Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kerboblog Poetry Contest Winner

Hats off to Offit's Disease Foundation Poetry Contest winner.

Since all entries were so wonderful, the winner has agreed to share the "Wipe Out Offit's Disease" tee shirt with the second and third place winners, but not the honorable mention place winner.

Each will wear the tee shirt several times before sending on to the next. after it is washed several times.

Here's the first place entry from child - a minor.

A Really Rotten Germ

There once was a germ named Offit
He sold diarrhea for profit
'No needles' he said 'No Needles' he said
But the disease he'd created was Offit's

While he shit down necks none said 'what the heck!!?!'
Any doctor who quiz'tion'd was soon inquisition'd
Cuz the medical boards was full of his lords
Ready and armed with revocation forms

With help of the wires he called victims liars
Despite all his friars it soon became dire
As children were dying it was he who was lying
And soon came the end of fig Offit?

With a tag full 'o zeroes grouped in threes
Offit sold his disease with relative ease
While families mourned on their knees
He smiled Scot free "I think I've developed a sniffle'

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