Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Autism Carpetbaggers

Perhaps the absolute worst thing to deal with as a parent of a vaccine-induced autistic-like child isn't actually the vaccine industrial complex useful idiots who turn a blind eye to vaccine damaged children, the endless string of satanic verses thrown at innocent vaccine-injured children by state-sponsored media, or even the fact that Thimerosal is still in vaccines.

What could possibly be worse? The Autism carpetbaggers.

Years ago the so called Autism superstars went a-whoring. We all know what they did for "a billion dollars" because we are all facing life with the fact they betrayed us. Yes, they betrayed all of their fellow parents working earnestly to right the unrightable wrong, an
d most importantly they stuck knives in the backs of thousands and thousands of needy vaccine-injured children for a fist or two full of tax payer blood money.

Let's just say that if you follow their money trail it will lead back to Autism Speaks, the organization that not only conned parents into believing that a 2006 Autism bill would provide Thimerosal and vaccine research then Pearl Harbored them with a last minute bill switch, but also commonly hires so called expert witnesses who are denoted by their willingness to testify against vaccine-injured children armed with bogus junk scientific-like gibberish.

Can you believe these people any more? One branch of Autism Speaks thornbush
actually paid thousands of dollars of Autism charity money to multi-millionaire vaccine kingpin Paul Offit in order to bring his bull-poop pulpit to their town just to preach vaccines are godly and parents of vaccine-injured children are whack jobs. When they were finally exposed publicly they flippantly brushed the significance of their dubious action aside and blamed someone else.

Now is the time to accept the fact that AoA is DOA. They've never been anything more than a conduit for Autism Speaks' "no show" agenda and pharmaceutical industry soft-sellers.

Folks the time has come to acknowledge that these folks are self-promoting money-grubbing finks. They have only themselves at heart. They are heaping together treasure for the last days, and have no intention of ever returning to the time when all parents of vaccine-induced autistic children had an equal, uncensored voice.