Friday, January 29, 2010

A Medical Paradox: Business Politics V. Science

Not sure which version of bloody British brutality is worse...being a shell shock victim and having just fifteen minutes to collect yourself in order to defend your self before court martial or being a doctor who finds Measles virus colonies in the guts of babies then DNA tests them to determine the bugs came from a vaccine?

The UK General Medical Council is proof the large global pharmaceutical firms have the medical profession and pretty much all world governments wrapped around their fingers.

Not a single family with children treated by Dr. Wakefield and company have a single problem with his ethics, nor did they unknowingly permit him to investigate their child's bowel problem(s).

Not one member of the media has dared to expose Brian Deer and his extremely defiant attitude towards innocent victims and their loving families. He does have conflicts of interests with the drug companies, too.

Ultimately, the drug companies are to blame. They sell unsafe vaccines and when these alter and destroy lives they have everything rigged. It's a modern ten in one freak show, but what can anybody do to fight the beast?

Sure Andrew Wakefield might lose a medical license, but what's that worth anyway? He still has his wife and family, hundreds of thousands of friends, and more than vaccine zealot Bill Gates, tabloid creationist Brian Deer or any member of a stupid token medical council Andrew Wakefield has a soul.