Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tainting Terrorists Trying To Turn Tables To Truth

In the past ten years America has become the scene of one fanatical shooting spree after another as vaccine manufacturing drug companies have had a free license to terrorize Americans.

Chiefly among their weapons is this terrific notion that we are all going to die of flu unless we allow them to inject us with Thimerosal-containing flu shots.

Statistically speaking, this unethical and immoral tactic preys on the ignorance of our general populous, and blind trust of the pharmaceutical companies and their stooges inside the U.S. government.

Amazingly, the same company that killed more Americans with a single pill, Vioxx, than the entire Vietnam War, wants to give you a mercury-laced flu shot perhaps to make up for killing so many innocent people.

"But vaccines save lives"...

Of course, actual flu statistics prove the vaccine manufacturing drug companies are lying through their teeth. Flu shots do no save any lives at all. It's almost like saying Rotateq vaccine doesn't associate with Offit's Disease, vaccine-induced Intussusception.

In fact, bet you didn't know the contaminate which stopped the 2004 American flu shot shipment from leaving Liverpool, England was Serratia, a pneumonia-causing lung bacteria also medically connected to renal (kidney) infections?

The U.S. FDA sent authorities over to Liverpool to spank the UK Medicines and Health Regulatory Agency inspectors for stopping the profitable shipment, but just to make sure Americans knew what kind of bullying the U.S. FDA was up to the MHRA pulled the Liverpool plant's license to produce any more flu shots until the long-standing contamination problems within the plant were cleaned up.

What's terrorizing is while the U.S. FDA was telling America you can't trust cheaper drugs imported from Canada strings were pulled at high levels to get the American media to discourage reports the U.S. FDA was guilty of ignoring flu shots produced in contaminated conditions prior to 2004.

"But that was then; we know so much more now."

You can believe this if you want, but you should ask yourself do I really want to start a vaccine-induced flu outbreak? Do I want to put other people at risk of getting sick?

Contraindications within flu vaccine package inserts are required to warn people freshly vaccinated to stay away from immune-compromised individuals up to a month after doctors inject them. While the vaccine manufacturing drug companies demonize unvaccinated children as dirty, disease-loaded time bombs, realistically they already know that vaccinated people are the ones that carry and shed disease.

If you get a flu shot you pretty much become a sort of heroin mule carrying two or three different laboratory-created strains of flu inside your body. You should know your health plan doctor, besides injecting you with brain-damaging ethylmercury, has turned you in walking-talking dirty fluicide bomber.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What About The Boy?

London, a city in the kingdom of vaccine giant Glaxo SmithKline, had him first.

The crouching, unwitting monument to vaccine-induced neurological illness was on full display in the Millennium Dome in 2000. Not too long after people began to recognize The Boy's likeness to that of any number of children in their own neighborhoods.

The Boy eventually ended up at ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, right on the doorsteps of Arhus University, the former CDC public relations sock puppet which produced fraudster Poul Thorsen, and his special brand of On-Demand studies which once told anybody desperate enough to pay millions of U.S. tax dollars that Thimerosal doesn't have a causal relationship in the creation of Autism even though it does.

There isn't really a lot of interpretation needed, for parents by the thousands see the boy with the realism needed to identify him.

The image is giant. Seeing the half-naked child isolated from the world around him is very familiar to parents of vaccine-injured kids. He is in a fetal position. His body is hurting. His nerve troubles are evident in his strained facial expression.

Rarely does art not present the will of the social engineering agenda. The Boy experience was designed to softly normalize the vaccine-injured child.

The secular humanism spirit contends to displace man's tragedy with such trophies. The Boy on display is a triumph for genocide by modern methods. His display represents a celebration over mankind by ungodly pagan ritual.

The fiberglass boy is a plague monument, a holocaust memorial, and a Spruce Goose all in one.

As hundreds, perhaps thousands of people pass by they will first detect the troubled eyes locked in the thousand yard stare. He is positioned to face a blank wall. They see The Boy with his head overt away from the bright light beaming in through the glass curtain.

When it was suggested that mercury-laced vaccines for U.S. children had created Mad Child Disease the uproar blew leaves off the trees. Yet, The Boy sits a thousand yards or so away from Poul Thorsen's store front.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

If Only Peggy Noonan Knew...

Gee, apparently Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan has a (beef about rudeness)? Somehow attempting to capitalize on the Jet Blue dude in the news, Noonan claims she knows the reason why America has turned rude.

She says all the brick-walling lately is due to a shift in the social-economic foundations of the nation.

She mentions that Americans no longer make machines, and Steel! In that, she cleverly cloaks the idea that it is brutish occupational cross-over types treating people like American Tourister luggage, ignoring the fact that the Jet Blue dude was a second-generation flight attendant.

She uses a term service economy as a simple explanation.

Old Peg thinks she has the answer to the indignation plaguing society.

She claims that we are paying people to be rude to us.

"Her instructions are that if anyone accepts her ministrations with anything but passive surrender, she is to show she is impervious and keep the line moving. She is probably taught this in a class given by government contractors who are paid by taxpayers to handle taxpayers. Meaning I pay her to be rude to me."

And what exactly is Noonan's Wall Street Journal being paid to do to thousands and thousands of families and their "Thimerosal" children victimized by the indecency of the federal vaccine program?

To call Peggy Noonan and her Wall Street Journal collective "scoffers" is to be far too polite. The Wall Street Journal and their partnership with the vaccine industry has quite a nasty track record for rudeness and belittling the American people when it comes to Thimerosal-poisoned children.

As crazy as it gets, the Wall Street Journal is particularly flamingly rude to Thimerosal moms and dads when, in fact, vaccine injury compensation isn't paid for by the drug industry at all, but from a federal tax designed to help vaccine-injury victims and their care-takers out in life.

The Wall Street Journal not only has very rude ties to the vaccine manufacturing drug companies they rudely pretend that we can't clearly see the puppeteer's strings manipulating everything the Wall Street Journal does to aid the un-American CDC anti-litigation bloc.

Rude Wall Street Journal editorials like Immune to Reason (October 23, 2001) aren't caused by a lack of Spacely Space Sprocket, Inc. factory expansionism. That's crazy.

In the February 11th, 2002 article CDC Warns Vaccine Supply Is in Jeopardy, a half-cocked Wall Street Journal claimed that removing Thimerosal-containing vaccines wasn't worth the hassle. Even overtly claimed an outbreak of Whooping Cough was related to so called shortages.

If tabling the lives of children, exposing them to neuro-toxic mercury beginning at birth against any odds conceivable, instead of immediately removing all ethyl-mercury vaccines from the American vaccine market doesn't have the pugnacious smell of corporatism it's possible you might actually believe that democracy is under attack somehow if the vaccine industry's dirty little secrets are revealed.

The Wall Street Journal rudely endorsed circumventing democracy - celebrating the now infamous Eli Lilly rider, then attempted to cream three U.S. Senators apparently for having the audacity and rudeness to insist that it be removed from the tail-end of the Homeland Security Act. In January 20, 2003 the Wall Street Journal attempted to shame "Those Immoderate `Moderates', but it did little to change that fact that not only was slapping the rider onto the Homeland Security Act at 10:10 PM on the eve of the floor vote in the first place disgracefully rude, but to have the Wall Street Journal attacking American children by proxy was sick and disgustingly well beyond thirty-nine and a half foot pole perverse.

No marvel that NOW the Swine Flu fiasco II has passed we are seeing countless articles of interest involving neurological degeneration in adults in the media.

The Wall Street Journal is part of the vaccine industry combination in restraint of justice. Since they are working with the federal government instead of being subjected to the full force of Sherman Anti-Trust law it appears that they are granted immunity to commit any and all acts of social disgrace.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

O'll 'Ave A Twist

In this sorry little novel called history, some time in the future, the reader will know all we've known since the beginning, but were afraid to tell.

Vaccines cause Autism. Vaccines kill babies. Vaccines are unacceptable and completely unnecessary. The medical profession knew this from the beginning. The so called experts know this now, and knew it then.

For example, if you are convicted of jabbing an infant 33 to 40 times with a needle hopefully you are going to jail, but not if you wear a white coat and include squirting in pathogenic material.

Even methodically mercury poisoning babies is A-OK provided you are medically licensed and use a formulation created within the wall of a major drug company.

Wakefield, Andrew J. Man. Branded. Binary. Tarnishing. Clandestine. Train depot platform. Red carnation. Tunnel vision. Spleen. Pancreas. Nerves.

For one to say "I can't say that" isn't to suggest "I do not know". There are those who say "I can't say that" not unknowingly, but rather if it is widely known the vaccine manufacturing drug companies will have to pay the pauper.

Pediatric. Iatrogenic. Deleterious. Ruin. Damaging. Injustice. Disfavor. Deference. Misplaced. Substitution. Unnatural. Beastly. Willful.

Fry the brains of infants with Thimerosal then pretend it didn't happen. Act surprised. Astonished. Arrogant. Stooping. Bare. Defiant. Disgrace. Harm. Falsehood. Vaccine court.

Since when is the proof of harm reliant upon reversing brain damage? Is that fair? "If the law supposes that, then the law is a ass, a idiot!"

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Children Are Shell-Shocked


It's been nearly a hundred years since World War I and there is still no suitable answer as to what caused shell shock. It remains just as much a medical who-dun-it today as it was over the last century.

Modern advances in war technology at the turn of the twentieth century included using a volatile substance called the fulminate of mercury as an explosive initiator.

"One night on Venus leads to a life-time on mercury" - old popular saying
Though not new, as mercurial medicines can easily be traced as far back as a colonial American medical practice, WWI military service also included lots of potential mercury exposures in medicines and preparations.

The war itself was supposed to be quick.

Mechanization meant armies could cover vast amounts of territory fast. Problems with heavy metal toxicity issues like stock-piling mercury levels in and around trenches would never happen as most war planners thought the battlefields would shift swiftly across the continent. It was believed that a European war would be fought over thousands of mile's worth of landscape and be over in a matter of weeks.

And then they dug in.
While a condition called "Soldier's Heart" was observed in the late stages of the American Civil War, the condition shell shock was never medically described until the Russo-Japanese War, the first one fought with cartridge rifles and munitions.

The truth is no one on the WWI British line knew what was happening to their soldiers. An artillery shell would drop then a victim unearthed emerging from a still-smoking artillery crater unscratched, but they regressed horribly ranging from the incredibly shaking, loud, laughing crazily, nervous, commotional shaking basket of nerves to the absolutely paradoxical descriptions of still and quiet, exhibiting a startling 'a thousand yard stare'. This spectrum became known as shell shock. It would later be expanded to include somatic illness in order to dilute the initial frightening condition.

A dozen cases sent back from the front as shell-shock may prove to possess not a single feature in common - except the fact of the shell explosion. And this, as has been pointed out, may be but the "last straw." Grafton E. Smith, 1917
What scared the medical corps most was, though relatively rare among the entire army, the toughest veteran soldiers appeared just as susceptible to shell shock as the tenderfoot. "Most didn't even bare a scratch on them."

That's interesting because New Jersey Governor John Corzine once observed how Autism can be considered as an "invisible disease". Hey, shell shock was, too.

In fact, according to the evidence found in the narrative of symptoms, shell shock might be better recognized today as adult-onset Autism Spectrum Disorder, historically a very similar mysterious disease only recently associated with Thimerosal, the biocidal ethylmercury additive still currently in many childhood vaccines.
After reading observations that shell shock appeared to be a form of "monoxide poisoning", Sir Frederick Mott, a medical researcher with a knack for pathology, looked for possible environmental factors and couldn't find one.

For some reason, despite undoubtedly high levels of exposures in the battlefield trenches, his 1916 search excluded the neurotoxin mercury. There is no mention of mercury in the index of his work, but this does not remotely serve as excusing it nor does it accuse Mott from deliberately obfuscating mercury's menace. However, there was a
April 9th, 2007 news report concerning volumes of work found in a skip as part of a "reorganization".

In hindsight, years after the Great War, in legion halls across America veterans recalled periodically seeing representatives from the chemical companies brought in to observe the trench conditions.

These observers kept quiet as they made notes and observations, and then were gone. Did they make a connection between the increasing levels of mercury exposure? If they did, they never told a soul.

After a while the Freudians tromped onto the battlefield to help. While they perhaps spared some human lives being wasted by the wrong practice of cowardice executions they didn't help by assuming shell shock was an outbreak of somatic illness.

They actually did help scared troops "pull themselves together" and get back into battle, but could do nothing to help shell shocked soldiers, who were failed to recover with rest and relaxation. These incurables were shipped back home, most never resumed anything resembling a normal life. Many were treated with a level of cruelty only expected of an enemy captor.

Yes, war is scary. In their reports and literature the Freudians claimed to have mental powers to cure shell shock, and it all sounded fantastic, but they don't actually document how many cases got better after simply being removed from the source of toxic exposure.

In the war narrative is mention that many thought to have shell shock were given a break from the trenches and they got well enough to return. Did this treatment allow them to rest their nerves, talk it out in group therapy, or did it allow their bodies time enough to detox levels of heavy metals? What is know is safely behind the lines they were encouraged to gobble down plenty of rose hips, a strong for of Vitamin C anti-oxidant. Yet after recovering somewhat or completely the medical personnel simply deemed them as somatic ill.

There's really no telling how many WWI shell shock victims there were. The official number provided is not correct. Still, using even the reported 120,000 or so victims, of that number, at least 80,000 spent their post-war life quietly tucked away in "nerve" hospitals. Many more shell shock cases might have been diagnosed as DAH, or disordered action of the heart.

The official total does not include the untold number of shell shock cases killed upon return to the front, or those who simply wandered away from friendly lines in the heat of battle and were never seen again. "He just got away. We never saw him again." The latter troops would have been killed in action never to receive the shell shock diagnosis.
"You are a fucking coward and you will go to the trenches. I give fuck-all for my life and I give fuck-all for yours. And I'll get you fucking well shot!" - Regimental Sargent Major HERE

As shell shock became more familiar with officers, the early signs of symptoms became more easily distinguished. According to eye-witnesses, shell shocked troops were often considered expendable by superiors. They were frequently sent across "No Man's Land", and this meant almost certainly being cut to pieces by enemy sniper or machine-gun fire. As cruel and sadistic as it gets, those showing symptoms were very often called "worthless" by their "hard boiled" superiors.

Most sadly, shell shock created nerveless victims. Concerned about maintaining theater fighting strength and perhaps as some suggest the post-war pension purse, officers called out those sick with shell shock as cowards or malingerers. The sickness, of course, made it impossible for all of these men to answer the charges. Unable to defend their illness in the fifteen minutes or so given at court-martial, shell shocked soldiers added to the totals of "men shot at dawn". Who knows just how many of those executed before a firing squad of their comrades were shell shock victims?

'By brooks too broad for leaping , The lightfoot boys are laid;'

Many WWI veterans grew to resent their service. They used terms like "widow-maker" to refer to superiors while in reflection of trench life. Through the years after the war they wrote letters of advocacy for their shell shocked comrades. They talked openly that shooting victims of shell shock was wrong. "These lads were sick soldiers and couldn't help it", they said.
After the Great War many former troops educated themselves and searched for the answer to shell shock. They made appeals in any language they were gifted in for governments and the chemical companies to help. They questioned the scale usage of the fulminate of mercury and mercurials in the medicines.

Skimming versions of the British Treatises of Armaments, one notes that handling cautions for the fulminate of mercury usage shifted from its' explosiveness to its' toxicity.

By World War II a military mercury usage began to decline.

Society, as always, was under the influence of propaganda. While "letters" from shell shock victims appeared in editorials, the victims themselves were mostly hidden from the curious public eye.
Very often the 'all's well' letters to home and loved ones were penned by well-meaning nurses as the limbs of shell shocked troops were to shaky to grasp, and minds wandered aimlessly away from coherent thoughts converted to paper. Survival of the Great War became excruciating as loved ones convinced by propagandists met the returning shell shocked troops.

Families of those executed wrongly were pretty much disowned. They became pariahs in the very land their loved ones had bravely gone off to serve. There were evictions and unbearable public shame. Widows and orphans of "mentally-weak" shell shock soldiers faced disgrace and indignity beyond a generation.

Their only consolation for the sacrifices was in 2006, several hundred executed British troops were "pardoned" by their government bringing to an end nearly a hundred year private war declared by the relatives of shell shocked troops.

Shell shock was beyond scared soldiers. It looks as though the "merchants of death" got away with mercury poisoning in pretty much the same way the vaccine marketplace today is controlling Thimerosal and vaccine research connected to the Autism epidemic.

Reposted From September, 2008

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Anti-Litigationism: Beware Of False Proffers

If you thought something funny is going on in our land, well, you're right.

As the families of America's vaccine-injured children can testify to the fact that our civil justice has been revoked by the coordinated anti-litigation efforts of foreign vaccine manufacturing drug companies, the obvious corporatism is usually the obviously obvious corporatism.

For the rest of America, that means the vaccine manufacturing drug companies are not acting in the worst interests of the American people alone. The old world just can't seem to play by the July 4th rules established a couple centuries ago.

Let's do some cherry-picking:

*We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

*Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed

*That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

*Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes;

*But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

These words certainly are as lively and vital to our great land as they were when they were publicly posted on what America still declares as Independence Day.

If you read them carefully you will see that the attack of the CDC anti-litigation bloc of Autism research, the House that Merck Built - vaccine court, Autism Speaks, and everything else the vaccine manufacturing drug companies are buzz bombing America's vaccine injured with are simply in defiance of the foundational truths which established the United States of America.

As good Americans it is our duty to not only abolish the mass vaccination industry, but also to remove all language which crafted the ultimate totalitarian overthrow of our civil rights.

Do we the people ask for oil spill court, Toyotas Gone Wild court, or any other?

Of course, not.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Autism: 14 Genes?

Huh, another gene article where everybody onboard has obvious ties to the vaccine manufacturing drug companies.

After Paul Offit was paid royalties for his part of the diarrhea vaccine, he claimed that he would overwhelmingly take over Autism research. At that time he claimed he knew of 14 genes involved.

As Andrew Hall Cutler said, "if you have genes, you can have Autism."

Scientists have detected cell changes caused by Thimerosal at the trace level.

The vaccine manufacturing drug companies are inventing excuses like Swine Flu to load pregnant women, infants and toddlers with Thimerosal-laced vaccines.

In fact, the Thimerosal-laced Influenza vaccine was first authorized for infants and toddlers after the vaccine cabal claimed that Thimerosal was taken out of vaccines. It is contraindicated for pregnant women.

Anybody who has seen the adult ADHD commercials on TV will be able to figure out who's first in line for their yearly Flu shot.

The smart thing to do is stop. Get sick and get better.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

MMR: What Else Does It Eat?

The vaccine manufacturing drug company PR firms attempting to glorify the dangerous live virus Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (German Measles) shot have given the public more evidence the thing causes Autism and perhaps clues as to where the so called killer Measles outbreaks are actually coming from.

According to research currently taking place, vaccine-strain Measles are being touted as deadly weapons of mass destruction against brain tumors. Human subjects are being loaded up with heroic levels of live vaccine-strain Measles virus in the hope that the public will somehow perceive this as a modern miracle of germ warfare experimentation gone good.

According to one PR tidbit, "In the 1970s, measles infections were observed to cause regression of pre-existing cancerous tumors in children." Regression is, of course, not eradication so the likelihood that the vaccine industry has explored and found something isn't novel or of any surety. The mortality of test subjects is very high.

The large problem for this ethically questionable research is immune competent people are typically immune to Measles infestations. Their bodies attack and kill the virus before it is able to damage much during the attack. Researchers say that they found immune compromised individuals muster some level of counter-attack.

To slip the vaccine-stain Measles past immune system detection, researchers claim they are now inserting the deadly vaccine-strain Measles into fake cells to carry it to the brain. They offer no explanation why the immune system does not attack and kill off the fake cells, nor does it appear they are candidly observing what else the vaccine-strain Measles are attacking once they arrive in the brain at significant levels.

To protect such research, we undoubtedly guess that RNA illnesses associated with repetitively injecting humans with vaccine-strain Measles virus are being characterized as what?

Not only does the research strongly suggest that a shot of MMR in the leg can find its' way to the brains of small children, the bulk message is any immune-compromised child may be subject to brain infection due to the vaccine-strain Measles.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tide Changing In Vaccine War?

Autism Families Fighting Vaccine Manufacturing Drug Companies on Land, Sea, and Air Fight For American Civil Rights

GULF OF MEXICO - Most Americans know all about the constant battle parents of vaccine injured children face. If a vaccine kills an infant or toddling child or even an adult the vaccine manufacturing drug companies do not agree.

Most Americans agree the rise in Autism has been caused by the proliferation of Thimerosal-laced vaccines first proffered in the early 1990s, and the only politically accepted part of Hillarycare still around.

Americans now understand that a witless, politically motivated decision was made to the medical detriment of American infants and toddlers. As the number of doses of vaccine that had Thimerosal in them went up so did negative neurological outcomes. Doses of Thimerosal were now being injected eleven hours into the new lives of babies.

The figures were kept quietly. Databases were run weekly to examine the level of Autism being created by the new mass vaccination program. In short order, giant, drug company sponsored Autism research facilities opened up across the country. As the vaccination rates were climbing so was Autism.

With a steely resolve similar to the shower keepers at Auschwitz, there would be no evident panic involved in removing ethylmercury from infant and toddler vaccines.

Nevertheless, government research analysis showed the causal relationship between Thimerosal-containing vaccines and Autistic outcomes was extraordinary and in 1999 a public distress call went out to remove Thimerosal from all vaccines as quick as possible.

No matter how hard the vaccine manufacturing drug companies try, the only so called research they are able to produce to defend mercury-poisoning American kids is non-contemporaneous.

At close examination, none of this so called research amounts to much more than conspiracy to obstruct the judicial process. The organization Autism Speaks was created to aid the efforts of anti-litigation bloc kooks, who feel nobody has a right to be compensated for what's been lost. (keep and eye on Toyotas gone wild and British Petroleum's Gulf Oil Spill)

That's a lot in terms of powerful stumbling stones to walk over.

Still, the Michelle Cedillo case, one representative of thousands more, has finally reached a position in which actual judges are hearing it. Eye-witnesses of the Cedillo Appeals hearing are claiming for the first time there's hope that families fighting against merchants of death industry and government authorities may one day be compensated for the neurological damages vaccines have done to their children.

To others it's a momentary lapse of overwhelming force.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Autism's Anti-Vaccine Duo On Quite A Spree

How shotgun-ing science robs the innocent victims most.

Whatever pleasure a certain kind of unstable individual can have knowing the sky's the limit if you are willing to deny something you've done is completely wrong there's a point in time where others come to recognize you are full of prunes.

Families of affected children are frankly tired of these shameless "in your face" Autism gangsters defying the laws of science, pathology, chemistry, biochemistry, and a dozen or so relative disciplines. Folks across the country have seen enough racketeering in drug company sponsored epidemiological massage parlors to make them puke.

Fortunately, there are responsible members of the media beginning to comprehend it's not a good idea to aid and abet these thugs. The Swine Flu fiasco II has helped the press understand finally that the world health syndicate is a front for drug company bunko.

The fact that CDC anti-litigation bloc Autism researcher Poul Throsen, M.D. is wanted by Danish Police for theft of university funds and income tax evasion while essentially running a CDC numbers racket is something further to address.

Since, the effort to smother the story led to vaccine court hastily sacrificing three more human shields it should be a priority to bring Thorsen into greater focus. Apparently, his leadership towards coaxing others to actually commit income tax evasion should be evaluated in terms of his role as the foot soldier manipulating the studies the CDC PR firms are using in the public arena.

Given the studies have to some degree come in under the wire, closer examination of the entire Thorsen network relating to conflicts of interests and direct ties to a vaccine producing entity in Denmark are appropriate. Several opposing experts declared the Thorsen work is discredited by federal standards years ago. This was largely ignored in a rush to exonerate the vaccine manufacturing drug companies.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Swine Flu II Fiasco: Media Now Scrambling For Ethics, Credibility

While long-time observers of the vaccine manufacturing drug companies immediately described the recent Swine Flu II fiasco in terms similar to that of a pre-fab scamdemic designed to hit targeted American pregnant women, infants and toddlers with more Thimerosal-laced vaccines, the CDC-infested American mass media rolled their eyes and brushed the truth aside.

By the time the glaringly obvious Air Force One was freaking just about everybody in lower Manhattan, the American mass media had launched their CDC scamdemic support strategy, including those huge, floor to ceiling red maps speckled with what US-CDC authorities were arbitrarily calling Swine Flu death.

With most American public health agencies already irrelevant due to their active participation in CDC anti-litigation bloc Autism affairs just a handful of the American mass media decided to defect to the truth of what was actually happening.

Thanks to US public health authorities who routinely seek to censor reporting, no American mass media outlets broke ranks to pummel the wall of propaganda being stacked up thick and tall by American scientists and American public health officials. So over the course of the last year aside from sparse reports Americans had to rely on foreign journalism accounts to stay in touch with reality.

Amazingly, the American mass media now seeking to stone so called global authorities for creating a scamdemic to increase Thimerosal exposures, fully know so called American scientists and American public health officials have the exact same ties to vaccine manufacturing drug companies as the so called world health officials now in trouble.

A year later, the American mass media is now trying really hard to undo lots of credibility damage that was caused by their own infatuation with drug companies.

The case in point? Poul Thorsen, M.D., the CDC anti-litigation bloc Autism research fraudster currently avoiding capture by Danish Police somewhere in America. The American mass media knows if Thorsen is truly exposed their massive amount of derogatory vaccine-induced Autism reporting faces retraction.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Autism Speaks: Anti-Litigation Money Pit

The problem with failure is failing to understand failure is failing to do stuff that prevents failure.

Essentially, Bob and Suzanne Wright, the co-inventors of Autism Speaks, are finky liars. They told group after group that their new Autism charity would conduct Thimerosal and vaccine research.

Instead, hard-working families fully expecting the very wealthy Wright's to cover their backs discovered Autism Speaks was a bunch of white collar welfare recipients who say anything to get their hands on government cash.

"What a bunch of low class thieves," said one dad. "A bunch of rats jumping on the SS Autism bogarting everything the government dishes out. Pathological liars. Back-stabbing our families for filthy lucre."

Instead of capitalizing on years of hard work lobbying for Thimerosal and vaccine research, the Wright's ignored parents and directed Autism Speaks to further the aims of the CDC anti-litigation bloc of Autism research. Funding all sorts of sinister creeps including CDC fraudster Poul Thorsen, M.D., wanted by Danish Police for stealing Autism research money, and sucking up to side-winding political snakes, the not so dynamic duo of Bob and Sue pretty much alienated the very families they claimed to be representing.

Just when vaccine court finally began to hear the very first Omnibus Autism case, the Wright's hit every PR outlet in America stealing the national spotlight away from the family of Michelle Cedillo and what her doctors have to say about her medical condition caused by vaccines. In just a matter of a day or two national media attention was off the first testimony of Thimerosal families and onto the Wright's stupid family rift fake-a-roo.

Today, the Autism award-winning Wright's can have all the satisfaction this mean old world can bestow upon them, but they can never live down the lies they propagated for their anti-litigation agenda and doubtless they will never be able to contribute anything to make up for the numerous years and dollars they've wasted in the name of our children.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fed Appeals Court: A Clockwork Strange

Many tackling the vaccine injury compensation end of the Autism-Vaccine issue are now suggesting Autism cases which were dismissed previously due the United States Department of Justice cut-throat tactic of arbitrarily black flagging them as so called untimely filed may now re-file based on a decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

In the opinion remanding the case of MELISSA CLOER, M.D., Petitioner-Appellant, v. SECRETARY OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, Respondent-Appellee the Appeals Court determined that a case which is not considered to be a table injury, one that is acknowledged by the medical profession as potentially caused by vaccine injection, can have a statute of limitations of three years from the first symptoms if nobody has any legitimate idea the vaccine(s) has played a causal role.

The Appeals Court was pretty clear that for un-tabled vaccine injury the statute of limitations shall begin from the time the injury is recognized by the medical profession at large as the result of vaccination and/or the claimant has received medical information that the likelihood injury has resulted from a vaccine.

Dr. Cloer was vaccinated three times with the Hepatitis B vaccine between 1996 and 1997 and fell ill in time. At a much later time, 2004, she found an article relating her illness to vaccine injection. She then filed a vaccine injury claim, but her case was thrown out when the USDOJ attorneys assigned to protect vaccine manufacturing drug companies from product liability noted it was filed in 2005, but signs of her illness came in 1997.

The Appeals Court gave the doctor a favorable decision because there was no published article prior to her picking up a medical profession trade journal and she testified that she nor any of her treating physicians had no prior knowledge that Multiple Sclerosis could be caused by vaccination.

In study, one must wonder why there is any statute of limitation placed for vaccine injury and death? A typical adverse event, if any, may or may not occur. Many do and are disregarded as apparently minor. Yet it often takes years for the true magnitude of the injury caused by vaccination to manifest itself. This is why the vaccine industry does not acknowledge any vaccine injury. The public is not typically informed of any vaccine-induced illness by government authorities at any time. Moms and dads of infants and toddlers normally do not read medical trade journals. And certainly, since infant and toddler vaccines are so profitable to their clinics, pediatricians do not narc on the vaccine manufacturing drug companies nor do they willingly release medical records in the likelihood that they've fried the brains of a baby with mercury-laced vaccinations.

The CDC anti-litigation bloc of Autism research feels that epidemiology is their get out of jail card. They know fully that Autism or some sort of Autistic-like negative neurological outcome after vaccination can and does happen. Why else would vaccine safety studies combat negative neurological outcomes with Thimerosal-containing placebos? Why else did the anti-litigation bloc ignore Chemistry, Biochemistry, etc. and seek those willing to dilute negative neurological outcomes by manipulating the data?

We are told the odds of any infant under the age of two becoming developmentally disabled after Thimerosal-containing vaccines are one in a million. That may seem to make negative neurological outcomes due to ethyl-mercury injections very rare. Yet we are also told the odds of winning the lottery on a weekly basis can be as high as thirteen million to one. Despite long odds, we can plainly see there's a lottery winner nearly every week making the likelihood that no child has ever become Autistic after Thimerosal-containing vaccines extremely untrue.

The big picture suggests that every effort to keep cases of vaccine-induced Autism away from jury trials continues. By remanding Cloer the regular court points out that Autism cases thrown out by vaccine court have no less the suggestion to public law that other than a timely filing issue these are legitimate vaccine-induced Autism claims. It certainly does seem as if there is an unwritten rule of thumb being applied to some of the thousands of Autism cases.

In essence, regular court says how can you do this? If you determine a statute of limitation based on a symptom evident in medical records or apparently in testimony, you also unwittingly establish causation in fact pertains to each case thrown out.

Any families attempting to file or re-file based on the Cloer decision have an unusual twist...Autism is now more un-tabled as vaccine injury than it ever has been before thanks to an all-out aggressive attack on Autism researchers by anti-litigationists within the drug company circle. It's hard to tell if the Appeals Court was upholding the rights of vaccine-injured individuals or simply consolidating all vaccine-induced Autism cases.

As the fortune cookie says, "No harm in putting all your eggs in one basket - just watch it closely".

Lots and lots of seriously tainted, non-contemporaneous research similar to stinky rotten eggs has been filed by the CDC anti-litigation bloc of Autism research. All of this bogus work has remained accepted unquestioned by vaccine court special masters.

With the disclosure of Poul Thorsen, a CDC anti-litigation bloc of Autism research ringleader wanted by Danish Police on fraud charges filed by his former university, we can fully expect a lot of fake studies will be coming into question as should be. Nothing further from the truth than research bought and paid for after the fact an industry has once again done something terribly wrong.

To those families with renewed hope that America will come to aid our vaccine-injured children just remember, it's not our fault that the vaccine manufacturing drug companies fear public trials. Nobody in America cried to establish a court where two-thirds of vaccine injury claims are rejected. We really don't concern ourselves with the going Autism rates in Togo Togo. It's not our problem. The vaccine manufacturing drug companies bought and paid for vaccine court just to avoid facing American justice. Approaching vaccine injury at the federal level was the best way to strip the American people of their power.

Since the proliferation of Thimerosal-containing vaccines took place not long after the establishment of vaccine court, the vaccine industrial complex is the one moving the goalposts, not the other way around.

We know that Americans do care. You have to trust the people of America to see the drug companies lying through their teeth about Autism. They lied about SARS. They lied about West Nile. They lied about Bird Flu. They've lied about Swine Flu twice now. As pathological liars are clearly pathological in their lies, Americans accept the vaccine manufacturing drug companies are lying about vaccines causing Autism, too.

This decision once again seems to be everything the Appeals Court has been hounding DOJ/HHS on. There are instances in the past where the regular court has rubbed the noses of special masters in their mess pointing out to them that cherry-picking for a first symptom in order to throw out cases is not a fair practice.

In the Autism: A Novel Form of Mercury Poisoning, for example, the list of possible symptoms for either Autism or mercury poisoning number over one hundred. With so many possible symptoms it's certainly reasonable to suggest that any child will exhibit a couple dozen or so "first symptoms" regardless of their ultimate destination as they continue to develop.

A large number of Autism claims relate to the fact that regression into Autism as a result of vaccines is not always an overnight thing. Thimerosal is not directly injected into the bloodstream of our babies. Each of the billions of ethyl-mercury molecules enters a part of the body where it must migrate to reach the bloodstream.

The Cloer ruling certainly brings this to light.

Cases for Autism thrown out on a so called lack of timely filing leave the impression that otherwise these are legitimate vaccine-induced Autism claims. Accordingly, the regular court notes this and it bothers them. By remanding them back into vaccine court after what you and I see as an enormous PR blitz which has thrown a spotlight on the dubious efforts to expunge any research connecting vaccines to Autism it may most likely be to consolidate all Autism cases.

What may follow that is either really great or really evil. The DOJ/HHS really has no interest in compensating our families. It was clear when they hastily dumped three children to smother the emerging Poul Thorsen fraud story. That was strategic, not coincidental.

I would think if any re-file the entire system will use this to gauge the effect that throwing cases out so far has had on the resolve of families. With decisions regarding Autism-mercury about to be ruled on by the high court remanding technically invalid, but otherwise legitimate claims back in vaccine court the regular court limits the impact of what the high court might have to say.

Of course, the hard core attitude suggests that Cloer is simply to cast the perception that there isn't politics working behind the scenes to rig the high court. Time and time again families have been led to believe one thing then hit with a back-loaded master plan at the tail-end of things.

Ironically, by potentially remanding Autism cases back to vaccine court, the regular court, perhaps shortsightedly, has further tempered all Autism claims. But that's what they want us to think.

The evil comes when and if the vaccine court agrees to accept the Autism cases back collectively and without a lot of objection. While it may seem a change of heart has taken place, the reality is they may be doing so in order to reject all Autism claims once and for all.

They don't call it the "House That Merck Built" for nothing.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Americans Already Know MMR Causes Autism

Anybody in America with an eye on the Autism issue can tell the vaccine manufacturing drug companies don't like Dr. Andrew Wakefield. His bold work at evaluating the propensity of the MMR vaccine at causing Autism cases confirmed what scientific literature has known for nearly half a century.

If you inject live Measles virus into the bodies of infants and toddlers it is shown in the literature that it can and does permanently disable them neurologically just like wild cases of Measles do.

Despite unfair and inappropriate pressure on the medical profession to keep their mouths shut the days of mass vaccinations are as revolutions of a flushed toilet.

If it leads to repeals all the vaccine manufacturing drug company political crap we all can support this personal choice rally movement.

Adults have a voice for themselves already. The recent Swine Flu II fiasco confirms Americans are no longer fooled by so called world health authorities. Most know that vaccine manufacturing drug companies control international vaccine panorama making it clear why at least 138,000,000 Thimerosal-containing Swine Flu vaccines are headed to toxic waste disposal.

Parents should be at liberty to tell a pediatrician where they can stick their vaccines and not the other way around. Essentially nobody decried the latest targeting operation of vaccine injury defendants. The Swine Flu II shot directly targeted American pregnant women, infants and toddlers with the mercury-laced shot.

Across the country, the vaccine industrial complex has laid landmine after landmine of what essentially amounts to Jim Crow Laws.

It is insane to require a child to have swim classes to enter public school. Yet coupled with such discriminatory laws as a prohibition of unvaccinated children from even sticking a toe in a tax payer funded pool drug companies have turned society upside down.

Is there any doubt that vaccination is the single most ineffective health marketing scheme since the invention of snake oil?

You sit and think why the heck is the media giving vaccine injury defendants and their tortuous Thorsen-esque prop matter all the free time and publicity?

You sit and think why are the PR minions mercilessly instigating and snickering at the public humiliation of Andrew Wakefield? They're co-defendants.

To the average American what the anti-litigation tag team is doing stinks just like McCarthyism is supposed to stink.

We all know that MMR vaccine causes Autism a.k.a. the underlying vaccine-induced medical condition which features Autistic-like characteristics. Yes, MMR vaccine causes Autism. (Unless you are an anti-social, so called pedosexual, blithering idiot ostler pompous ass requiring a foolish level of semantics)

So personal choice is good, but parents should be at liberty to reject vaccine industrial complex claims and the Jim Crow laws now in full blossom across the country need to be repealed.

The health care costs involved in vaccine backfire let alone the cost in precious human beings makes any vaccine offered not worth the risk.

That's based on the propensity of the compensation system to act in the best interests of the vaccine industrial complex. Two thirds of all claims are systematically attacked by a network of anti-litigation specialists and rejected.

The secret meeting between federal government vaccine fanatics and vaccine manufacturing drug company fanatics at Simpsonwood, Georgia in 2000 included all the government agencies which would later shift millions and millions of tax dollars to fund stacks of dubious non-contemporaneous research. Also along was the chief medical officer of vaccine court, who attempted to coerce his comrades into avoiding a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study.

Some of that money was shifted by CDC officials to buy research from anti-litigation bloc Autism research fraudster Poul Thorsen, M.D. He's now wanted by Danish police for the theft of over two million dollar's worth that same CDC money and income tax evasion in Denmark.

The Danish university where Thorsen conducted his fraud hijinx investigated the loss of money and filed charges with Danish Police. But Aarhus also swiftly resigned from the CDC's anti-litigation bloc of Autism research network sending a clear invalidating signal that any research associated with the name Poul Thorsen, M.D. is considered fraud.

Laws need to be passed prohibiting exclusionary practices such computer tracking vaccine injured individuals resulting in the denial of medical services, denials and obfuscations in medical testing, medical records obfuscation and medical records redaction practices.

Only once laws for vaccine injuring a person are of the highest of criminal penalties will the vaccine manufacturing drug companies think twice about introducing another syringe based on their lucky hunches.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PBS Frontline: The Televangelists Of Secular Sacrifice

This evening PBS Frontline was supposed to present a program about the vaccine-induced Autism issue. As most Americans already know, it's doubtless that a state-run propaganda machine neck-deep in censorship and 100% dependent on corporation funding could possibly present a fair, truthful program about the issue.

In short, Frontline is the essential televangelistic source of secular blather. What resulted was one hour of state-sponsored brain-washing using the most up to date reinforcing imagery tactics available. Not only was their farce devoid of facts it unloaded a completely unbalanced perspective certainly way out there on the fringe of total dementia.

Essentially, no one in America buys PBS' accepted fascist perspective of Thimerosal. Americans reject Frontline as nothing more than propaganda for the grant-seeking tin-foil hat crowd of secular wing nuts.

Vaccines are just another of the high-guarded state secrets. Vaccine zealots obviously lacking in personal health and calm facial muscles as seen this night en mass are ruthless in their self-depreciating ignorance. Frontline not only gave these people enough rope to hang themselves they inexplicably exposed a lot of their blatant ignorance.

As a rule of thumb Americans now know that if the government tells you to do something your survival likely depends upon you doing just the opposite.

America has never accepted the suggestion that vaccines don't cause massive amounts of Autism. Who needs a CDC study when everybody in the country has an Autistic tyke in their neighborhood?

The studies endorsed by the program have been debunked. Many of the authors of the studies in Denmark are under investigation for out-right fraud. Yet, Frontline ignorantly allowed the anti-litigation bloc of Autism research to make their out of touch with reality pitch.

The program proffered the usual line of mental inducements in hopes of suckering in the viewing audience to the sanitized view of a simple issue resolved in college textbooks many years ago.

According to scientific literature mercury is a neuro-toxin. Kids are still getting Thimerosal in their shots. Government agencies invent reasons to target American pregnant women, infants, and toddlers with Thimerosal-laced vaccines. States banning Thimerosal from vaccines routinely discover ways to circumvent mercury-ban laws.

As for Frontline, this program amounts to nothing more than a crime against humanity. At least they unwittingly revealed as a secular voice they are rooted deeply in obfuscating the Autism issue. This program makes it crystal clear they obviously care more about the engineering of consent than the genocidal carnage caused by vaccine zealotry.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ego RotaTeq No Mo

Pious Diarrhea Now Blessed and Sanctified or Just A Sick Drug Company Initiation Prank?

There's no proof that Paul Offit extracted Rotavirus germs from his own kazoo, but based on vaccine manufacturing drug company safety track records there's no proof he didn't.

Oh, the sick humor inside the vanity vaccine marketplace. "Let's just squat over the baby's mouth and fire Hershey squirts down their throats." Just make sure you wear your white lab coat, eh?

People trust the white lab coat just like sheep are known to trust the wolf in sheep's clothing.

Imagine what might happen in the future if Offit did donate his DNA along with isolated diarrhea bugs? Things can happen when people meet face to face.

To parents, new parents especially, the idea of trickling diarrhea down the throats of babies seems contrary to everything humanity has instinctively developed over the several thousand years of intelligently recorded history.

It's a time-proven scientific fact you can't get infected if you don't make contact.

That's why parents keep their hands clean. That's why parents select throwaway diapers. Typically, over the centuries the most important warning for new parents has been not to throw the baby out with used bathwater, but doesn't that remind us that billions of dollars change hands each year to purchase best available safe sanitation products infants and toddlers might have?

Sanitation, we are told, keeps babies and illness germs separated. It doesn't make any sense.

Look at it this way. If a curious baby grabs a handful of poo-poo out of their diaper and begins munching by all reasonable standards of wholesome living this is an unseemly, yucky no-no. Yet any Rotavirus vaccine, even in the hands of a white lab coat, does exactly the same thing.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Merck's Ari'an Man-child Is Born

The contrary warriors attempting to create a win for the vaccine manufacturing drug companies have a new experimental drug to run past America. The name is Ari Ne'eman, a really flaky guy reportedly diagnosed with Aspberger Syndrome at age twelve.

Using the old PR trick of indirection they have neatly packaged yet another of those zany self-advocate guys as an Autism "insider" hoping somehow his obstinate "voice" will shame families advocating for and treating vaccine-induced autistic children.

This sort of pharmaceutical company proxy fight nonsense is patented dangerous to ASD children.
Ne'eman's horn-blowing is meant to condition the minds of mainstream doctors encouraging them to push the easy button instead of establishing custom protocols designed to improve the lives of tens of thousands of Thimerosal kids.

Of course, parents of ASD kids relish the opportunity to expose the glaring problem; which is, the guy simply isn't Autistic and clearly his vitriol does not represent the best interests of any child with Autism disorder.

In fact, none of the so called Autistic Self-Advocacy Network people are diagnosed with a Autistic disorder. They are diagnosed at some point in life with Aspberger Syndrome or are self-diagnosed Asperger Syndrome.

The reason this Ari guy is being brought to the fore-front relates to the "no show" agenda of the vaccine manufacturing pharmaceutical companies and their government partners. This network of self-advocacy is simply attempting to put the wrong face on Autism Spectrum Disorder to create public perceptions which marginalize the condition severity of vaccine-injured children.

Please recall Poul Thorsen, the CDC anti-litigation research bloc fraudster wanted by Danish Police. In the man-hunt for him it has recently been discovered that apart from the fact he worked across the street from the CDC-Atlanta at Emory University, owns a home close to the CDC, Thorsen was employed at Philadelphia's Drexel University, and a member of the DSM-V working group. Until Aarhus University pulled out of the CDC anti-litigation research bloc and called Danish Police on Thorsen, he was poised to cram as much Asperger Syndrome in the Autism Spectrum as he could.

Those keen will note that's pretty much the same modus operandi as when Thorsen fraudulently fudged ASD out-patient numbers to create the appearance that with the removal of Thimerosal Autism rates in Denmark went up.

Ari Ne'eman is serving as a poster boy for Thorsen and others in the CDC anti-litigation bloc. Not only is Ne'eman nominated for the President's National Council on Disability he is suddenly famous to help back vaccine manufacturing pharmaceutical companies' efforts throw Asperger Syndrome onto the DSM-V Autism Spectrum.

Most astute observers note this is to make up for sagging U.S. ASD rates, which haven't been publicly disclosed in over half a decade.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Swine Flu Vaccines Now Become Toxic Waste Nightmare

Everyone in America knows the vaccine manufacturing drug companies and their sock puppets are unethical and immoral. We all know these so called world health authorities invented the Swine Flu II scamdemic to deliberately target American pregnant women, infants and toddlers with Thimerosal-laced vaccines.

Americans know that each Thimerosal-laced pediatric dose of flu vaccine carries enough neurotoxic ethylmercury to make for a heavy metal exposure unsafe for anything less than a two hundred and seventy-five pound baby.

Now the second most toxic substance pushers are faced with dumping 138,000,000 totally unwanted and totally neurotoxic Thimerosal-containing vaccines left over from their latest debacle of terror.

While the bureaucratic vaccine shills brush off the suggestion that this was just another in a long line of drug company boondoggles designed to extort billions and billions of US tax dollars from the Treasury, others strongly suggest this compares to something more.

A little over twenty three years ago Americans lightheartedly amused themselves nightly at news of the Break of Dawn tugging Mobro 4000, a barge of Long Island's finest refuse, making its' epic spotlighted oceanic voyage.

What was supposed to be a quiet southern dumping run from Long Island City to Morehead City, North Carolina became a sad saga that ended several months later with 3,100 tons of decayed trash being unloaded right back in Long Island City for disposal.

The Break of Dawn logged over six thousand miles during this boomerang jaunt. Skipper Duffy St. Pierre faced eight outright refusals to unload from Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, New Jersey, the Bahamas, Mexico and Belize before returning home to roost in New York harbor.

It's highly unlikely the American media will put an eye on the flu shots scows the same way they put an eye on the disease with no known causalities.

The question in these laughable fiascoes that never gets asked is why are we laughing when we are paying the bill for all of this?

Americans know one thing for sure. The mainstream media in this country is either corrupt or stupid. Regardless of how little or how much the media wants to disclose; Swine Flu shots are now toxic waste.

Every American senses the media is crooked. US government standards regard each dose of mercury-loaded flu shots to be above normal disposal. That's how toxic the same Thimerosal-laced vaccines the drug company shills tell everybody to inject are.

The media is loaded with in-house legal aid. This legal shielding allows them to take no personal responsibility nor do they feel any sense of liability for telling Americans to suck it up and inject toxic waste into pregnant women, infants and toddlers.

As usual the media tries to paint blame for a lack of vaccine uptake on rinky-dink parents of Thimerosal-poisoned children. How on earth is it even possible that this is true when the media adheres to the HHS director decree to obfuscate our children?

The majority of Americans fully know the media is saturated with billions of dollar's worth of drug marketing blood money.

These boondoggling combinations shoot themselves in the foot each and every year. SARS, Ebola, Bird Flu, West Nile, Lyme Disease, Serratia-contaminated Flu shots, and now Swine Flu II show every American the vaccine manufacturing drug companies and their media partners can't not possibly blame Thimerosal moms and dads for low vaccination uptake.

That's why over half of the vaccines the parrots in the American press told us we needed to avoid pandemic flu death are now designated toxic waste or destined to be "completely necessary, urgent, life-saving, totally safe, non-Autism causing" third world biologics donations.

The American media including newspapers, television, and the internet have proven themselves to be more than willing to play dumb to the fact each toxic health scare is following the same successful business model of media manipulation. Then they expect us to laugh as they play comedians when American citizens are forced to pay up when the vaccine injury toll and the disposal of toxic waste bill becomes due.

To be clear, while the combination of players involved in pulling off this latest influenza scamdemic walk away with $1.6 billion dollars of federal revenue the American media smiles because they figure Americans have now forgotten about the $7.1 billion dollar Avian Flu boondoggle just a couple years ago.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Day Late And A Dollar Short

As the anti-litigation bloc quash squad continues in the feeble attempt to make chicken salad out of $2,000,000.00 CDC research fraudster Poul Thorsen, Autism Speaks princess Katie Wright is sending out a message arrow concerning Autism Speaks favorite anti-litigation bloc researcher Eric Fombonne.

Yes, the same Katie Wright who snatched away the media spotlight from the first defenseless little autistic girl to have her story finally heard in vaccine court by vigorously publicizing the All in the Autism Speaks family spat now apparently wants Fombonne, the vaccine manufacturing drug companies' Mr. Fixitall, fixed nicely.

As many commentors on the article point out, Wright provided no links to back up her claim that McGill University is investigating anti-litigation bloc researcher Fombonne.

What Wright has disclosed is Fombonne is under investigation for:

1) unlawful access to confidential medical record and blood samples of children in his 2006 “Pediatrics” article

2) Fombonne accessed these records without the parental consent of the 220 parents of his research participants

3) Fombonne is charged with violating Articles 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24 of the Quebec Civil Code

4) He is also charged with violating McGill Ethical Guidelines involving research on human subjects.

Wright is taunting Canadian parents to show their faces. "Isn’t sunlight the best disinfectant? Let’s get this all out in the open! If you are a parent of one of the children in Fombonne’s studies how do you feel about all this? "

Hey Hosers! Don't rise to the aiding an a-bait-ing, eh?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Manhunt Continues For CDC Anti-litigation Bloc Researcher

MCGILL UNIVERSITY, MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA - As the international manhunt for US Centers For Disease Control and Invention anti-litigation research bloc chess piece Poul Thorsen continues, news hounds tracking the progress have confirmed information that the Danish man was employed in the general vicinity of Merck spokesman Paul Offit in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The latest reports on Thorsen include word that the fugitive is not only wanted for $2,000,000.00 fraud, but also faces charges related to forging U.S Government documents used to requisition his loot. Thorsen resigned from a lucrative job at Drexel University last week.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Really Don't Know Bull At All

Americans having no wall in common with a variety of fearful aspects espy things. As overwhelming as things seem, it is inevitable; that in a nation of rebels, the perceptive people of this land know all.

For by truth we shall always find, in all free people, well before the pennants of despotic doom assay set hoisted unassumingly against such novel, mysterious winds, the speculative seeds of truth broadscast in prior season rise weedly and with great gravitational force in arms.

As shark-jumping 8-foot high blood red maps of scamdemic proportion began to generate largely in remoteness across the American domain, national eyes were smartly trained elsewhere.

"In late July, the CDC abruptly advised states to stop testing for H1N1 flu, and stopped counting individual cases. The rationale given for the CDC guidance to forego testing and tracking individual cases was: why waste resources testing for H1N1 flu when the government has already confirmed there's an epidemic?...

...we asked all 50 states for their statistics on state lab-confirmed H1N1 prior to the halt of individual testing and counting in July.

....The vast majority of cases were negative for H1N1 as well as seasonal flu, despite the fact that many states were specifically testing patients deemed to be most likely to have H1N1 flu, based on symptoms and risk factors, such as travel to Mexico." - CBS News report, October 21, 2009

Experience provides us Americans a novel idea to gather facts before the introduction of methodical data manipulation commences. That way, facts are in hand when the eye finally sees deception take the first left foot forward.

As to the novice observer, Taurus might seem at a glance to be the obvious eternal horns set to gouge Orion. Yet in time the keen eye begins to contemplate the one sad eye, his set of nostrils, and his proud horns.

Such a sad eye in the imaginary heavens and so few take the time to see.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mustang Sali Peals Out!

Admittedly everybody in America is talking about these disastrously timed adult ADHD drug ads on TV with a mind on Thimerosal poisoning.

Reading that federal authorities have once again faked another population kill-off act of God flu swindle in order to directly target America's pregnant mommies, infants, and toddlers for several doses of Thimerosal-laced vaccines does make sense of the claim that they keep finding excuses to jab to keep Autism rates steady.

Experts agree American pediatric health systems have never hit zero Thimerosal exposures. Documents seized by the media and legislative action prove very easy that the CDC and other vaccine industry franchisees continue to mercury poison American kids. They're just telling the country they aren't.

America might know that mercury is a neuro-toxic agent, but might not be well aware that mercury is still used in. Insiders state it's still there in the back room of vaccine manufacturing foreign drug company germ labs.

Perhaps there is hope for America. With public sanitation high, except in hospitals and health clinics, folks are learning to naturally avoid these places were post-visit mystery illness is quite plain and fairly frequent.

Hope for America is fostered in disease-mongering defeating dialogue.

Former Idaho Congressman Bill Sali recently popped up as a voice of reason testifying before a state house committee in Boise.

“I grew up in a time when childhood diseases were something you had as a child, and I had mumps and I had chicken pox and I had measles. I don’t spend any time worrying about whether I’m going to have those diseases. If a parent decides they want to have their child exposed and have that natural immunity that should never be held against them in any way.” - Former Idaho Congressman Bil Sali, in Idaho state testimony

Others candid as stringer Michael Fumento have for years been highly critical of the American media's role in spreading these fabricated "illnesses". Take, for example, the Georgia lawyer who converted his honeymoon into a $200,000,000.00 per year entitlement bill. His father in law works at CDC-Atlanta in the TB area.

Fumento says, "If you keep telling people over and over again 'you should be sick'...'there should be something wrong with you'...guess what's going to happen?", he asks. He adds with a sly smile, " Suddenly, oh! My throat is tightening up...I feel fatigued...I have insomnia. In other words, it's being spread by the media."

Naturally Mr. Sali will be exposed to lots and lots of unfair and inappropriate smearing from health officials, who are typically foreign drug company shills in disguise. The truth is a mighty shield anyway.

Aside from another stupid "accidental" release of drug company sponsored live viruses and other totally creepy things like low and slow Air Force One fly-overs to induce immune system compromising fear the foreign drug companies producing the germs and the vaccines to combat the germs are in serious trouble.

They fear the greatest fear of all. Nothing.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Poul Thorsen: CDC Knowingly Fueled Fraud

Congress better have a look at this. Parents of vaccine-injured children said years ago that the vaccine manufacturing drug companies working combination with US CDC anti-litigation bloc researchers were rubbing noses and fabricating figures.

Families investigating the facts of the Thimerosal issue, not lawyers, said that government agencies were stone-walling chemistry and relative sciences in favor of the least harmful way to look busy while doing nothing, epidemiology.

Socrates said, "Beware the bareness of a busy life." So true today that CDC is always looking, but never really looking.

FACT: When Autism advocates filed a citizen's petition,
one that by law requires the agency to prove the safety of Thimerosal or ban it nationally, the US Food and Drug Administration stone-walled them by telling the concerned group they lost the petition?

FACT: Parents of vaccine-injured children very early in their anti-mercury march found out that in the 1970s Autism was a 1 in 10,000 happening, and in 2004, forced the US CDC to disclose rates were 1 in 166.

FACT: Parents fought CDC officials to confess there was a long-standing epidemic of Autism going on.

FACT: Under Congressional investigation the CDC dropped 3,000 pages of paperwork on two appointed researchers before they were allowed to briefly access Vaccine Safety Datalink data.

FACT: The US CDC paid $300,000,000.00 in tax payer dollars to whisk the Vaccine Safety Datalink out of public data access requests and into the hands of private interests.

While most of their fellow Americans had no idea the US CDC was reputed around the world to be big easy slush money, the parents of mercury-poisoned kids learned to pick off conflicts of interests, clusters of crab-like researchers pinching US tax dollars across the globe.

For Thimerosal, agencies forked out all kinds of money. CDC officials ignored science and searched around the world to make deals pretty much the same way contractors found the federal government was willing to pay anything to combat weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

In Saturday's information could be read, Poul Thorsen almost had built a cult around himself. He was the leader who got money back. A lot of money. The other researchers were his disciples who lived in the belief that it was completely natural to ride in limousines and stay in castles, when they were on tours and research seminars. - Kristian Villesen,

"Autism parents actually pinned Poul Thorsen years ago by simply looking at the research paperwork," said one parent, adding "Thorsen's people can say anything they want. One doesn't have to prove forgery and theft to discredit because the studies have always been flawed by Institute of Medicine standards."

"Keep in mind that an immunization is really just a way to expose a child to a specific protein or antigen that causes it to develop an immune response, and that happens to children all of the time, naturally." Julie Gerberding, In Congress April, 2007

Then you don't need vaccines. End of program.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sound Familiar, Yes?

The man on the street might not know all should he consider the proposal to American media by Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of HHS sound as say, a hooting torter.

“There are groups out there that insist that vaccines are responsible for a variety of problems, despite all scientific evidence to the contrary. We have reached out to media outlets to try to get them not to give the views of these people equal weight in their reporting.”

The part about the man on the street not knowing all there is to of Sebelius doesn't relate to wanton behavior, but rather the offensive posture towards the delicacy of refrain toots loudly concerning a most usual practice.

Once upon a time in this land there was a propensity among doctors to look mummys in the face and pretend they didn't know or have any idea why James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George Dupree was acting so strange.

The reason? Perhaps mum was the word and not the gal?

The man on the street has no idea that asking doctor people in charge of toddlers to clam up was actually a part of CDC sponsored anti-flak operation.

Among the vaccine-injured child parents of longer tooth than some there is a keen similarity between Sebelius' not so sweet refrain proposal now and what actually happened to many then.

Upon arrival at a well-depleting vaccine date they broach their tiredness relates to a cross little one. Not as wise, they do not suspect a thing other than what they behold before them in 112 decibels stereophonic funky.

In turn, the physician nobly and stately declares all is well and it best for mummy and duddy to just ignore it and it will go away. True the doctor relies on talking points from authorities at CDC that there is no such thing as what exactly plainly lies before them crying, frantically sore, and emotionally extending his or her young self making a full musical of disruption.

The nothing to say was quite visible repetitively and not forgotten by one who cracked me skull with it just prior to this still smarting skulduggery. Two, three, sometimes even four different doctors would all be a peculiar sore throat of mum not saying a word in chorus to parents long and weary from this quite apparent "nothing". A bugger to beat all un-suspicion except the keen eye of yours truly.

Yes, that's it. When parents reverse engineered the recipe for physicians a'la mute it led to the doorstep of Atlanta. Not until there was much pounding o'fists o'cracking the skull of a CDC door did the issuing forth of a red, black and white better diagnose Autism now pdf not appear publicly. We know it was there in the back somewhere around a snack table or taped to a fridge. Agencies universally did elate themselves upon seeing the CDC Autism flier as the gigantic increase of formerly not to be discussed Autism was pounding them.

So when a man on the street knowing all there is to know about how doctors keeping secret forced a shopping spree for an evaluation, HHS asking you to not ask us about it is equally not civil. No. It suggests the propriety of a civil lawsuit based solely on civil.

If you cringe at no tongues please use one word or more to voice your silence. Soon at noon or neath ye moon? To pipe a pippy tune, not swoon? Sometimes rightly a snowball is an avalanche.

Yes, long before those pills made me cross.