Friday, February 19, 2010

270,000,000 Unvaccinated Americans Survive Swine Flu II

"Younger Bear had become a contrary, the most dangerous of all Cheyenne warriors because the way they live drives them half-crazy. Except for battle, a contrary does everything backwards. He says "goodbye" for "hello", "yes" for "no", walks through bushes instead of on trails, and washes with dirt and dries with water." - Little Big Man - 1970

In case you weren't sure, once again the vaccine industry shot themselves in the foot with the Swine Flu II fiasco. With all the swagger and self-confidence of General George Armstrong Custer, the vaccine industry successfully mounted a completely bogus pandemic scare specifically targeting America's infants, toddlers, and pregnant moms with mercury-laced vaccines.

In much the same way General George Armstrong Custer saber-hacked his way through villages slaughtering innocent native American women and children, the vaccine industry armed with repulsive, evil syringes of death, and with a far too willing payola mass media as their side-kick, two-stepped on the bodies of innocent American babies both unborn and under two.

With that unethical and immoral vaccine manufacturer's boondoggle being questioned by every nation on the face of this earth, and with millions of unwanted Thimerosal-containing Swine Flu shots presenting a toxic waste disposal nightmare this past Flu season may very well prove to be the finale galop for a self-serving industry in need of a serious public ass-kicking.

While sensible, but unfortunately single-strand authorities tried repeatedly to dissuade the drug companies from exploiting their media clout to influence completely unnecessary, unethical, and immoral vaccinations, the companies powerful in political cash sportingly welcome any challenge to their ability to inappropriately manipulate and influence greater and greater profit-taking.

"America has a genuine sense public health authorities are making decisions with obvious contempt in their veins. There's a maniacal hatred towards vaccine-injured people inside the industry in general. You have corporate fixtures like Paul Offit falsely prophesying virus doomsday is at the doorstep then just like the last time there was no Swine Flu pandemic. There was zero Bird Flu, too. It was all a hoax to re-proliferate Thimerosal-containing vaccines on the American market as quickly as possible", said one familiar with the vaccine market.

"The fact that the vaccine industry keeps going for it even when it's not there is not only careless, unethical, immoral, frankly, and in a figurative sense, it's evil from the pit of hell."

Ethical physicians do periodically oppose big Pharma.

"The hazing of medical professionals by the pharmaceuticals is so commonplace it's often a comical routine in fellowships", said one unnamed insider. "Within a day or so of declining to vaccinate, a pediatrician knows license revocation threats are coming regardless of clear and present contraindications within literature."

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