Thursday, February 18, 2010

Keep Your Friends Close and Your "Friends" Closer

In case you aren't exactly smart, or, as a member of the payola mass media, are using acquired ignorance as an excuse to look the other way while innocent children and their families are harmed, The Lancet has the credibility of the doomsday scientist working under duress in order to free his lovely innocent niece being held captive by the perverse underworld maniac.

The fact is papers are never withdrawn from publication no matter how badly the authors have screwed up.

Even the thugs hired to carry out the professional assassination of Dr. Andrew Wakefield know fully that their whack job has nothing to with protecting the sanitation of science, ethics, morality, and certainly they are rightly divided to be against the welfare of hundreds of thousands of children now and in the future who have already or will become autistic-like as a result of mass vaccination with Thimerosal-containing vaccines.

All Americans are smart enough to figure out that the vaccine subsections of the global drug firms are bullying a lot more people than just Andrew Wakefield. The strong arm robbery of Wakefield's brilliant work is just another fact that the global drug brands are a bunch of under the table creeps and will deliver the low blow to science for the sake of drug company profits.

People in denial can't see what happened to radioman Don Imus. Yet when you examine the facts his ouster had everything in the world to do with upsetting the drug giants when he quite fearlessly continued to talk about Thimerosal on his show.

What else on earth could this mean other than the fact that the entire vaccine industrial complex has a giant load of stink in their industrial-size diaper?

Is there really any question left about the fact the vaccine industry invented Bird Flu to inject American pregnant women, infants and toddlers with more Thimerosal-laced vaccines?

Of course, once they had another easy cream puff in the White House they dropped the Swine Flu hoax on everybody. Even handed them the keys to Air Force One so they could elevate fear around New York City by buzzing the town.

Sure they can scare people...for a while. But when Americans realized Swine Flu II came along for the sole purpose of injecting Thimerosal-laced vaccines into American pregnant moms, infants and toddlers that flash of power by the invisible hiding behind the ostensible government sickened more citizens than the so called Swine Flu could ever.

The facts are vaccines are corporate garbage, the vaccine industry has way too much power, and children simply don't need any vaccinations ever.

When you see these stupid parents say that they aren't anti-vaccine just remember they are as invalid as clean coal, naval intelligence, or green vaccines. These "friends" are nothing more than too arrogant to confess they'd ever screw up by doing something as stupid as trusting a syringe-toting pediatrician.

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