was University of Rochester Tom Clarkson, M.D., a man not exactly unfamiliar or un-infamous with today's Thimerosal moms and dads.

Yes, the same influential Tom Clarkson, M.D. who was caught ring-leading the top secret Simpsonwood meeting June 7-8, 2000, the same Tom Clarkson M.D. who testified against vaccine-injured American children in vaccine court from an undisclosed location, was in Iraq during the mercury crisis hoping to try out a mercury-eliminating resin he developed with Dow Chemical.

The resin sucked royally, but Clarkson and Dow remain unchallenged by UK tabloid journalist Brian Deer to this very day.

To call the the 1971-2 Iraqi mercury poisoning epidemic solely a methyl-mercury poisoning based on information provided by clearly conflicted individuals might be an obfuscation of other important facts namely the actual mercury compound that caused the poisoning.

Thanks to Dr. Hightower's Diagnosis:Mercury we know that University of Rochester researchers did not report finding the Granosan compound, but they did suggest the Iraqis may have added other mercury fungicides locally.

We know this wasn't a sole-source uniform act of charity by the United States. This was a world record size grain order placed by the Iraqi government with western business. Multiple grain vendors likely contributed seed and used a variety of mercury compounds.

We know that Dow had distinct methyl-mercury pollution liabilities in other parts of the world. Their research work done in Iraq should be questioned foremost as biased, protecting corporate interests back home.

While the scale of the two previous mercury poisoning epidemics may have been much smaller, Iraqi officials saw this as mercury poisoning based on symptoms and experience. It was their first call this was another ethyl-mercury epidemic caused by the same mistake.

It sure looks as if the inappropriately imposing figure named Clarkson may have had a hand in "redefining" what exactly happened in Iraq. The Iraqis seem to have been practicing good old fashioned reluctance to release data in order to prevent the traditional corporate obfuscation from taking place. Imagine a murderer conducting his own criminal investigation. It was western mercury. It was western grain. It was western companies beating on their door for evidence.

I don't think it is a necessity to test Clarkson for trace amounts of Dow's whiz bang "mercury-eliminating resin" at this point, but any parallel testing the conflicted Rochester school ran in relationship to Iraq 1971-2 is apart from official. Any results obtained by Rochester are effectively tainted by competing interests including the fact that Dow had multi-million dollar's worth of methyl-mercury liabilities and Clarkson was in Iraq to protect company interests.

Incredibly, the chemical company ambulance chasers wrote reports and had them published with conclusions so maudlin, that despite clear symptoms of mercury poisoning, any mercury toxicity damage under a certain level was claimed to be caused 'by something else'.

The authors of the following 1976 review do not bombastically, repetitively DOGMATICALLY refer to Iraq as solely methyl-mercury poisoning.

Again, the character in question here is the same Clarkson busted for ring-leading International Vaccine Rescue at Simpsonwood, and the same Clarkson who testified against Thimerosal-damaged children in vaccine court undoubtedly from the comfort of a government-sponsored undisclosed location.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Foreign Spies Now Dictate Evil

In their full splendor, complete with a mass vaccinated throng of willing counterfeit christ worshippers, spies of the modern European autocracy are now engaged in subverting the American family into forced submission.

Since accepting bribes concealed as television contracts, network after network shamelessly not concerned with the lack of ethics involved in shoving an irrigation hose up the ass of America's newborn infant population to correct rotavirus vaccination du jour bowel damage is concurrently blitzing on the heads of vaccine-induced Autistic children.

As Washington's "little" army once discovered "Sometimes another example of the same seed properly watered will bare the same corrupt fruit perchance lifting the scales off the eyes of loyalists revealing the scoffers are rotten to the root!" Which just so happens to be a major reason Devine Providence in the heart of every man so disdains the humanist and the surety of his folly.

Shall we all stand silently as Mr. Deer and Mr. Offit are relishing elbow-deep in our toddler's bowels hoping to correct, reduct, resection the latest episode in vaccine backfire?

Perhaps Campbell Brown or Amanda Peet somehow take personal delight in such undertakings as pumping newborn American children full of inflation solution to blow up infant entrails and can't wait to join them? Is that a sadistic pleasure of some kind? Do they get high abusing babies that way?

Should you conclude the essential "shot in the dark" shot being repetitively fired in the dark, RotaTeq, is terrific in detecting Intussusception you illogically have concluded that nothing else is capable of the same.

VAERS is what it is. If Intussusception is there, it's there. If it isn't there, it isn't. The amazing association leading to the logical conclusion is the disappearing act telescoping bowels play with the introduction and removal of rotavirus vaccines.

God Bless Offit's victims and families of his victims.

Offit's Disease is certainly no laughing matter and it is certainly a real problem of unfinished business ahead for the few defenders of the American brotherhood we have left in government.

It is time to rid this land of the foreign spy. It's hardly the wonder he cashed in his portion of the vaccine patent. RotaTeq is doomed, and he knew it.